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Ukrainian women are among the top 3 European women for dating. Every year, thousands of Western men find Ukrainian girlfriends, who often become their Ukrainian wives. If you want to get to know Ukrainian women and decide whether a Ukrainian wife is right for you, here is everything you’ve ever wondered about Ukrainian girls.

What Are Ukrainian Women Like?

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There are a lot of myths and stereotypes surrounding Ukrainian women, but they rarely do them justice. Instead of buying into those myths, check out these 5 facts about Ukrainian singles.

Ukrainian women are incredibly pretty

The beauty of Ukrainian girls has been described in numerous songs, poems, and movies, but you still need to see it in person to fully experience it. Ukrainian ladies are some of the prettiest women in Europe and they know it, which is why you can always see a Ukrainian girl rocking the most flattering and slightly revealing outfits. The features of Ukrainian women are perfectly balanced, including their fair skin and dark, luscious hair, and the skillful use of makeup only makes those features more stunning.

Ukrainian girls are a pleasure to talk to

You can spend ages talking to a Ukrainian lady and still think that only a few minutes have gone by. The charm of Ukrainian women is a combination of their natural intelligence, high-quality education, admirable sense of humor, and a sincere desire to get to know their conversation partner. A Ukrainian woman will ask the right questions and surprise you with her witty answers, which is why you will never want the conversation to stop.

Ukrainian women are proactive

If you have previously been in relationships where your efforts felt very one-sided, this is not something you should fear with women in Ukraine. Ukrainian women are conditioned to believe that it’s the man who should make the first move in the relationship, but once you get closer, your lady will surprise you with her proactive approach to romance. She will ask you out, plan your dates, and make your time together unforgettable.

Women in Ukraine have serious intentions

In case you are looking for a quick fling with a Ukrainian woman, not a serious relationship or marriage, you shouldn’t even waste the time of the woman. Ukrainian girls are typically ready to get married earlier than Western women and they don’t want to waste their time and effort on a meaningless casual relationship. Ukrainian women are ready for commitment and will be absolutely faithful even in a new relationship.

Ukrainian ladies take care of their partners

When you are dating a Ukrainian woman, your comfort and happiness will be her top priority. A Ukrainian woman will never go to sleep without making sure you are happy and satisfied. Even when you are not living together yet, your Ukrainian girl will surprise you with homemade food, remind you to wear a warm coat when it’s cold outside, and make you take care of your health.

Do Ukrainian Women Make Good Wives?

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If you enjoy dating a Ukrainian girl so much that you want to marry her, you are definitely not alone. Ukrainian women are amazing as wives, and here are just three facts to prove it.

They are the most fantastic mothers

Ukrainian family culture is centered around children. A couple without kids isn’t considered to be complete, and families usually have at least two children. If you have any kids from a former relationship, you can look forward to your Ukrainian wife becoming the most attentive and loving stepmother to them, but Ukrainian women truly shine when they become mothers and can give their love to a little human who looks just like you.

They have outstanding cooking skills

Modern Ukrainian women may not want to do all the chores themselves and may even insist on sharing some of the duties. However, the one household chore your Ukrainian wife will never share is cooking. Ukrainian ladies rightfully consider themselves to be the most talented cooks. They grow up learning the art of home cooking from their mothers and grandmothers, and they constantly polish their skills to treat their families to the most delicious meals.

They are great at time management

These days, you will hardly ever find a Ukrainian woman who wants to be just a housewife and do nothing but chores all day. A typical Ukrainian wife works around the house, takes the kids to school and additional classes, and even manages to work part-time or full-time. This is all possible thanks to the incredible time management skills of Ukrainian women, which allows them to do everything they want without sacrificing any aspect of their lives.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Ukrainian women don’t have a strict list of requirements for the men they date, but they still have some qualities they want to see in their partners. Ukrainian girls want to date men who can take care of themselves and their loved ones; men who are successful in their careers and can provide a comfortable life for their family; and men who understand that a woman needs to be treated like a queen. Many Ukrainian ladies find all those qualities in Western men and are determined to date them. And it’s even better when the man is slightly older than the woman, since it gives the relationship a perfect balance of power.

Where to Meet Ukrainian Women in Ukraine?

Millions of young, attractive, and sociable women live in Ukraine. Many of them are single and actively looking for a partner, so you can easily make a connection and take things further if you want to. Here are the top 3 cities in Ukraine to date Ukrainian singles.


As the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv has the finest selection of beautiful, modern, and successful young women. In Kyiv streets, museums, and parks, you can meet not only local girls, but also women who came to Kyiv from other Ukrainian cities as tourists. You can also try the Chicken Kiev, Carpaccio, and Atmosphera restaurants, as well as Caribbean, Shooters, and Forsage night clubs.


Odessa is the largest Ukrainian city by the sea. For ages, it has been known as a place with the most beautiful and fun-loving ladies. You can meet plenty of Ukrainian singles in Odessa when you simply take a stroll through its magnificent streets or visit the local beaches and parks, but the Ibiza and Itaka night clubs, as well as Bernardazzi, Dacha, and Tavernetta restaurants for a more successful experience.


Lviv is often viewed as the most culturally progressive city in Ukraine and the one where people have a Western mindset. If you are interested in meeting the pretty, smart, and spiritual singles of Lviv, you cannot go wrong with Arsenal and Valentino restaurants, or try Malevich and Metro night clubs if you are a fan of that kind of entertainment. And don’t forget to visit the historical centre of Lviv, where you can both meet local women and admire the architecture.

Where to Meet Ukrainian Women Online?

If visiting Ukraine as a tourist and searching for your ideal partner on the ground doesn’t seem like a practical idea to you, there is a perfect solution. International dating sites are one of the most effective ways to find and date singles in Ukraine even when you live in a completely different part of the world. Those sites can be free and paid, but they are still far less expensive than going all the way to Ukraine and spending time there. And once you find your ideal Ukrainian woman online and want to meet her in person, you can finally book that ticket and have the time of your life in Ukraine with your soulmate.

How to Date a Ukrainian Girl: 7 Tips

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When you have a real chance to begin dating a Ukrainian woman, you should consider yourself a very lucky man. Ukrainian women can give so much love and care to their partners that you will never want to go back to the way you lived before. Here is how to make your relationship successful.

  • Demonstrate confidence. Ukrainian ladies are confident and they want to see an equally confident man by their side. It doesn’t mean you need to be too aggressive or persistent, but you need to know what you want and how to get it.
  • Be honest from the start. When you first meet a flawless Ukrainian lady, it can be very tempting to pretend to be richer, more experienced, more confident, or younger than you really are. However, when the truth inevitably comes out, your relationship can be permanently damaged.
  • Ukrainian women love gentlemen. Chivalry may be dead in the Western part of the world, but no one can say the same about Ukraine. Opening the door, taking off her coat, paying for dinner and walking on the left from your woman are all easy ways to melt her heart.
  • Be patient with your woman. Ukrainian women are not prudes and they know that the relationship needs to go through certain stages, but they don’t like to be pressured into anything. Your Ukrainian girl will give you a signal when she’s ready for the next step.
  • Talk about your family and ask about hers. Ukrainian ladies seek a lover, a partner, and a friend, but above everything else, they want to meet a man and start a family with him. To show that you are a family man, make sure to talk about your own family and demonstrate a genuine interest in hers.
  • Immerse yourself in Ukrainian culture. Ukrainian culture and language are interesting enough for you to want to learn them on your own, but it can be even more important when you’re in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman. That way, you can understand each other better.
  • Prove you are ready for commitment. When you are dating a Ukrainian girl, she should be your top priority. When you often postpone your dates over meeting your friends or doing anything else that doesn’t involve your woman, she’ll take it as a signal that you are not ready to commit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard for Ukrainian women to move abroad?

When a Ukrainian girl moves abroad for marriage, the decision is undoubtedly a difficult one for her and she will miss her family, friends, and life at home dearly. However, Ukrainian women are famously very adaptable. When a Ukrainian woman has a goal to build a better life for herself abroad, she will do her best to quickly get used to the new conditions.

What do Ukrainian women want to get as gifts?

Ukrainian ladies are not very materialistic, but they view gifts as one of the most acceptable tokens of a man’s attention. When you already know a Ukrainian woman well, you should easily find the perfect gift for her, but at the beginning of the relationship, you can’t go wrong with flowers, chocolates, perfume, and cute gifts such as mugs and blankets.

Will there be a language barrier with a Ukrainian girl?

No, you can expect the communication with your Ukrainian lady to go smoothly from the first time you talk to each other. Ukrainian girls study English starting from the first grade and actively improve their knowledge of English by watching Western TV shows and movies. Plus, when the relationship gets serious, your Ukrainian date will make an effort to learn English even better.

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