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Europe is a big and diverse continent. Different European countries have different economies, social situations, and dating traditions. However, there are also a few features that all European women have in common. They are extremely popular among single Western men, and here is what you should know about dating European women.

What Are European Women Like?

As a Western man, you have probably met your share of European women in your life. But if you’ve never known them close enough to notice some of their most common features, here are a few to give you an idea about European ladies.

They are naturally gorgeous

European women can look very diverse. Women in the South have tanned skin and dark hair, while girls living in Northern Europe have pale skin and blonde locks. What unites them all is that they are completely natural about their appearance. European women never go for extensive beauty procedures and they go very easy on the makeup, which means you will never discover any unpleasant surprises if you continue dating a European girl.

They can talk about anything

European women are highly educated and they have a wide outlook. Those two qualities make them some of the most fascinating and engaging conversation partners in the world. A woman from Europe can successfully support a conversation on any topic, even when she sees a person for the first time. For this reason, you can take your European woman anywhere to meet the most important people in your life and expect her to effortlessly charm everyone.

They are very serious about relationships

A European girl can date casually when she’s around 20. However, when she reaches her mid-twenties, she starts only having relationships when she can see a future with the man. If a European woman agrees to date you, it means she takes you seriously and can imagine herself spending a lifetime with you by her side. She may not be that quick to marry you, but you should never doubt her loyalty and commitment.

They know how to have a good time

European ladies are fun to be around, and that’s just a fact. A typical European girl has so many interests and hobbies that she can spend every second of her life doing what she loves. European women always know the best hangout spots in their cities and they will love to share them with you. Women in Europe also like traveling, meeting new people, getting new experiences, trying new food, and doing anything to add some spice to their lives.

Do European Women Make Good Wives?

After spending just a little time with a European lady, you will never be able to imagine life without her again. However, you will be pleased to know that European women actually make fantastic wives and you will never regret your decision to marry a European girl. The number one reason to marry a European woman is her loyalty and her focus on the family.

Surprisingly enough, European wives are also excellent homemakers who see cooking and cleaning not as a chore, but as a way to improve the lives of their families. Plus, a European wife knows how to deal with boredom and will always know the right thing to do for the whole family.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

European ladies know their self-worth. They know they have a lot to offer to men, and they won’t just date anyone who asks them out. Women in Europe don’t change partners based on appearance or age — in fact, they prefer their potential boyfriends and husbands to be slightly older. Additionally, these are the three most coveted male features for European singles:

  • Respect. It goes without saying that you need to treat your European lady with respect, but you should also be respectful to anyone you meet, especially when you’re with her. Being rude to a server or a cleaner will instantly make you look unattractive.
  • Ambitions. You may not be rich at the moment, but you need to show the signs that you can soon achieve success in life. At the very least, you need to have a steady job with good career prospects or a solid business idea that will help you succeed.
  • Commitment. When a European woman agrees to date someone exclusively, let alone marry him, she is making a commitment that she won’t break. Naturally, she expects the same from the man she chooses.

Where to Meet European Women Online?

Women in Europe are not just comfortable with the internet — they actively use it for everything from work to shopping. Ever since European singles found out about international dating sites, they started using them to find their ideal partners in foreign countries. International online dating is very popular right now in Europe and has thousands of success stories.

If you want to meet European ladies for dating or even something more serious, an international dating site is your best option. These sites are typically easy to use, often have apps or fully functional mobile versions, come with solid security features, and, most importantly, have thousands of attractive European singles who can’t wait to meet you.

How to Date a European Girl: 7 Tips

On one hand, European women are incredibly easy to date because for the most part, you have the same dating culture, experience, and expectations. On the other hand, European girls are still foreign women, which means you need to approach dating them with care. Here are 7 surefire ways for dating European women like a pro.

  • Let her make the first move. European women are proactive, ambitious, and like to work to get what they want. It doesn’t mean that you can never approach women first, but when you see a European girl has an obvious romantic interest in you, you can wait until she is ready to make a move.
  • Hang out with her friends the first few times. Friendships are very important for a European girl and she values the opinion of her friends very much. A European lady will never date a man that her friends don’t like. That is why you shouldn’t be surprised if she brings a few of her friends to your first several dates.
  • Explore new things together. If your idea of a perfect date is going to a restaurant and you do it time after time, your European girlfriend is soon going to be underwhelmed. For European singles, the idea of a perfect date is something you can enjoy together, even if it’s the first time for both of you.
  • Talk about your relationship. When you begin dating a European woman, you will soon realize that these women love talking about their feelings, openly discussing any issues, and looking for ways to make the relationship better. Even if you are not the kind of guy to discuss those things, you will need to make some changes in your dating style.
  • Be flexible about financial issues. Most foreign women fully expect the man to pay on every date, but European women are different. They are proud of having a career and an income and they want full equality in a relationship. A European girl may let you pay for her on one date and then pay for you on the next date, and you need to be cool with it.
  • Give your woman some space. Whatever dating experience you may have had, you should know that European women don’t tend to see their boyfriends every day. When you are just getting to know each other, one or two dates a week are the perfect amount, as they allow you to spend quality time together without losing interest in each other.
  • Let her know she’s on your mind. Even though you won’t be seeing each other every day, or even will live in different countries and maintain a long-distance relationship, it doesn’t mean that your communication should also be occasional. There are plenty of ways to stay in touch as often as you want even when you are miles away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are European women actually interested in moving abroad?

It’s easy to think that European girls have everything they need in their home countries and don’t have the need to move abroad. However, the situation with European women is different than with other foreign girls. European women don’t move to other countries out of necessity. They do it to be with their dream men, and if they happen to be foreigners, then a European woman has a strong reason for immigration.

What kind of gifts do European girls like?

European women are not that easy to impress with expensive gifts such as gadgets or designer accessories because they usually can afford those on their own. However, a romantic gift, a gift that bears significance for you as a couple, or a gift that gives her new experiences instead of new material things, such as a masterclass in a new skill, will definitely impress your lady.

Do European women prefer to work while being married?

For the most part, yes. European girls are typically rightfully proud of their careers and they are not ready to give them up for marriage. A European woman may take a break from work to get used to living in a new country or after having kids, but she enjoys having her own income and realizing her career ambitions too much to quit work completely.

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