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Turkey has a unique position among all countries. Located both in Asia and Europe, it takes the best of both worlds. Turkish women are repeatedly named among the most irresistible women on the planet and they are perfect both for marriage and dating. Here is what else you need to know about them.

What Are Turkish Women Like?

Even the most detailed guide to Turkish ladies will never do them enough justice because these women are too complex and fascinating to be fully described within one post. Still, these features are what makes Western men obsess over Turkish girls.

Stunning appearance

Women in Turkey have an instantly recognizable appearance and they don’t look like any other women from that part of the world. These ladies have tanned skin, luscious black hair, and strong facial features that barely need any makeup to stand out. A Turkish girl is usually tall and not too skinny. These women have beautiful curves that make them look stunning even though they don’t wear any revealing clothes.

Traditional values

Turkish ladies have unique views on life, relationships, and marriage. On one hand, they are ambitious and strong. They get a good education and often work full-time before and even after getting married. On the other hand, they believe that the man should be the leader and the main provider in the family while the woman takes care of the kids and the house. Turkish women don’t challenge or undermine their men and instead cherish them and value them.

Absolute faithfulness

When you are dating a Turkish girl, let alone are married to one, her fidelity will be the last thing you need to worry about. It’s simply not in the nature of Turkish women to be unfaithful to their men. These women are not romantically adventurous or promiscuous. Nothing makes them happier than meeting their ideal partner in their early twenties and spending the rest of their lives being happily married to them, and they will never give it up for something fleeting.

Do Turkish Women Make Good Wives?

Passionate nature

Being in a relationship with a Turkish lady or being married to her can be a lot of things. It can be calm, but it can also be explosive. The one thing it will never be is boring. Turkish women are full of passion. They don’t show it in everyday life and they save their best feature for a serious relationship. Dating a Turkish girl feels like being the world’s most desirable man and this feeling doesn’t go anywhere no matter how long you’ve been together.

Even if you’ve never met a Turkish woman in person before and are only considering dating a Turkish girl, it won’t be long before you begin dreaming about having a Turkish wife. There are many things that make Turkish wives so irresistible to Western men. They are incredibly devoted and always put family first. 

They tend to get married young and rarely see divorce as a possibility, which is why they are committed to making the marriage work and keeping the spark between the spouses alive. A Turkish wife is someone who will do most of the chores without ever complaining about them. And finally, Turkish wives are amazing as mothers and their kids grow up into happy, accomplished adults.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Turkish women have a lot of self-worth and they will never be with a partner who doesn’t live up to their standards. The good news is that those standards are not something outlandish or impossible to achieve. Turkish girls like men who are:

  • Mature. Emotional maturity is very important for Turkish women. They can sometimes be too emotional or passionate, which is why they want to date and marry men who can control their emotions, which is often a trait that comes with age.
  • Aimed for success. You may not be rich or have the most prestigious position right now, but you need to have a clear vision of the future. This is essential to Turkish women because they want a man who will be able to provide for the family.
  • Devoted to family. There is nothing more important in the life of a Turkish lady than her family. That is why she wants to date and marry someone who is as focused on the well-being of his family as she is and doesn’t have anything to distract him.

Where To Meet Turkish Women In Turkey?

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Turkey is a fabulous country where rich history and ancient architecture are beautifully entwined with modern trends and buildings. It’s a great place to visit even when you are not looking for anyone to date, but it’s also a popular destination for international dating. These are the top 3 cities to visit when you want to date Turkish women.


Istanbul is the largest and most Westernized city in Turkey, so naturally it has the biggest number of Turkish singles who are fluent in English and excited to meet foreign guys. Istanbul is divided into a European and an Asian part, and both of them offer you plenty of opportunities to meet local girls. Besides the streets and main sights, you can try the Mivan, Old Ottoman, and Handzade Terrace restaurants, Balkon Bar, Tower Pub, and Snog Roof Bar, as well as Nardis Jazz Club and Olimpia and Beat nightclubs.


Ankara is Turkey’s capital city. Its population is almost three times lower than the population of Istanbul, but it’s an essential cultural and educational hub of the country. There is a pretty good chance of meeting gorgeous and smart Turkish women in the city’s many museums, theatres, universities, and even parks. On top of that, you can check out the Goksu, Trilye, and Fige restaurants, James Cook Pub, Always Rock Bar, and Soul Pub. As for the nightlife, Manilya, Havana, and Maksim nightclubs are popular hangout spots among the locals.


While Istanbul and Ankara are cities where millions of Turkish women live, Antalya is where they go on vacation. Antalya is the most popular resort in Turkey, so you can meet both native Antalya girls and women from other Turkish regions who come here with their friends or parents. After checking out the local beaches and beach bars, go to the Vanilla, Arma, and Grand Friends restaurants, Sheffield Pub, Kalina Bar, and Up Shot Bar. In the evening, the Soho Sensation, Olivia, and Disco Emperial nightclubs are also must-visit spots.

Where To Meet Turkish Women Online?

Online dating is no longer a novelty in Turkey. Turkish singles are actively using dating sites to find partners for all kinds of relationships. There is a big part of women in Turkey who are excited by the idea of marrying a foreign man and they rightfully view online dating as the most convenient and fastest way to meet a Western man for a serious relationship.

However, you probably won’t find a lot of Turkish singles on your usual dating sites. When a Turkish girl wants to meet a foreign guy with the prospect of marriage, she will go to one of the popular international dating services. They are focused on long-term relationships and marriage between people from different countries, and that is exactly what Turkish ladies want.

How To Date A Turkish Girl: 7 Tips

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Being worried about your potential relationship with a Turkish girl is absolutely understandable. These women grew up in a different dating culture that is often imagined as more traditional or even obsolete than the Western dating scene. In reality, the dating culture in Turkey is not that different from the West, but these 7 tips will help you feel more confident when dating Turkish girls.

  • Don’t expect any activity from her at first. Women in Turkey are conditioned to believe that the man should have the upper hand in a relationship. They may demonstrate their interest, but they will always expect you to approach them, both online and in person.
  • Be absolutely respectful and patient. Turkish girls can be very different. Some of them like to move through the relationship stages quickly, and others prefer to take things slow. Before you know which type your Turkish woman belongs to, don’t try to rush anything.
  • Don’t think you are entitled to something just because you are a foreigner. Girls in Turkey are attracted to Western men and can even actively look for them online. However, it doesn’t mean that your foreign status alone will land you any woman you want.
  • Make promises only when you can keep them. Turkish women want to trust men fully and unconditionally. One of the most effective ways to maintain your girlfriend’s trust is to always fulfil promises you make and avoid making the ones you can’t make true.
  • Ask questions about her family and background. You will understandably be smitten by your Turkish woman’s gorgeous appearance and personality, but you also need to show a genuine interest in her roots. That way, the woman will realize you are serious about her.
  • Share some memorable experiences. For the first few dates, it’s better to go the safe route and meet in lovely restaurants or coffee shops. However, once you know each other better, you can try something more extreme or even take a short trip together to make your bond stronger.
  • Assure her that you will take care of her. Women in Turkey have a very traditional idea of a good relationship where the man has the upper hand and, in turn, takes care of his woman. This is exactly what Turkish ladies want to see in their own relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I expect a language barrier with Turkish women?

Even though your level of Turkish probably leaves a lot to be desired, you are unlikely to run into a serious language barrier with women in Turkey. Modern Turkish girls are well-educated and they put a lot of effort into learning English, believing that it will help them with their careers and other aspects of life. That is why they can successfully communicate in English with foreigners.

Will I need to meet the family of my Turkish girlfriend?

You definitely will! Turkish girls have an incredibly strong attachment to their parents and often live together right until they decide to get married. Your meeting with your potential Turkish in-laws will happen rather early in your relationship. They will be cordial and welcoming, but they will also ask a lot of questions to determine whether you are a good match for their daughter.

Are Turkish girls allowed to date and marry foreigners?

In traditional Turkish families, parents prefer their daughters to marry local guys. It’s even better when they are already known to the family — for example, many Turkish girls marry sons of their parents’ friends. However, the more modern a Turkish family is, the more relaxed her parents are about their daughter’s potential husband and he can even be from abroad.

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