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Sweden is an attractive country for a number of reasons. It’s one of the most economically developed countries in the world, demonstrates a fair treatment to everyone, and has lots of attractions that will captivate you. However, today we want you to look at Sweden from another angle — as a country that is home to beautiful, smart, and loyal women who happily consider foreign men as potential life partners.

What Are Swedish Women Like?

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Meeting even just one Swedish woman will leave a lasting impression on you. Here is why you should consider Swedish girls for a serious relationship or marriage.

They embody Nordic beauty

All the tales you hear about the beauty of Swedish girls are absolutely true. Their tall, lean bodies with subtle curves have just the right amount of femininity to be absolutely irresistible. Swedish women have light hair and fair skin. Their enchanting blue or grey eyes see right through your soul, and their delicate facial features make you want to never stop looking at them. The fashion sense of Swedish ladies is relaxed and casual, but they know how to step up their style game for the right occasion.

They look and behave completely natural

Whether you are just getting to know a Swedish woman or are already dating her, you will never see her trying to be someone she is not. Swedish girls rarely used makeup, and when they do, it’s completely natural and simply enhances their god-given features instead of completely changing their appearance. Swedish women behave absolutely naturally in any setting, which is why you can take them anywhere and they will still be their charming, adorable self.

They have great conversational skills

Communication is definitely a strong suit of Swedish girls. They love talking to other people, whether it’s their friends or people they see for the first time ever. As a foreign man talking to a Swedish woman, you will never feel unwelcome or that she simply tolerates you around. Swedish ladies truly want to get to know the person sitting or standing next to them. They ask questions and demonstrate a genuine interest in your personality and views.

They respect others and demand respect for themselves

Sweden is one of the countries where women feel safe, respected, and like they have equal opportunities in everything. Growing up in this environment makes Swedish girls confident and self-assured. They know they deserve respect and will never be with someone who doesn’t respect them. At the same time, they are ready to extend the same respect to others. A Swedish woman will never disrespect you or mock your opinions as long as you are polite and respectful.

They are willing to change for their partners

Swedish women can be rather conservative; they are not that quick to change jobs, cars, or places to live. However, that changes once the right man comes along. For her dream man, a Swedish lady can do anything, including completely changing her life. If her relationship with a man requires her to move abroad, adopt a new hobby, or make other major changes in her lifestyle, she will do it without hesitation.

Do Swedish Women Make Good Wives?

The appeal of Swedish girls for dating is understandable, but these women are also very popular as wives to foreign guys. These are the three main reasons to go for a Swedish wife.

They are fantastic as mothers

The decision to become a mother is a very serious one for a Swedish woman and she is typically only ready for it around 30. However, once that finally happens and you and your Swedish wife start a family, you will see an even more caring, affectionate, and nurturing personality of your woman.

They always try to make their home a better place

A popular myth about Swedish women is that they hate housework and always try to find someone to do it for them, but that’s not at all true. Swedish wives understand the importance of a clean home and freshly made dinner for the happiness of their families and will use every free minute to improve the state of their home.

They enjoy being with their families

A Swedish woman is not someone who will constantly look for ways to go out on her own or with friends instead of spending time with her family. Swedish wives can always find the best way to spend time with their loved ones, even when it’s just at home watching a family movie. In fact, nothing will make a Swedish woman happier than a quiet night at home.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Sexy Swedish women know that they have a lot to offer and they want to date and marry men who deserve it. If you don’t have a steady job, are a serial dater with no serious intentions, or often display offensive, misogynistic views, a Swedish girl will never seriously consider you for any kind of relationship.

Swedish women want men who have enough confidence and inner strength. They like it when a man has found his calling and has built an impressive career out of it. They also want a man who is ready to fully commit to his family and has the ability to support his family financially when necessary. Needless to say, those qualities often come with age, which is why Swedish girls are not only opposed to a certain age gap in a relationship, but actually welcome it.

Where to Meet Swedish Women in Sweden?

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When you are lucky enough to visit Sweden for work or as a tourist and want to combine sightseeing with meeting local women, there are lots of places for you to check out. Swedish women are fluent in English, so wherever you go, you will get a warm welcome and get a chance to meet your partner. Here are the top locations in Sweden for dating.


Stockholm is Sweden’s capital city, so it’s completely natural that it also has some of the most attractive, ambitious, and well-rounded women in the country. When you are done visiting Stockholm’s main tourist attractions and magnificent streets, you can try Mancini, Grodan, or Bar Nombre for an exciting food experience paired with a chance to meet local girls. The Colosseum, Riche, and Berns night clubs are also popular meeting locations.


Gothenburg is one of the most populous and developed cities in Gothenburg. It is very popular with tourists, but there are also lots of local women you can meet both during the day and night. Check out the Shiraz, Norda and 2112 nightclubs if you’re in a mood for some dancing and cocktails, or make your way to the Trädgår’n and Yaki-Da restaurants, which are particularly popular among local girls.


Malmö is a relatively small Swedish city, but it’s widely known for its culture and active entertainment scene. After you check out the local streets, parks, and malls, you can pay a visit to the Kitchen & Table, Bastard, and Yello Mello restaurants where you have a decent chance of meeting beautiful Swedish girls, or get to Ice and Babel night clubs for some evening entertainment.

Where to Meet Swedish Women Online?

A trip to Sweden is an effective way to meet Swedish girls for dating, but you can face a number of problems in your search, from the fact that not every Swedish woman is ready to leave everything behind and move with you to a foreign country to the overall cost of your endeavor. If you’re looking for the most sensible way to find a Swedish woman for a serious relationship or even marriage, you can’t go wrong with international dating sites.

International dating is a very popular online dating niche. It has lots of advantages, from instant access to thousands of the finest women Sweden has to offer to the desire of the Swedish women you meet to move abroad to live with their ideal partner. Plust, it’s cost-effective, fast, and can be done no matter where you are. In short, international dating sites are the most efficient way to meet your dream Swedish lady.

How to Date a Swedish Girl: 7 Tips

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Dating Swedish women is something that can become your most cherished experience no matter how it goes. However, a relationship with a Swedish woman can be even more successful when you take into account the dating etiquette in the country. Here are a few tips that will help you.

  • Let the relationship begin casually. A big mistake when dating a Swedish girl is talking about how much in love you are when you are still getting to know each other. Swedish women want the relationship to be completely natural, even if it means casually going out at the beginning.
  • Show how much you have in common. As a foreigner, you probably have a different cultural background and life experiences than your Swedish date. And since Swedish women will only date someone who is close to them personally, so you will need to prove you have a friendly connection before a romantic one.
  • Demonstrate your sense of humor. Swedish women may seem rather reserved, but the truth is that humor plays an important role in their lives. Swedish women will never be with someone who doesn’t share their sense of humor, which means you’ll need to talk about your favorite comedies and practice some jokes.
  • Don’t insist on being overly chivalrous. Chivalry is not completely dead in Sweden, but it’s not as important for Swedish girls as it is for many other foreign women. Opening the door for your woman or walking her to public transportation is fine, but insisting to fully pay for dinner is not a welcome behavior in Sweden.
  • Get her friends to like you. The social circle of a typical Swedish girl is not big, but it has a big influence on her opinions. If you actively try to become a part of her circle of friends and behave in a way that makes them like you, your Swedish date will be much more likely to consider a serious relationship with you.
  • Bragging is a major turn-off. If there is one thing all Swedish people hate, it’s bragging about one’s wealth. Swedes fully believe that it’s better to have enough than to have a lot. If you start talking about your expensive purchases or luxury possessions, you will achieve the opposite effect and your Swedish woman will be turned off.
  • Mention your idea of the future. Long before there is a marriage proposal, or even before you begin considering marriage at all, it’s important to know that your vision of the future matches your woman’s ideas. Mention how you see the family you’ll have in the future and ask your Swedish girl for her vision to see if there is a match.

Frequently Asked Questions

When are Swedish girls ready to settle down?

Unlike women in Eastern Europe and Asia, Swedish girls are not ready to get married until their late twenties or early thirties. However, they don’t spend that time dating around and getting as many partners in their portfolio as possible. Instead, they work on their career, self-development, and creating a good foundation for a future family.

Is it common for Swedish women to continue working after having kids?

Yes, women in Sweden are very proud of their careers and don’t want to give them up even after starting a family. However, you can definitely expect your Swedish wife to take maternity leave when the baby arrives, so she will be able to spend as much time with the new baby as possible. After that, the child duties will likely be equally distributed between you two.

What is a good gift to give to a Swedish lady?

Swedish women don’t respond well to blatant displays of wealth and expensive presents, so there is no point in trying to impress your Swedish date with a costly gadget or jewelry. A much better idea is to get something for her hobby, a fiction book that fits her interests, or something for her home, such as a tea set or a cute night lamp.

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