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Hungary is not the smallest or most obscure country in Europe, but it rarely gets mentioned as an international travel destination. To us, this is a major oversight because Hungarian ladies have everything it takes to attract men and keep them interested. Here is a guide to the basic characteristics of Hungarian singles to get you started.

What Are Hungarian Women Like?

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When you get to know a Hungarian woman closer, you will like pretty much everything about her. Still, these features of Hungarian ladies are especially coveted by men from Western countries.

Pretty and fit

The appearance of women in Hungary is not highly contrasted and their features are not particularly strong. However, their beauty is so balanced that they can afford to wear little to no makeup and look stunning even in casual clothes. Moreover, Hungarian girls keep a healthy diet and have excellent genes, which is why they look fit and feminine no matter how old they are.

Fans of an active lifestyle

Hungarian singles are not created equal. Some of them have dozens of friends, and some of them have a small social circle. Some of them are happy with medium-paying jobs that give them some personal freedom, and others can sacrifice a lot for a dream job position. However, the one thing that unites all Hungarian women is their active nature. These women have lots of interests, are fond of traveling, and love physical activity.

Loyal and deeply caring

A serious relationship and commitment are not just fancy words for Hungarian women. It’s what they want in life the most. When they have someone they care about, they always let it show. Being with a woman from Hungary means feeling her care and attention every day of your life together. Moreover, you will never need to worry about your Hungarian woman’s fidelity: these women would never disrespect you by developing a romantic interest in another person.

Ready to take your side

In Hungarian relationships and marriage culture, loyalty is not just about being faithful to the other person. It’s also about being unconditionally supportive. No matter what you are going through in your personal or work life, a Hungarian woman will always take your side. These are the type of partners who will support you no matter what and with no questions asked. Lots of men would get anything to get a woman like this in their lives!

Do Hungarian Women Make Good Wives?

The appeal of Hungarian girls is so strong that there are thousands of Western men who can easily imagine themselves being married to a Hungarian wife. There are countless reasons why a Hungarian wife is exactly who you need as your life partner, but here are the top 3:

  • Motherhood aspirations. For most Hungarian wives, a family only feels complete when there is at least one child, although these women often want to have two or more kids. They have both strong maternal instincts and a lot of knowledge about children.
  • Cooking talents. Hungarian cuisine is known around the world as one of the most comforting and appetizing flavor palettes in the world. A Hungarian wife knows the ins and outs of her native cuisine, but she will quickly learn your favorite recipes as well.
  • Traditional family roles. A typical Hungarian wife will often want to make her own income, but she will never try to compete with you when it comes to salary or the state of your career, or make you take a long paternity leave when you have kids.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

A Hungarian girl is not the type of woman who approaches every potential partner with an extensive checklist of desired features. For these women, a spiritual connection and passion are very important in a relationship, so if you instantly hit it off, you can expect your Hungarian girlfriend to seriously consider you for marriage.

Moreover, Hungarian women love it when they can depend on men. They are strong and capable of doing everything on their own, but when they have a partner they can truly rely on, they will be more likely to choose him for a happy marriage. Last but not least, Hungarian women want to date and marry guys who have a strong desire to start a family and won’t just get cold feet after a while.

Where To Meet Hungarian Women In Hungary?

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With so many exciting travel destinations around it, Hungary sometimes goes unnoticed by Western tourists. However, this country definitely deserves your attention, and not just as a place to do sightseeing, but also as a location for meeting gorgeous and sociable women. Here are the top spots for foreign men who are interested in Hungarian singles.


Budapest is the capital of Hungary and the largest city in the country, so naturally, it’s the first place you will check out. Women in Budapest have a good level of English and many of them have some experience with foreigners. However, you won’t find a lot of local girls at the popular tourist sights in Budapest. To meet them, head to the Caviar and Bull, Dubarry, and Budapest Bistro restaurants, the Captain Cook, Tuk Tuk, and Jack Doyle’s pubs, or the Instant, AETHER, and Peaches and Cream nightclubs after 8 p.m.


Debrecen is a relatively small city in Hungary, but that’s only because Hungary itself is a rather small country. By Hungarian standards, Debrecen is one of the hottest metropolitan areas. It’s equally popular among casual tourists as it is among Western men looking for Hungarian singles. You can try the campus of the University of Debrecen, but if that doesn’t work, you can also check out the IKON, PepePanini, and Kashmir restaurants, Sheldon’s Bar, Adam’s Cafe, and Calico Jack Pub, or the Club Seven, Sikk Klub, and TABU nightclubs.


With a population of a little over 150,000 people, Miskolc is probably not the city you would visit for tourism purposes. However, it’s a fantastic place to meet highly educated and ambitious Hungarian women. Miskolc is one of the most industrialized and economically successful cities in Hungary. Besides the local business centres and parks, you can go to the Bitang Joe, Lokalista Bistro, and Sever restaurants, Zip’s Brewhouse, Grizzly Music Pub, and Melon Bar. Rockwell, Liverpool, and Stamp nightclubs are popular evening hangout spots among the locals.

Where To Meet Hungarian Women Online?

Going to Hungary to meet a Hungarian woman can seem like a lot of work with no guaranteed results. This is why more and more Western men are now opting for online dating instead. It’s also fairly popular among Hungarians, so with a good dating site, you can expect to meet hundreds or even thousands of Hungarian singles.

At the same time, you definitely need to know where to look. Regular dating services are not very popular among Hungarian women looking for foreign partners. They prefer searching for potential partners from abroad using international dating sites. They are safe, convenient, and very efficient when it comes to connecting people from different countries and continents.

How To Date An Hungarian Girl: 7 Tips

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Even though your end goal is probably marriage, you will still need to spend some time dating Hungarian women before you and your significant other realize you are meant to be. Here are the 7 tips for getting your relationship off to a great start.

  • Don’t give up on your first try. Hungarian girls sometimes like to play hard to get. Even when a woman is very interested in you romantically, she may say no when you approach her for the first time, but she will definitely want you to try again.
  • Ask the woman what she’d like to do for the date. You probably have a lot of dating experience with local women, and it can often be helpful for dating Hungarian girls. However, you should regularly ask for her ideas and input and then actually use them.
  • Spend time in a casual setting. There is a small percentage of Hungarian singles whose perfect date idea is a candlelit dinner at an expensive restaurant, but most Hungarian women will prefer something more casual and intimate.
  • Make the relationship exclusive from the start. You can have a different experience with Western women and even some European girls who like to keep their options broad at the beginning of the relationship, but Hungarian ladies demand absolute exclusivity.
  • Exchange stories from your family life. Telling each other stories about your family life will allow you to form a closer bond in a short period of time. You will see where the other person is coming from and what influenced your respective personalities.
  • Give her sincere and thoughtful compliments. A compliment like “You are so beautiful today” is always a good idea with Hungarian ladies, but if you want to really impress them, try thinking of a more creative compliment she’s never heard before.
  • Discuss the direction of your relationship. Do you and your Hungarian woman want to date for a long time, do you want to go straight to marriage in less than a year, or do you just want to have a long-distance relationship? Deciding on the terms of your involvement will make things easier for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can women in Hungary approach men first?

Most women in Hungary are pretty traditional. They prefer to be wooed by men and they find it downright impossible to approach guys even when they like them a lot. However, this is not the only type of girls you will meet in Hungary. There are plenty of Hungarian girls who are ready to do whatever it takes to land the desired partner, and reaching out to him first is only one of the things they are prepared to do.

Is family or career more important to Hungarian ladies?

In the 21st century, most women in Hungary prefer to work and have their own contribution to the family budget even when they are happily married. However, when it comes to choosing between work and family, there is not a single doubt for Hungarian ladies. They will pick family life over the most successful career every time and will never look back at their choice.

Do Hungarian women find it hard to move abroad?

The absolute majority of Hungarian girls are strongly attached to their home country and their family at home, which makes moving abroad slightly more challenging. However, when a Hungarian wife has your support and attention, she will have a much easier time getting used to her new life in a new country with her soulmate.

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