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Bright sunbeams and warm waves of the Mediterranean Sea create beautiful scenery for your future pleasant date with a lovely Maltese woman. Sweet look and amiable character make a local girl desirable for many men. 

Are you a bachelor from another county? Plan your vacation, come to this gorgeous island and find the best Maltese wife here. 

We will have you covered and collect important tips for hunting these shiny women if you seek a happy marriage.  

What are Maltese Women Like?

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Maltese women have got gorgeous looks, a sincere and passionate nature. Local men frequently underestimate adorable Maltese women by their rude attitude. 

Maltese women have a brilliant appearance

Numerous countries and peoples, England, France, Arabs, conquered Malta over a long period of its history. This fact influenced common European traits of Maltese women and men, adding peculiarities to Mediterranean and Asian features. 

Thus, Maltese girls frequently have Asian features, such as tender hazel or black eyes, dark hair, slim and narrow waist bodies. They look gorgeous in any outfit, but usually, they wear bright seductive dresses. 

They are exclusively family-oriented 

Being European, educated, and intelligent, Maltese women value families more than anything else. Usually, they originate from patriarchal families with traditional views on gender roles. 

Maltese wives eagerly quit jobs after marriage, devoting time to kids and a husband. They appreciate their parents and pay much attention to them even after marriage. 

Mediterranean women have a hot temperament

You may hardly imagine hotter and more passionate lovers than Maltese ladies. They are as tender as the nature of their land. Even their conservative upbringing doesn’t prevent them from being seductive.   

Sweet waves and warm beaches are attractive for dating Maltese girls and romantic nights with them. A local woman is eager to present precious minutes to a man she likes. 

Why Are Maltese Women Considered to be the Best Wives?

Maltese girls are religious and originate from patriarchal families. These factors make them excellent wives and moms. 

  • Amiable. Maltese girls are funny and easygoing. It is possible to compare them to their sunny country. Local women are perfect for hilarious parties and lovely chillouts in some cozy cafes. You will be able to discover numerous attractions and have a friendly guide in Malta.    
  • Supportive. Family is in the first place for Maltese women. They are faithful and usually marry only once in their lives. They support their spouses and kids in all activities, rendering their love, attention, or wise advice to them. 
  • Hearth-keepers. Girls are taught to maintain household from their childhood. Well-kept houses are a high priority for Maltese girls. Their homes are in perfect order. A Maltese wife is a thrifty mistress with a carefully preserved family budget.

Where to Meet Maltese Women in Malta?

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Usually, single Maltese women seek chances of meeting and marrying a foreign man. Thus, females get a chance to achieve success for themselves and provide a better life for their children. 

Thus, opportunities to encounter a single woman in Malta are multiple:  

  • mingling with friends; 
  • hobbies and volunteering;
  • partying in some hilarious seaside places;
  • hotels and beaches;
  • sightseeing routes;   
  • cafes and restaurants. 

Malta is an island with sunny beaches, nice weather, and great vacation opportunities. It will be great to manage several aims at a time: your rest, sightseeing, and meeting your beloved Maltese girl. 

  • Paceville in St.Julian’s. This resort place is one of the most popular among foreign bachelors. Its nightlife places and cafes with vivid parties attract active Maltese girls and foreign men: Hugo’s Terrace, Cork’s Irish Pub, Bellini, Chalice Bar & Lounge.
  • Valletta. Valletta is the capital city of Malta. Being the principal municipality of the country, it is relatively small. However, the main business activity and social life are here, providing opportunities for rendezvous with educated and intelligent Maltese ladies. Come to Tico Tico, Alchemy, Bridge Bar, and meet a hot and tempting Maltese woman for marriage.  

How Should You Meet Your Maltese Woman Online? 

Aiming at dating a Maltese girl and meeting your beloved woman, plan your activities. Going into the Internet is the best option. It saves your time, makes the whole event less stressful and more pleasant. 

  1. Register with any popular and respectful online matchmaking platform. 
  2. Select the best Maltese lady to your liking. You may chat with two or more girls simultaneously. 
  3. Once you feel disposed to a woman, you may take the next step. 
  4. Come to the location where she lives and meet her personally.  

Thus, you can avoid anxiety while meeting and marrying a Maltese woman.

Dating Etiquette in Malta, Tips 

Dating Maltese girls is easy and pleasant. They are disposed to mingling with foreigners. Just stick to general recommendations while wooing a lovely Maltese woman.

  1. Be an amiable and exciting speaker.
  2. Be attentive to what a woman says; keep eye contact to express your concern.
  3. Avoid conversations on political or economic issues. Maltese ladies are more interested in talking about themselves. 
  4. Always pay for your girl in the restaurant or a café. 
  5. Families are essential for Maltese women. Be ready for an amicable party, dining or barbeque treat with the parents and relatives of your Maltese girl. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the customs and special beliefs of Maltese women? 

  • Almost all Maltese profess Catholicism, which plays a vital role in the lives of local families. Your Maltese will be happy if you share her beliefs.
  • It is interesting that two clocks hang on the bell towers of local churches. One of the items shows the wrong time. The locals believe this will confuse the evil spirit and turn him away from the sacred place.
  • Maltese women are very conservative in respect of families. They spend much time together and have influence on their kids.
  • Traditional views make Maltese women excellent homemakers. At the same time, one will hardly meet a woman who is more seductive and passionate in a bed. 

Do Maltese women stick to traditional gender roles?

Yes, they do. Maltese women are ready to sacrifice their professional development for their husbands and kids. However, this does not prevent them from getting a good education and striving to build a career. 

Is there any language barrier with your Maltese woman? 

Historically, Malta was conquered by different countries. It affected the country’s language diversity. Now it is a locality where several languages are widely used. 

English is a state language apart from the national one, Maltese. Italian and French are also widely spread. All the mentioned above languages were used as official or state languages at different times.

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