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Slovakia may not be the first country that is mentioned whenever European women for dating and marriage are discussed, but that’s only because Slovakia is a relatively small country. Once you find out more about these women, dating a Slovakian girl will be the only thing on your mind.

What Are Slovakian Women Like?

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Slovakian women are, in part, similar to other girls in Central Europe, but for the most part, they are unique and fascinating. Here is what you will love the most about the women from Slovakia.

Naturally stunning

On their own, the features of Slovakian singles are not very strong. These women have a very mild natural coloring with fair skin, blonde or light brown hair, and mild facial traits. However, together these features create a perfect harmony that will make you want to look at your Slovakian girlfriend’s face for ages. Women in Slovakia are rarely tall, but they are fit, ladylike, and inherently stylish without going overboard with fancy clothes and makeup.

Sociable and smart

When you are meeting foreign women, you can often feel intimidated by your cultural differences and less confident than you normally feel. This is not the case with Slovakian ladies, who try to make you feel comfortable and valued. Talking to a Slovakian woman is incredibly easy even when you are doing it for the first time. These ladies can talk about anything and they are not afraid to showcase their intelligence and wit.

Completely monogamous

There are some Western women who are not opposed to dating more than one man at a time before eventually committing to a more serious relationship with one of them. This is not something you should expect with Slovakian singles. Monogamy is the backbone of Slovakian relationship culture. When a Slovakian lady agrees to go out with you on more than one date, she expects that relationship to be fully monogamous for both sides.

Always honest

Honesty and absolute openness are what helps Slovakian girls stand out from the rest. They are not interested in manipulating men for personal gain. They know that openly discussing the things that bother either person in the relationship is a better long-term strategy than accumulating disappointment and regret. This is why a Slovakian woman will always prefer to talk about everything openly and resolve conflicts as they appear.

Do Slovakian Women Make Good Wives?

Yes, if you have marriage on your mind and want to find the right woman to marry, there are dozens of reasons why it should be a Slovakian lady. Slovakian wives have all the qualities you are looking for in a woman for marriage. They are fully devoted to their families and will never put work, friendships, or other aspects of their lives over family.

A Slovakian wife is a supportive partner, a passionate lover, and a caring mother. Slovakian wives know their way around a kitchen, but they also have a very lighthearted attitude to chores and don’t like to spend their whole days working around the house. They prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle and will help you fall in love with active rest, good diet, and exercising.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Unlike many Western women, Slovakian girls don’t have a particularly practical approach to choosing a partner for a long-term relationship. They don’t care too much about the state of your bank account or how many partners you’ve had before. However, there are several qualities that are deal breakers for Slovakian women, and here are three of them:

  • Dependability. In order to trust you completely, a Slovakian lady needs to know she can fully rely on you when she needs help. Women in Slovakia are perfectly capable of doing everything on their own, but they also like a helping hand from a man.
  • Love for kids. Slovakian ladies want a big, happy family with kids, and they are expecting the man to be as excited by the idea of having children as they are. You need to have a sincere desire to spend time with the little ones and give them all your love.
  • Respectful attitude. In a serious relationship and marriage, conflicts and arguments are nearly inevitable. However, there are things that are unacceptable for Slovakian women. If you instantly lose your cool and tend to get verbally offensive in those moments, your Slovakian lady will not stand for it.

Where To Meet Slovakian Women In Slovakia?

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Slovakia is definitely an underestimated travel destination in Europe. It may not have picturesque beaches, exotic nature, or a lot of ancient architecture. However, there are several cities in Slovakia that have a lot to offer to Western tourists. You will particularly enjoy meeting the kind-hearted and optimistic people of Slovakia. And if your goal is to find yourself a Slovakian woman to date, here are the top locations for you to try.


Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. Like most capitals, it has the most attractions and the highest number of girls who either have some experience with foreign men or are open to dating them. Besides the city’s parks and museums, you can find Slovakian singles at the Lemontree, Soho, and Nobile restaurants, Michalska Cocktail Room, Old Fashioned and Bukowski bars. The Club Bratislava, Channels Club, and High Street Club are the must-visit nightclubs in Bratislava.


Košice is a Slovakian city that has a high number of medieval attractions and you can spend a very memorable few days exploring them. Once you are done visiting the city’s main sights, head over to the Med Malina, Primi, and Soup Culture restaurants, Red Nose Pub, Jazz Košice bar and Karaoke Club Guinness, or Retro Cult Club and Mystic Night Club if you’re in the mood for music, dancing, and meeting local girls.


Prešov is a small Slovakian city but it has a lot of authentic charm and very welcoming locals. Many of the women in Prešov will gladly give you a tour around the city if you ask them nicely. On top of that, you can visit the Steak House, Hanami Sushi, and Savileri restaurants, The Irish Pub, Jazz Wine Club, and Submarine Music Pub, as well as the Encore, Secret, and Admiral nightclubs after 8 p.m.

Where To Meet Slovakian Women Online?

Online dating is more common in Slovakia than you think and there are thousands of Slovakian girls who are actively looking for potential partners online. Specifically, many of them are searching for Western men for serious relationships and marriage and they rightfully believe that they can find the most eligible foreign guys on international dating sites.

International dating sites are very different from the dating sites and apps you normally use. They are tailored to serious relationships and marriage. These are not the sites where you can meet a girl for casual romance or online flirting. Women there want monogamous relationships with the prospect of marriage, so if that’s what you want too, these sites are right for you.

How To Date An Slovakian Girl: 7 Tips

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After you spend some time with a Slovakian woman, you will realize that these women are incredibly easy to date because they share many of your values and habits. However, dating a foreign girl still requires attention and research from you, and here are 7 tips for giving your relationship a great start.

  • Don’t behave like a typical foreigner. There is an unfortunate pattern of Western men coming to Slovakia, interacting with local women, going on a few dates, and then going back to their home country without giving any chance to the relationship. Slovakian girls are aware of this pattern and it’s the last thing they want to happen.
  • Take the time to get to know the lady. When you have no experience with Slovakian women and very little time to do your research, it’s easy to base your opinion on a few facts and stereotypes. However, Slovakian ladies are much more complex and interesting than that, and you should try your best to get to know them.
  • Don’t just push your ideas of a good time. Your idea of a perfect date may include something like a dinner in a fancy restaurant with candles and then going home in a taxi. Your Slovakian girlfriend, on the other hand, may have a different idea of a perfect date and you need to take it into account.
  • Be respectful towards all of her views. For the most part, Slovakian girls have perfectly contemporary opinions, but Slovakia is also a country that relies heavily on traditions. Even if you find some of your woman’s views and beliefs outdated or funny, never let her know about it.
  • Get out of your comfort zone if necessary. When you are dating a Slovakian lady, you need to keep up with her lifestyle. These women love traveling. They rarely spend the whole weekend at home and they have active social lives. If your way of living looks different, some changes may be needed.
  • Mentioning other girls is out of the question. Jealousy is not a signature character trait of women from Slovakia. At the same time, they like to think they are the only women on your mind. Even if you’re only talking online with a Slovakian girl, make sure there are no other ladies involved.
  • Thoughtful gifts are better than fancy ones. There certainly are some Slovakian girls who will be impressed to get 101 roses or a gold bracelet as a gift, but most women in Slovakia prefer gifts from men to be thoughtful and tailored to their tastes, while being expensive is not a mandatory thing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Slovakian girls know English on an adequate level?

They certainly do! The education level in Slovakia is high and the local government invests a lot of effort into making the education both practical and fit to Western standards. Learning English is something Slovakian girls begin at a young age and never stop, so by the time they graduate from universities, they can effortlessly maintain a conversation with English-speaking foreigners.

Is it common for Slovakian women to approach men first?

Things in Slovakia can go either way when it comes to approaching guys. Slovakian ladies are certainly not shy, so when the situation is appropriate and someone truly catches their attention, they have no problem with approaching the man and striking up a conversation. However, they also like to be conquered and wooed, which is why a Slovakian girl may wait for you to come up to her.

Do Slovakian women tend to get married early?

For a European country, the average age of first marriage in Slovakia is somewhere in the middle. Women in this country tend to get married around the age of 28. On one hand, it allows them to get a good education, build a career, and approach choosing a partner with care. On the other hand, they still get to spend their best years with someone they love.

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