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Are you fond of Slavic beauty but cannot deal with a typical Slavic character? Then pay attention to Slovenian girls. They are exotically beautiful like all Slavs, but are self-sufficient and prefer partner relationships with men just like Western ladies.

What Are Slovenian Women Like?

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Slovenian Women are Pretty and Cute

If you like extraordinary beauty, Slovenian women are definitely of your taste. They have a typical Slavic appearance:

  • blond hair (more rarely — dark-blond or brown);
  • very fair skin.

Due to the light color of hair and skin, beautiful Slovenian girls look like angels. But being a bit exotic and extremely cute is not all that makes their appearance be so attractive.

Also, pretty Slovenian girls are most commonly tall and have nice shapes: thin waists in combination with appealing big hips.

Slovenian Women are Sporty

In addition to having nice bodies from nature, Slovenian women improve their physique with the help of sports and diets. They are keen on a healthy lifestyle in general. Therefore, morning jogs, evening fitness, long bicycle rides, and a balanced diet is not an unpleasant necessity, but a conscious choice of the majority of Slovenian ladies.

Slovenian Women are Natural

Unlike many other Slavic nationalities, showing off and bright looks are not typical for Slovenian girls. They do not wear evening dresses at work or high heels for a walk in the park. Casual style is universal for them.

Hot Slovenian girls wear basic jeans, shirts or T-shirts and sneakers or low-heeled boots for any case. They choose casual looks regardless of the situation, whether it is going to work or to the shop, a walk with friends, a party, or a date.

Also, women of this nationality are not big fans of make-up. They do not believe it to be a must-have for beautiful ladies. Sexy Slovenian girls can even go to parties without make-up. And bright make-up in everyday life is, of course, out of the question. 

So, if a Slovenian lady comes to meet you in casual clothes and without make-up, this does not mean that she doesn’t like you. This is just a peculiarity of the Slovanian mentality.

Slovenian Women are Neat

Slovenian girls believe tidiness to be an essential element of a beautiful look. Though they do not wear bright clothes, they care for everything to be clean, thoroughly ironed, and neat. And this helps them look really good, not vulgar, unlike some other Slavic women.

Slovenian Women Think Practically

According to a typical Slovenian lady’s opinion, everything in her life should be useful and play a certain role. Women of this nationality prefer not doing things that do not result in a certain aim. Also, they never buy beautiful but useless things and always look at price tags for deciding whether a thing is worth its cost.

Slovenian Women are Well-Educated

Education plays a key role in the life of young Slovenian girls. It stays in the first place in their priorities as they understand that decent education can make a great start to a good career. Therefore, all Slovenian girls from good families study at universities. So, there are always a lot of interesting topics to discuss with women of this nationality. They can keep any conversation going due to a broad outlook and high level of education. 

They are Self-Sufficient

Slovenian women are very emancipated. The majority of them do their best to make successful careers. Therefore, they make equal life partners for their boyfriends. A Slovenian girlfriend never shifts the whole responsibility onto a man and does not expect him to solve all her problems instead of her. Moreover, a typical girl of this nationality prefers earning her own money to living off her boyfriend.

Do Slovenian Women Make Good Wives?

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Slovenian wives are for those who want to get not a docile housewife, but an equal life partner. Women of this nationality make true friends and reliable life partners for their men. Here are some more qualities making Slovanian ladies good wives.

They are not Wasteful

Organizing a lavish wedding with thousands of guests or buying extremely expensive things made by luxury brands is definitely not typical for Slovanian women. They approve only rational spendings. Therefore, your family budget is safe from wasting if your wife is of this nationality.

They are Conscious

Slovenian women think of marriage only when they really understand that they are ready for starting a family. Therefore, a union with such a psychologically mature person is strong and lasts for long years.

The same point of view is about children. A Slovenian lady never gives birth to kids before she is really ready for this psychologically and financially. The approach to their upbringing is also very wise. Mothers of this nationality try hard to give their children everything they need and to help them to grow up as happy and self-sufficient personalities.

They are Ambitious

Slovenian wives do not try to live off their husbands. They make their own careers and contribute to a family budget. So, if you want to get an equal life partner, not a boring and unambitious housewife, then a wife of this nationality is a perfect match for you.

They are True Friends

Slovenian ladies look for husbands with common interests and similar lifestyles. They usually share everything with their spouses. They are close to their husbands both in happy moments and in difficult times. There is always much interesting to talk about with them. Also, Slovenian wives are ready to give useful advice and to help their life partners in any possible way every time it is needed.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Age and appearance mean little to Slovenian women. They take into account other things while choosing a life partner. It is much more important for a man to be: 

  • Successful. Women of this nationality are ambitious and well-educated. The girls that have already graduated from universities are often engaged in prestigious jobs. That is why they are looking for equal life partners. Usually, they do not pay much attention to men who have no good education or professional achievements.
  • Interesting to communicate with. If you know how to keep a lively conversation going, you have high chances to win the heart of a Slovenian woman. Girls of this nationality like to spend hours by captivating chatting.
  • Having common interests. They mean a lot to the ladies of this nationality. They want their boyfriends to be not only good lovers and future husbands but also true friends. Therefore, do not forget to find common interests. A sure bet is to be interested in sport and proper nutrition as almost all Slovanian women are keen on these things. Also, it is rather good to have some hobbies connected with frontier technologies or traveling. Many women of this nationality would have conversations on these topics with pleasure.
  • Respectful. Slovenian ladies are very emancipated and require respect for their personalities. They prefer to break off communication with people who show disrespect for them. Therefore, never do any offensive things to a girl of this nationality if you do not want to lose her.
  • Loving. Men who show true love have much more chances to conquer a Slovenian girl. Ladies of this nationality have a conscious approach to relationships. They do not start to date a man only because all their friends have already got boyfriends. Most of them are waiting for true love, so do not be shy to express it.

Where to Meet Slovenian Women in Slovenia?

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Have you got interested in Slovenian ladies and want to see them alive? Then go to a big Slovenian city to meet girls! It is rather easy to get acquainted with women in this country as they are open, welcoming, and not arrogant at all.

So, what cities and places to choose for fruitful dating? Big lively cities are not typical for Slovenia. But going to a small resort town where you can enjoy only historical monuments and picturesque nature is not a good idea. So, choose out of the two biggest cities: Ljubljana or Maribor.

Ljubljana: the Capital and the Biggest City of Slovenia

If you like cool parties go to one of the most popular nightclubs:

  • Top Six;
  • Pure Night Club;
  • Cirkus Club.

Also, casinos are very popular entertainment for locals. So, you can visit one of them:

  • Hotel Lev;
  • Hotel Kongo.

If you are eager to meet intelligent girls, go to large book shops:

  • Mladinska Knjiga;
  • Azil.

Also, a great place for communicating with clever girls is Dobra Poteza where local youth gathers to play board games.

And, finally, if you want to combine meeting ladies with admiring nature go to Tivoli Park.

Maribor: the Second Largest City of Slovenia

You can combine dating and admiring ancient Slovenian architecture here. You can see medieval city halls and castles in Maribor. But, of course, beautiful ladies are more interesting to you than the historical heritage of the country. So, we can recommend some good nightclubs:

  • Aedone;
  • Fuego;
  • Kuglana;
  • Reg;
  • Kaya.

If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature and meet fit girls who are jogging or walking, do not forget to visit the Three Ponds park.

Where to Meet Slovenian Women Online?

If you have little spare time for arranging a personal life, going abroad to find a destiny does not sound like a good idea. First of all, it takes a lot of time to travel there. Secondly, you need to spend a few weeks or even months until you find an appropriate girl. So it is much better for busy men to meet Slovenian girls online.

But if you join one of the most popular dating apps like Tinder you are unlikely to find many women of this nationality there. The algorithm of such dating apps shows mainly the girls that are close to you geographically. So, what to do?

There is a way out! There are specialized online platforms that help Slovenian wives find foreign husbands. They are rather popular in Slovenia, so you will find plenty of singles from this country there.

How to Date a Slovenian Girl: 6 Tips

Here are the secrets of successful dating Slovenian women:

  1. Be yourself and act naturally. Girls of this nationality do not like showing off and arrogance.
  2. Tell her about your interests and achievements. Personality means much more for these women than sex or money. So show her you are an interesting and many-sided person.
  3. Take interest in her hobbies, education, and professional achievements. Having common interests is very important while dating a Slovenian woman. And to find them, first of all, you should get to know what she is fond of. Moreover, by taking interest in her hobbies and studying or career you will show her that you consider her not only as a woman but also as an interesting person.
  4. Treat her as equal and respect her. This is the only way you can stay in a good relationship with a Slovenian woman. Girls of this nationality cannot stand disrespect or bossiness.
  5. Discuss the details of living together in advance. Slovenian women like it when everything is thought over and goes according to the plan. Therefore, to have no misunderstandings discuss in advance what country and what apartment you are going to live together in, in what way you are going to share household chores, who will be responsible for a family budget, and all the other aspects of the future married life.


What Language Do Slovenian Women Speak?

Their mother language is Slovenian. But also, a lot of women in Slovenia speak German and English as they are taught at schools and universities as foreign languages. Therefore, a language barrier will not stay on your way to getting a wife of this nationality.

Are Slovenian Women Social Climbers?

Most likely, they are. Career stands in the first place for them. Slovenian wives do not give up working after marriage. Also, they are ready for children only after achieving all the set career goals. So, you will never see a boring housewife among Slovenian women. They all have professional interests, good education, and ambitions.

Are Slovenian Women Ready to Move Abroad With Foreign Husbands?

The girls who are looking for foreign husbands understand that, most likely, a man will not be ready to move to Slovenia. Therefore, they are ready to move abroad to the country a husband lives in. Moreover, many Slovenian women are even all for moving abroad as they see more career opportunities in the countries with a higher standard of living.

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