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When it comes to finding a foreign woman for dating and marriage, Russian women are usually the first ones to come up. Russian girls combine a fairytale-like appearance with unique views and values that make them so fascinating. However, Russian ladies have a lot more to offer than just their fantastic looks, and here is everything you need to know about dating a Russian woman.

What Are Russian Women Like?

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If you’ve never met Russian women in real life or talked to them online, it’s easy to form your opinion about them using some stereotypes and outdated information from the media. However, Russian girls have more incredible traits than you can imagine, and here are just some of them.

Russian women are gorgeous

The beauty of Russian women has been described countless times, but you can never grow tired of seeing it. Russian girls are not very tall or athletically built, but they are more feminine than most women you meet in your own country. Russian women are proud of their curves and use subtle ways to make them more visible. The faces of Russian women are equally gorgeous: their fine features, silky hair, and fair skin with rosy cheeks have been making men go crazy for centuries.

Women in Russia are highly educated and well-read

Russia famously has one of the strongest education systems not only among the former USSR countries, but also around the world. Secondary education is mandatory in Russia, and higher education is so easily accessible that you can hardly ever find a modern Russian girl without at least one university degree. Moreover, most Russian families have an impressive home library, which is why Russian girls grow up reading classic world and Russian literature. This makes them some of the most fascinating conversation partners you’ve ever had.

Russian girls want serious relationships

Russian girls can date freely when they are in their late teens or early twenties, but there comes a time when they decide that they want to find a husband and spend the rest of their lives with him. A Russian woman you meet online is only interested in a serious relationship, not a fun fling or a long-distance relationship. So if you are looking for someone to settle down with, a Russian lady is your number one choice.

Russian women fully accept their partners

When dating a Russian woman, you will never feel like she doesn’t accept some of your features and wants to change you, which is something that can often happen when you’re dating Western women. Russian ladies appreciate and accept their partners for who they really are. If a Russian woman agreed to go out with you, let alone start a serious relationship with you, you can rest assured she wants to be with the real you.

Women of Russia know how to behave in every situation

There are times when you need to take your lady out to an important event — for example, a dinner with your business partners — and you are not sure whether your date is up for the challenge. The good news is that it’s not something you need to worry about with a Russian woman. Women in Russia are so well-behaved and so proficient in etiquette for various social situations that you can simply sit back and watch her charm everyone around her.

Do Russian Women Make Good Wives?

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There are many reasons why Russian girls are popular not only for dating, but also for marriage. You can have the time of your life when dating a Russian woman, but you will enjoy marriage to her even more, especially for the following three reasons.

They are happy to work around the house

With a Russian wife, there will never be an issue with the chores in your household. A Russian woman will be happy if you get involved from time to time, but when you work and she’s spending most of her time at home, it’s completely natural for a Russian lady to assume all of the chores and execute them flawlessly.

They are supportive and loyal

One of the most important aspects of marriage for a Russian woman is mutual support and trust between the partners. You can count on your wife’s support both through the good and the bad events in your life. Russian women support their husbands with no judgement or unsolicited advice, and you can always trust your wife even when you’re away.

They are devoted to motherhood

Many Russian women want to build impressive careers and achieve a lot in the professional field, but it’s never going to be as important to them as being a mother. Russian women typically want to have their first child in their early to mid-twenties, so it gives them more time to spend with their little ones and still have plenty of time left for career accomplishments.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Russian women don’t suffer from a lack of male attention at home, but they are still very interested in meeting Western men and possibly even marrying them and moving abroad to live with them. So what is it that foreign men have that Russian men don’t?

The three most desirable male qualities for Russian women are care, patience, and ambitious nature. After dating local men, Russian girls realize that their peers lack some or even all of those qualities, and Russian women don’t want to settle for anything less. 

From media or personal experience, Russian ladies know that Western men have the exact set of qualities they want to see in their partners, and that is exactly what motivates them to look for foreign partners. They have no problem with the man being older and, in fact, welcome the age difference because they understand that certain male traits only come with age.

Where to Meet Russian Women in Russia?

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If you decide to embark on a journey to Russia with a goal of finding your ideal Russian woman, you should know that it’s not going to be an easy task. You will need to use your charm, communication skills, and knowledge of the best places in Russia to meet beautiful women.


As the capital of Russia, Moscow is a city where you can meet hundreds of thousands of gorgeous and smart Russian singles every day. You will see lots of them while simply walking the streets of Moscow or visiting the most famous tourist attractions, but you can also try the Sabor De La Vida, Lure Oysterbar, and Megobari restaurants, as well as Pravda and Propaganda nightclubs.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg once used to be the capital of the Russian Empire and is now considered the cultural capital of Russia. You can have the time of your life exploring the magnificent local architecture and visiting the museums, but if you are after Russian singles, pay a visit to the Ginza or Terrassa restaurants, as well as 7 Sky and Santa Barbara clubs.


Sochi is one of the hottest tourist spots in Russia and it attracts numerous visitors every year. However, Sochi is also the birthplace of many gorgeous Russian women you can meet on your vacation. After checking out the local beaches and tourist facilities, make sure to visit the Cocos and Sky night clubs, or Gosti and Suluguni restaurants to experience local hospitality.

Where to Meet Russian Women Online?

When you live thousands of miles away from beautiful Russian women, meeting them on your usual dating apps and sites can be tricky. The good news is that there are dozens of international dating sites where you can meet Russian women for a serious relationship. Those sites are reliable, easy to use, and cost-effective, but most importantly, they introduce you to thousands of sexy Russian girls who cannot wait to meet their foreign match.

How to Date a Russian Girl: 7 Tips

Dating a Russian woman will give you lots of unforgettable emotions and will potentially lead to a happy marriage. However, while you are guaranteed to enjoy your time with a Russian girl, you also need to put some effort into the romance. These 7 tips will help you give a perfect start to the relationship.

  • Get as creative as possible. When dating a Russian girl, don’t rely on standard pickup techniques or the usual compliments. Russian women love when a man shows off his creativity and is constantly looking for new ways to surprise their partner.
  • The first few dates count the most. Once you get to know each other better, you can let go a little and relax, but during the first 3-5 dates, you need to be your best self. This includes both your appearance and your personality traits.
  • Paying for the date is the man’s prerogative. Don’t even bring up the issue of paying for the date with a Russian girl. Russian women expect the man to cover the check without asking any question, so you shouldn’t break this tradition either.
  • Show kindness to everyone. Naturally, you are going to be kind and attentive to your Russian date. However, she will also note your behavior with everyone else. Being rude to the waiter or dismissive towards the woman’s friends won’t get you too far.
  • Get familiar with her culture and language. An easy way to melt the heart of a Russian woman is to demonstrate your effort in learning her language and culture. Russian ladies are proud of their cultural heritage and they love sharing it with their partners.
  • Surprise her with a gift from your country. When you plan to meet your Russian woman for the first time, a great idea to surprise her is to bring something that is significant to your own country and culture, such as a bottle of wine or a fashion accessory.
  • Make sure your view of the future is the same. Both you and your Russian lady probably aim for a long-term relationship, which is why it’s important to know that you and she are on the same page when it comes to family, children, budget, career, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well do Russian women know English?

One of the most common misconceptions about Russian girls is that they know little to no English, which leads to problems in communication with foreigners. In reality, the education of Russian women involves learning English, often starting from the first grade. They may have a Russian accent when speaking English, but they have no issue with understanding Western men.

How many kids does a typical Russian woman want?

There were times when three and more children were considered the norm in Russia. Lately, however, Russia is shifting towards smaller families. This is dictated both by practical reasons and the desire of Russian women to give as much attention to their children as possible. The most likely scenario is that your Russian wife will want two kids at most.

Is it common for Russian wives to work?

As Russian women are becoming more independent and emancipated, they can see themselves working full-time along with being a diligent wife and mother. Still, there are plenty of Russian ladies who will be very happy to quit work completely and attend to the family 24 hours a day, as long as you can afford it.

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