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Romania may not be the first country you consider when you want to meet and date women from Europe, but that’s only because there are fewer Romanian girls to meet than there are Russian or Ukrainian women. However, there are many reasons why you should pay extra attention to Romanian ladies, and here is a detailed guide to Romanian women.

What Are Romanian Women Like?

If you’ve lived all your life on a different continent and never even heard about Romanian girls until recently, you may be wondering: what do these women have that others don’t? The popularity of Romanian ladies is steadily growing, and here are a few reasons for itю

They are good-looking

Romanian women are probably the best example of Eastern European beauty you can find. Most Romanian girls have a hair color in various shades of blond, while their skin has a golden tint due to the sunny climate in the country. When meeting a Romanian girl for the first time, you can’t help but notice her femininity, which is expressed in multiple ways: in the stunning curves, wonderful love, and gracious moves of Romanian women.

They don’t just rely on their beauty

If you think that Romanian ladies have nothing to offer to men besides their fantastic looks, you are making a huge mistake. Romanian women also have fascinating personalities that will take you years to fully discover. Women in Romania have a good education, but their natural intelligence and curiosity is not limited by their degree. They also love to read, learn, and discuss every possible topic with their partner.

They have traditional views

No matter what you are used to when dating in your own country, a relationship with a Romanian girl will be far more traditional than you imagine. Women in Romania are not interested in switching from partner to partner or simply having fun throughout their twenties and thirties. They have marriage and children on their mind and they don’t attempt to hide it, so you can easily make the relationship progress the way you want.

They won’t be too demanding

A relationship with a Romanian woman is comfortable and satisfying even at its earliest stages. Romanian girls don’t make you work too hard to win their affection. You can be your natural self and expect your Romanian woman to love you for who you are, not what you bring to the table. A Romanian lady is not someone who will constantly demand gifts and a special treatment; she will simply enjoy her time with you no matter where you go.

They are ready for a lifelong commitment

If you have serious intentions and are looking for something more than just a girlfriend, a Romanian woman is your safest bet. These women are typically ready to settle down earlier than Western women and they know that when they say their wedding vows, they are meant to last for a lifetime. A Romanian woman as your life partner will never betray you or break your trust.

Do Romanian Women Make Good Wives?

If you are looking for a Romanian lady you can not only date, but also eventually marry, you are probably wondering whether it’s a smart choice to marry a Romanian woman. All of your doubts will disappear once you experience the best features of Romanian wives. They are deeply caring and loyal individuals who will do anything for the sake of their families.

Romanian wives will easily upend their lives and move abroad to live with their husbands. In a Romanian wife, you will find not just a faithful and loving companion, but also a nurturing mother for your children. Romanian women take marriage very seriously and if they decide to commit to one man until the end of times, you can expect them to never break their promise.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

When it comes to choosing a potential partner, Romanian girls typically listen to their heart instead of being pragmatic about it. However, there are several male qualities that are essential for Romanian women. For example, they will never go for a man who doesn’t treat women with respect, doesn’t have a steady job or source of income, and is not ready to settle down. If you’re wondering whether Romanian girls have a problem with an age gap, we can assure you that they not only don’t mind it, but in fact welcome it. They believe that the older the man is, the more likely is he to have all those desired qualities, although the age difference probably shouldn’t be more than 15 years.

Where to Meet Romanian Women in Romania?

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Romania is often referred to as the undiscovered gem of Eastern Europe. It has enough attractions to impress even a seasoned tourist, but most importantly, it has thousands of gorgeous Romanian girls for you to meet. Here are the top places to check out in Romania if you want to meet Romanian women.


Bucharest is the capital of Romania, which means it’s a go-to place for Western men who want to date Romanian women. Try the streets and malls of Bucharest first, and if you want more, pay a visit to the Face Club Bucharest and Silver Church as the two most popular night clubs in the city. The Caru Cu Bere, Social 1 and Salon Golescu are famous restaurants with a big female audience.


Cluj-Napoca is virtually unknown among foreigners and tourists, so all the women you meet there are 100% locals. You can have the time of your life in Cluj-Napoca thanks to its historical vibe and its huge population of female students. To increase your chances of success, check out the Ciao New York, Boema House, and Baracca restaurants or the After Eight and Revolution Club to experience the famous Cluj-Napoca nightlife.


Timișoara is a small Romanian city, but it has a lot to offer to a tourist, including its beautiful architecture and hospitable locals who will give you a very warm welcome when they find out you’re a foreigner. Try La Renaissance and Restaurant Sabres for an authentic Romanian food experience paired with meeting charming Romanian girls, or Fratelli and Epic Vara if you’re in the mood for more casual entertainment.

Where to Meet Romanian Women Online?

Only a decade ago, you had the biggest chance of meeting a Romanian girl if you went straight to Romania and did your search there. However, if your only goal of traveling to Romania is to find a woman to date, your trip can get very expensive and not very effective. If you are searching for the smartest way to meet Romanian girls, you should definitely try online dating.

International dating sites are designed to make it easier for Western men to meet beautiful Romanian girls without leaving their home. You can talk to as many women as you want, and gradually narrow down the selection until there is only one special woman left. And who knows where the relationship can go from there — you can even find yourself being happily married to a Romanian lady sooner than you think!

How to Date a Romanian Girl: 7 Tips

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Now that you know where to meet your ideal Romanian woman, you probably want to know whether dating a Romanian girl is more difficult than building a successful relationship with a woman from your own country. The good news is that it’s not, but these 7 tips will help you build a foolproof strategy for dating Romanian women.

  • Always make the first move. Romanian girls can be very confident and proactive in many regards, but they are conditioned to believe that the man should reach out to the woman first. So when you notice an attractive Romanian woman, you should just go for it instead of waiting for her to make the move.
  • The first few dates matter the most. After you and your Romanian girl know each other better, your dates can get more casual — for example, you can meet at home to watch a movie. However, the first few dates should be classic restaurant or coffee shop dates where you can get the best first impression of each other.
  • Don’t get too physical too early on. Romanian women are rather progressive and can even surprise you with their appetite and skills, but they also like to wait before getting physical with their partner. Don’t be too pushy or suggestive and your Romanian woman will reward you with the most sensual experience when it’s time.
  • Brush up on your knowledge of Romania. Romania can be a rather obscure country to foreigners, but it definitely deserves your attention and can be fascinating to study. Plus, your Romanian lady will definitely be impressed if you use your knowledge of Romanian culture and language while talking to her.
  • Avoid any hurtful stereotypes. As a foreigner, it can be easy to buy into several unfair stereotypes about Romania, such as the low quality of education in the country or the fact that all Romanians are actually gypsies. Not only do these stereotypes have nothing to do with reality, but they can also be very hurtful for your woman.
  • Make your intentions clear. Many Romanian women don’t have a problem with a quick fling and can sometimes prefer it to long-term relationships, but most Romanian girls you meet online or in person want marriage above everything else. That is why you should always discuss what’s on your mind in terms of romance.
  • Assume the relationship is exclusive from the start. When you are dating Western women, you may need to have a discussion about exclusivity when the relationship gets serious. Romanian women, however, are completely monogamous and can only be seriously involved with one person at a time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a language barrier with Romanian women?

In the Western world, Romanian girls are often imagined as undereducated and with a poor grasp of English. This could not be farther from the truth. Romanian girls receive a good education and learn English from a young age. They can effortlessly communicate with foreigners, but when your relationship progresses, you can also learn a bit of Romanian.

Will I need to charm the parents of my Romanian girlfriend?

Absolutely! Romanian women are very close to their parents and many of them don’t even move out of the family home until they find a man to marry. Your Romanian girlfriend won’t insist on meeting her parents too hard, but you should know that it will happen sooner or later and you will need to do your best to get them to like you.

Are Romanian women interested in the man’s financial situation?

Like any woman in the world, a Romanian lady wants the man to be able to provide for her and their future children, especially when the woman cannot work temporarily after having kids. However, the man’s financial status is far from the only deciding factor for Romanian girls, as they value other qualities, such as loyalty and honesty, much more.

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