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Albania, a country with sunny beaches and warm mountain sunsets, is not crowded with foreign tourists. However, its calmness and unhurried course of life make this country even more attractive to visit. 

In addition, there is a unique opportunity to combine a journey through a picturesque country with a search for a stunning beauty – an amazing local lady. Your trip won’t be too expensive, but the prize from the Balkans – your future Albanian wife – will be precious. Why are these women so attractive?

What Are Albanian Women Like?

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Fabulous beauties, Albanian women, are perfect not only outside but also inside. Their amiability, good nature and kindness correlate with gorgeous looks and impeccable taste. 

Pleasant look

Albanian women have pleasant facial features and slim figures. Spending much time in the open air, the warm sunny nature of their native country makes their bodies ideally shaped and tanned. Albanian girls are adhered to a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy meals and going in for sports. Thus they always look fresh, relaxed and well-groomed. 

These Balkan beauties, Albanian girls are real queens as their regular facial features and even skin color are always perfect and together with plump cheeks, bright lips and dark eyes make their total look immaculate. 

Good taste

Flawless sense of taste makes every woman self-assured and understanding her dignity. Albanian women are a good example of this. Their country doesn’t belong to states with a rich economy. 

But Albanian girls always wear attractive and beautiful outfits without spending a fortune on them looking not only stylish and up-to-date, but also tidy and neat. They are able to combine accessories looking like a precious picture in the gorgeous frame. 

Kind and amiable nature

Being very tender and emotional, Albanian women always are patient. They seldom demonstrate bad moods or react negatively. Most of the time Albanian women are very kind, smiling, trusting and are very welcoming to other people. Being always ready to help, communicating with them is very pleasant, and leaves only nice impressions. 

Intelligent and highly educated 

Albanian women are smart and well-educated. Remember, that they are a part of European traditions and are very close to its system of education. They have many opportunities to get a high level of knowledge in their native country as well as abroad. 

Frequently Albanian ladies speak more than one foreign language and are able to work in many countries abroad when relocating.   

Do Albanian Women Make Good Wives? 

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Local girls have many virtues, which make them excellent partners, and wives. If you want to understand what your family life will be like with your girl-friend, look at her parent’s relations. Happy family life, love and respect is very typical of Albanian kinships. 

Thus, Albanian girls have a positive example and are quite ready to render the same attitude to their partners.  

  • They are understanding and loyal. Albanian women are caring and tender. They understand their close people without words. They provide secure support and give good advice revealing all their wisdom in any life circumstances.
  • Easy staying in a good shape, young and loving through the years. Well-groomed women seem to care for themselves in no time. They do not spend long hours exercising, however, they are naturally slim and physically fit. Hot Albanian girls stay devoted and passionate lovers till their old ages.      

They have many traits, inherited from Turkish predecessors, like olive skin, dark hair and eyes, making these adorable Albanian women bright magnificent beauties without effort. 

  • Devoted moms. Apart from being tender lovers, Albanian wives are kind and caring mothers. Usually they tend to have big families and are able to give their energy and attention to all aspects of the life of their children.
  • Independent and hard working. Usually the wives in Albanian families work after marriage. This helps them to be independent of their husband’s income, be  demanded professionally and additionally self-assured.        

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

The attraction of foreign men in the eyes of Albanian women in comparison with the local ones, lies in their westernized values of grooms from other countries.

Albanian men belong mainly to the Muslim religion and are committed to its traditional believes. Local men put women on the lower step of the social ladder, although these ladies may achieve professional success and are as educated as men. 

  • Thus, Albanian ladies are attracted by the respectful and loving attitude of gentlemen not only to their appearance, but also to their personality. 
  • Albanian girls are looking forward to sincere and serious relationships. They won’t waste their time on a light affair. 
  • Financial capacity of men is also important for an Albanian woman. They are able to earn the money themselves but prefer men to be breadwinners, as their traditional family values state.    

Where to Meet Albanian Women in Albania?

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Albanian women are directed at marriage and reliable family relations, they are eager to meet foreign grooms. The places to meet these women are numerous, treating guests from other countries with high hospitablility. 

There are many easy ways of getting acquainted with local women in Albania. These girls eagerly help guests to find necessary places or answer their questions about whereabouts, as they are amiable and warm-hearted. 

Don’t waste time if you sympathize with a woman. Ask her for a meeting soon. Take advantage of the opportunity to visit the most famous places, like Theth National Park, Albanian Riviera, Llogara Pass together. 


Tirana is the biggest city in the country. This is the capital of Albania, with a population of more than 350.000 people. It is also the center of governmental, commercial and economic life of the state. 

Here you can meet not only relaxed women on rest, but also serious professionals, female managers or girls from various offices. However, they also have free time and weekends. The best places to meet them during their leisure are various nightclubs and coffee bars: Discobox, Folie Terrace, Lollipop Club. 

Durres and Vlore

Two more big cities in Albania are Durres and Vlore. Both of them are situated on the seaside and are great recreational centers in this sunny country. These are the best cities for rest, relaxation and enjoyment with your hot Albanian woman. You may have fun in the warm waves of the local seas in the daytime and visit plenty of clubs and restaurants at night.

The difference between these two cities are in the size and seas they are located at. Durres on the Adriatic Sea is a bigger municipality. Its main places for rest are Illyrian Garden, Marquess Bar, Cinco Cavalli Summer Club. 

Vlore is a smaller town located on the Ionian Sea coast. You may visit Coco Bongo Beach Club, Irish Time Pub, 4 Elements Nightclub Vlore with your Albanian woman.    

Where to Meet Albanian Women Online? 

If you are not planning to visit the adorable and sunny country of Albania, you are going to lose many positive impressions. However, take advantage of the Internet, dating an Albanian girl online. 

Dating websites, internet matchmaking services and applications have multiple advantages as compared with real travel and allow impressing your beautiful Albanian women being thousands of miles far from them. 

There are two crustal things to do prior to starting online relations: 

  1. select a reliable matchmaking service you may rely on and trust; 
  2. create your attractive and frank profile. 

There are many websites containing verified information about Albanian brides. They offer easy and convenient contact with girls, interested in creating a family with a foreigner and new relations.  

How to Date an Albanian Girl: 5 Tips

  1. Dating an Albanian woman, try to demonstrate your serious intentions and your financial reliability from the first moments. Albanian ladies worry about their reputation and seldom meet for sex without further promises for marriage. 

If you plan to create a family with an Albanian girl, discuss your career development, job promotion or income prospects with your beloved. Thus, she will feel safe in your material capability.

  1. Always be in contact with your Albanian girl. Local females are very sensitive creatures. Demonstrating your affection, attention and love are the best things to win their hearts. 
  2. Albanian culture is very special, being a part of Muslim civilization on the European continent. Thus, show your respect and interest to the customary peculiarities of Albanian country. Learn some local traditions, words in Albanian language, historical facts to be closer to your Albanian lady.            
  3. Respect the independence of Albanian women. Frequently, they strive to work even having a family and kids. Discuss this moment before your serious relations get too far, if you have objections to it.     
  4. Local cuisine is something very special and delicious, and Albanian women cook skillfully. Always praise your Albanian girls for her efforts, the more so that you will never regret your meals in the future. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are There Any Language Barriers with Your Albanian Women?

The state language in this bright sunny country is Albanian. In case your beloved speaks only her native language, there are many opportunities for communication with the help of online translating programs or interpreters. However, this may be necessary only for the first several dates.       

Usually, there are no obstacles for your flawless relations, as Albanian women are rather educated. Even if a lady does not speak any foreign language by the time you’ve met, she is sure to learn much of your language by your next encounter.

The women, who live and work in Tirana, speak at least one foreign language. There are many diplomatic establishments and representative offices of foreign countries, where many of them work. Gorgeous and hot Albanian girls living in the coastal cities are also bilingual or at least understand English. 

Is it Customary to Marry a Foreigner for an Albanian Woman?

There is no restriction for local girls to have grooms from abroad. This country is secular, however more than a half of its population practice Islam.

It is true that some Albanian women are eager to marry a man of the same religion. Meanwhile, a different belief is not a problem for most single women in this beautiful country.

What are the Stereotypes of Albanian Women?

Albanian women are wealth seekers

It is not true. Many women who look for foreign husbands, usually are seeking for soulmates rather than for money. Albanian women earn their living by themselves, and often support their elderly parents with their resources.    

An Albanian woman is an easy prey for a foreign singler 

Nope, a bachelor willing to get an adorable Albanian wife, should definitely put significant efforts into that. Although Albania is a rather poor country compared with other western countries, not many local ladies want to relocate to a country that is more prosperous.

This Balcan state with soft and sunny beaches of warm seas is very picturesque and has lovely sights. It is difficult to part with this nice land and move to another country. Besides, Albanian women have very strong family ties, making it difficult to separate for a long time.

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