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💍 Average Age of Marriage 30 Y/O
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Situating in the territory of western Europe, the Kingdom of Belgium embraces the best qualities of Western culture, its diversity, tolerance, and excellent level of education. In addition, the Belgians are family-oriented people who value the comfort and warmth of their homes.

Belgian women ensure reliability; demonstrate love to their dear, and feature delicate and attractive looks. These qualities make Belgian wives and brides desirable for their counterpart grooms and other nations.

Think about a Belgian girl if you wish to tie the knot internationally. Reveal the attractiveness of these gorgeous females and complete your sworn statement for your happy matrimonial relations.

Why are Belgian Women So Popular?

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General impressions on Belgian females often coincide with traditional points of view to all Belgian people: they value independence, are reserved, and are well-mannered. These qualities supplemented with a lovely look and amiability attract more and more glances towards Belgian women and girls for international bachelors.

They are pretty

Belgian girls look gorgeous despite the feminists’ activities and total engagement in work. They value natural beauty and are skilled in highlighting it using a little makeup. Refereeing a casual style in their outfit, Belgian women are not afraid of looking extravagant, adding modern and fashionable accents to their images. 

They are independent

Independent Belgian girls strive for knowledge and education, which lead them further in their career building. They manage perfectly family duties and professional development. Feminists’ movements achieved this effect while struggling for equal rights for women and men.

They are tolerant

Language diversity and tolerance to newcomers make Belgium a multilingual and multicultural country. Mixed families frequently occur here, adding Caucasian traits to the nordic look of Belgian women. Everyone can express himself in this amiable country.   

Do Belgian Women Make Good Wives?

Belgian women do not rush to get married and give birth to their children. However, families play a unique role in their lives.

Young people prefer to start their careers and achieve social stability first. The average age for tying the knot among Belgian couples is slightly over their 30th. It may seem unusual, but frequently Belgian girls and men continue living with their parents. 

Thus, relatives are a significant part of life. Their relations are very close. You may expect to visit your in-laws almost every weekend for long dinners, call grandparents, and pay attention to them.

Belgian girls are brought up with great respect to their families, taking care of their spouses and kids. Belgian wives manage to cope with their functions, perfectly combining their social and professional roles. 

Where to Meet Belgian Women in Belgium?

Sometimes single men face difficulties starting to mingle with unfamiliar women. However, various locals and ex-pats seeking new relations are open in Belgium. 

Big cities in Belgium 

Antwerp, Ghent, Charleroi are big cities of Belgium, offering excellent opportunities to find your love among single Belgian women. Different communities, exciting places, sports clubs are perfect for meeting. Communicating through friend’s gatherings and in companies is welcomed.  


However, the capital of Belgium, Brussels, is much more inhabited among other country municipalities with more than one mil. people population. Thus, the chances of meeting a single Belgian woman here multiply. 

Belgian women, who are usually occupied in their jobs during working days, frequently spend their free time on weekends in cafes and bars. Drop to Time Out Pub or Le Chou de Bruxelles Restaurant for dining or coffee in the evening, and enjoy a lounge atmosphere. Alternatively, Sunset Club or Madame Moustache clubs offer hilarious all-night partying to meet a Belgian woman sharing your interests. 

Where to Meet Belgian Women Online?

Opting for online dating Belgian girls, you will get many advantages. An up-to-date method to meet and get in love internationally is quick and comfortable. Many Belgian girls prefer this kind of mingling to learn more about a man.

Online variants are numerous in Belgium. The easiest ways are social media, messengers, and mobile applications; otherwise, special matchmaking, mail order services, dating portals exist for those who prefer a sophisticated approach. As a rule, they list checked profiles of Belgian beauties and comprise free and paid services. You may choose the necessary functionality providing you with the best result. 

Tips to Woo a Belgian Girl Successfully 

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Keep in mind some dating peculiarities to woo your Belgian girl successfully. We’ll describe step-by-step instructions on how to conquer her heart.

  1. Good organization and punctuality

Arrive on time; remember that being late demonstrates great disrespect for your Belgian woman. In addition, you should plan the details of dating and keep track of it. If you fail to do this, your Belgian lady will treat the event as unimportant or futile.

  1. Neatness

While organizing the rendezvous, do not forget about the aesthetic part. Dating a Belgian woman, your shabby outlook or untidy house will hardly impress a girl. Take the time to iron your shirt, clean your nails, and pick up the scattered items, once you’ve decided to invite a  Belgian lady to your house for dinner.

  1. Manners and dining etiquette

Strictly observe the rules of conduct at the table during meals. The portions you order for your meals should correspond to your appetite, as finishing your food is mandatory.  

  1. When you are a couple

Usually, local females are reserved and formal with newcomers. However, once you’ve dated twice or three times, be ready that you will be introduced to all relatives and friends and become a couple.

  1. Gestures and touches

Being reserved, as a rule, Belgian people demonstrate openness by their kisses on the cheek, embraces, and friendly touches. Do not be misled by body language and gestures. It is not always mean that a Belgian woman considers you close to her.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What to expect when going out with your Belgian girl?

  • Belgian girls and men do not drink Heineken or Budweiser while preferring beer among all locally produced beverages. Local people never use branded glasses by a definite beer trademark for other products.
  • They do not serve water in the restaurant free, even if you order a glass of tap water. You will pay anyway.
  • Belgian waiters will not hand over a check before you leave or the restaurant is about to close.

Are gender roles traditional in Belgian families?

Actually, yes. However, Belgian women are integrated dramatically into the social and economic life of the county. They care about the kids and houses while staying realized in their professions. At the same time, they are the hearth keepers of their homes and families.

How do Belgian women communicate?

With your Belgian woman, you have won a prize. Almost all of them speak several foreign languages, as there are three state languages in their country: Dutch, French, and German. You may also expect them to speak English, the language for international communication in many transnational corporations situated in Belgium.     

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