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You may know Spain as a country with gorgeous architecture, fascinating history, or fun lifestyle and traditions. One more thing to know about Spain is that it’s home to some of the most attractive, open-minded, and loyal women in Europe. And the best news is that dating a Spanish woman or even marrying her is now more real than ever. Here is everything you should know about Spanish ladies.

What Are Spanish Women Like?

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Books and movies do a pretty good job of portraying Spanish women as passionate and lovable creatures, but there are many more things you need to know about them before you can successfully begin a relationship with a Spanish girl. Here are a few facts that make men choose Spanish singles.

Their look is stunning

Beauty is obviously not the only desirable quality of a potential partner, but it’s still very important. It’s safe to say that Spanish women are some of the prettiest girls in Europe and their appearance is striking from the first sight. Women in Spain have an olive skin tone, wavy black hair, and dark, captivating eyes that will be preserved in your memory forever. Spanish girls are rather tall and they are famously quite curvy. Moreover, the combination of genetics, physical activity, and healthy diet allows them to keep their bodies looking the same for decades.

They are confident and ambitious

When you first meet Spanish singles, you can’t help but be surprised by how confident these women are. They have no problem even with the most challenging tasks and they rightfully feel like they deserve the world. However, they don’t just sit around waiting for good things to happen to them. Spanish women are also very ambitious. They have a proactive nature and they are always on the move, working to improve their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

They are very romantic

Romance is an essential part of a Spanish girl’s life. Even when she’s not dating anyone, she loves imagining different scenarios and preparing herself for meeting the love of her life. When you are dating a Spanish woman, you can clearly tell that these girls truly care about their partners. It’s visible both in the small things like getting you a small gift without any special occasion, and in big things, such as moving across the world just to be with the man they love.

They can’t wait to settle down

Spanish women have fascinating lives. They try to get the most from life and they never seem to stay in one place for too long. Spanish girls work, study, go out with friends, travel, enjoy new things, and meet new people as often as they can. However, deep down, a Spanish woman waits for her ideal partner so that she can settle down with him. Spanish girls consider family to be one of their biggest goals in life, so once they get it, they feel like they are on top of the world. A Spanish lady will be forever grateful to a man who helps her make her dreams come true.

Do Spanish Women Make Good Wives?

The popularity of Spanish women wouldn’t have gotten as big as it is right now if these women were only suitable for dating. The truth is that Spanish ladies make equally great wives, and there are several reasons why you should consider marrying a Spanish girl. Most importantly, Spanish women are deeply caring and will never rest until their partner is happy and satisfied.

Spanish wives are also amazing as mothers. At first, they give their all to motherhood, but as the baby grows up, a Spanish wife will go back to being her usual passionate and fun-loving self. One more reason to marry a Spanish lady is that these women always have the perfect activity for the whole family and can make every day more fun than the previous one.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

For Spanish women, it’s very important to feel a genuine connection with a man. As long as there is love and trust, a Spanish lady can overlook certain imperfections. For example, your financial status does not matter as much as your sense of humor, flexibility, and openness to new things and experiences.

However, there is one quality that is a real dealbreaker for Spanish women, and it’s honesty. They simply cannot be in a relationship where the other party is not honest with them. You need to be able to honestly talk about the issues in your relationship. Spanish women can tolerate a lot, but the one thing they cannot tolerate is keeping secrets.

Where to Meet Spanish Women in Spain?

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Spain is one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe, especially for single men, and it’s not surprising. As a single male tourist, you get to not only experience the Spanish charm and hospitality, but also meet some of the prettiest and hottest women in Europe. Here are the top places to check out on your next visit to Spain.


As the capital of Spain, Madrid has the highest concentration of attractive young women who are interested in meeting foreign men. These women will surround you with attention wherever you go, especially if you’re visually different from Spanish guys. For a more successful experience, head to the La Mi Venta, Cerveceria, and La Bola restaurants or the Planet Club, Goya Club, and Moondance night clubs.


Barcelona is a beautiful city with its own culture and spirit. It is arguably even more popular among foreigners than Madrid, so you can expect the girls here to have a good grasp of English and a genuine love for foreign guys. After you’re done strolling through the streets of Barcelona, try the Disfrutar, Viana Barcelona, and Moments restaurants. If you’re in the mood for some nighttime fun, check out the Sutton Club, Moog, and Jamboree night clubs.


Valencia is a Spanish city of breathtaking beauty, but it’s also an important centre of business and education. You can meet a lot of ambitious, highly educated Spanish singles in Valencia who know exactly what they want in life. For the highest probability of meeting them, visit the Alazar, Navarro, and Goya Gallery restaurants. As for the night life, we highly recommend going to the Mya Club, Play Club, and Akuarela Playa night clubs.

Where to Meet Spanish Women Online?

Spanish women are as comfortable with the internet as any other modern women and one of the most popular ways for them to use it is to search for potential partners online. And while Spanish singles are perfectly familiar with Tinder and common dating apps, they will not use them if they want to meet a man from another country.

What they’ll use is an international dating site, and that’s what you should use too if you want to find yourself a Spanish lady to date. Those sites provide the easiest and fastest way to meet Spanish singles. And what’s even better is that you get to see only women who are open to dating a foreigner and won’t need to waste your time on everyone else.

How to Date a Spanish Girl: 7 Tips

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If dating a Spanish woman is the next item on your bucket list but you don’t know enough Spanish dating culture to feel like a natural in this relationship, here are a few tips to help you make the best impression on your Spanish lady.

  • Don’t hesitate to make the first move. You may rightfully think that Spanish girls have enough confidence to approach men first, but they actually have old-fashioned values in this regard and want to be wooed by guys. A Spanish lady can sense your hesitation, and it will not affect your relationship in a positive way.
  • Have as much fun as possible on dates. For Spanish people, dates are not serious at all, so there is no need to just sit in front of each other and talk only about serious topics. You should learn how to unwind and simply have fun with a woman you like, and she can actually teach you to do that.
  • Show off your romantic nature. A Spanish woman can never stay in a relationship that is devoid of romance. Even if you are not normally a very romantic person, you need to think of the ways you can make the relationship more special for your Spanish lady. Start with nice compliments and thoughtful gifts.
  • Don’t expect your date to be right on time. Spanish girls share a lot of features with other European women, but the one common European trait they lack is punctuality. They do their best to be on time for every date, but they also want to look their best for you, and achieving perfection always takes time.
  • Find out what makes her happy. Spanish women are not created equal. For some women, the idea of a perfect date is a night out in a club, for others, it’s a dinner at a fancy restaurant with nice music and expensive wine, and some women will be happy to just spend the evening with you at home watching Netflix.
  • Put some effort into your look. If you look at an average Spanish man, you will see that he’s always fit, has nice hair, and is dressed in trendy, flattering, well-fitted clothes. For Spanish guys, it’s not a big deal, while everyone else will probably need to invest a bit more effort to compete with them in the visual department.
  • Maintain your communication 7 days a week. Going on dates every day is not only unreasonable, but also hardly doable. However, even if you see each other once or twice a week, you should still reach out to each other during the time between your dates. Even a good morning text or a quick video call will keep the spark alive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spanish women capable of being faithful to one man forever?

Spanish women may be passionate for their passionate nature, but the interesting thing about it is that once they become attached to someone, that man becomes their one and only romantic interest. A Spanish woman will direct all her passion and attention to her partner and will never even consider other men romantically.

Do Spanish girls really want to leave Spain forever?

Spanish women are very happy living in their country and they don’t normally want to leave it. The decision to marry a foreign man and move abroad is not practical for Spanish girls. They will only do it for love, not to improve their living conditions. Plus, your Spanish wife will not abandon Spain completely — she will frequently visit her family and friends at home.

Is it typical for Spanish wives to work in marriage?

Spanish women feel much more relaxed about their career than many other Western girls. They enjoy working and having their own source of income, but their priorities change when they meet their future husband. In most cases, Spanish wives continue working after the wedding, but they may take a break from work when they have kids.

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