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Icelandic women are dormant geysers that seem calm and cold on the outside, but at any moment are ready to warm you with a radiant passion. Creative, free, strong, and incredibly beautiful Icelandic chicks excite the imagination with mystery and charming rebelliousness.

What Are Icelandic Women Like?

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Icelanders are probably one of the most mysterious and unsolved nations, which is covered with myths about the Vikings and stereotypes about Scandinavian coldness and aloofness. What are Icelandic women really like?

They have excellent health and chiseled beauty

The cold Scandinavian type of appearance endowed Icelandic women with snow-white skin, blond hair, blue or gray eyes. You can rarely meet red-haired and green-eyed, sometimes there are brunettes, with a characteristic Eskimo eye cut, like Bjork. 

Icelandic women often wear vintage, loose-fitting clothes and like to let their hair down to blow in the wind. The local ladies here have a strong, slender figure and good health. They retain these features until late old age.

They are creative

You can remember Bjork or other popular Icelandic performers – they have originality and uniqueness. Many Icelandic women are creative. Even if they are not artists, musicians, or writers, Icelandic ladies express their original view of the world through clothing, hobbies, or lifestyle.

They are optimists

Icelandic women have an easy and laid-back outlook on life, which is that everything will be fine anyway. They even have a concept – þetta reddast, which means something like “sorry, I’m not paid enough to care about your troubles.” 

Icelanders treat any problem with humor and a fair amount of optimism, which is combined with a typically Scandinavian calm and sober approach.

They are tolerant and understanding

A healthy, honest and positive approach to life allows them to treat other people with understanding. They are alien to condemnation, even if a person has made mistakes in life. Icelandic women simply do not think that this should somehow excite them. Therefore, they do not stigmatize vices and negative character. Surely, they are alien to discrimination on any grounds.

Do Iceland Women Make Good Wives?

Icelandic women become faithful and understanding wives. With them, you can always be yourself, count on their support and understanding. In the face of an Icelandic woman, you will acquire not only an ardent and attentive lover but also a reliable friend who is ready to help and sincerely rejoice at your successes.

Icelandic women make sure that the house is clean and put great effort into it. They love to practice cooking, especially on long winter evenings.

Women in Iceland love children, often giving birth to two or more. They take their children everywhere with them – to exhibitions, restaurants, and picnics. The development of children is given maximum attention.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Icelandic women do not set too high expectations for men. They base the choice on individual preferences. If she likes a man, she begins to live with him. In addition to sexual compatibility, it is important for an Icelandic woman that her boyfriend is balanced, honest, and has adequate views on life. 

Girls in Iceland cannot stand narcissists and do not want to become muses for those who spend too much time indulging in narcissism. Simultaneously, they appreciate in the man the ability to succeed.

The most essential thing for an Icelandic woman is a respectful relationship based on fairness and trust. She will not tolerate the dominant position of one of the partners. Equality is her advantage.

Where to Meet Icelandic Women in Country?

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Icelandic women love to walk and explore the area if the weather permits. We present to your attention the places where beauties willingly spend time in Iceland.

Geysers and thermal springs

This is a local attraction, where not only tourists but also locals spend a lot of time. In cold weather and long winter, such warm, even hot baths are a lifesaver for everyone. People of all ages swim there, chat and get to know each other. By the way, most Icelandic and international couples were created near such thermal springs.

The most famous hot springs in Iceland: Laugardaslaug, Blue Lagoon, Geothermal beach Nautholsvik, Landmannalaugar, Grjótagjá

In cafés and restaurants

In the permanent winter Icelandic weather, warming yourself with hot drinks in cozy cafés and restaurants is a perfect pastime. These places are the second most popular alternative to home gatherings in Iceland. There you can meet girls who can’t sit at home and who crave communication.

The most popular cafés in Reykjavík: Stofan, Mokka Café, Café Loki, Reykjavík Roasters, Cat Café.

In galleries and exhibitions

Girls in Iceland adore exhibitions of painting, photography, sculpture, and modern installation. They are happy to attend such events because there you can not only see gripping works of art but also meet interesting people, drink wine, chat, learn something new. 

Events like these are the perfect places to get to know each other, even if you are only slightly familiar with the arts. There will be a reason to start and continue communication with one of the beauties, passionate about modern painting, or discuss intriguing photos.

Where to Meet Icelandic Women Online?

Icelandic women are ardent followers of scientific and technological progress, and often prefer to meet men online. Thanks to online dating services, this has become much easier. No need to pretend that you are just talking or just want to be friends. 

In the virtual world, people can be frank and immediately make it clear what their intentions are. This greatly simplifies communication, breaks down barriers, and brings people together. The online space insures you against mistakes that may be fraught with misunderstanding in live communication.

How to Date an Icelandic Girl: 5 Tips

How to date an Icelandic girl so that she falls in love? A few tips will surely help you better understand the soul of Icelandic beauty.

Talk openly about your desires

Icelandic girls dislike hints, hidden meanings, and love games. If they want to be with a man, they will tell him directly. They expect the same from men. She does not need flowers and gifts, but a direct conversation about what you want here and now.

Gender equality is the basis of relationships

An Icelandic woman is strong enough to put on and take off her coat, or get out of a car without assistance. She also earns enough to pay for herself in a restaurant or to buy a thing she likes with her own money. So do not try to be a gentleman – she might get it wrong. You can offer to help her if she requires physical strength, like lifting weights. If she refuses, don’t insist.

Find opportunities to spend time together at home

You do not have to constantly go out to restaurants together or explore geysers. Stay together at home: cook pizza, watch a series and enjoy each other. Remember that Icelandic girls prefer to do everything with their partners.

Lead a healthy lifestyle together

Icelandic hotties take care of their health and prefer to see the same men around them. Show that you enjoy taking walks together or making vegetarian salads. A joint healthy lifestyle brings you closer and makes you, according to an Icelandic girl, the ideal father of her children.

Travel together

The ideal date for an Icelandic beauty is the one that took place on a trip. It does not matter if it will be a trip to a neighboring city, country, or overseas. The main thing is to move and explore new facets of our picturesque planet.


Is it true that Icelandic women are too independent for family life?

Women in Iceland are indeed independent, but this does not mean that the opinion of a man means nothing to them. On the contrary, they value the possibility of relationships on an equal footing.

In addition, their independence does not mean that they prefer a career to a family. Freedom for a woman means choosing herself whether to be a housewife or go to work – depending on her desire and abilities.

Is it true that Icelandic women prefer civil marriage and break-off relationships for the smallest reason?

Icelandic couples do often live in a civil marriage. This does not mean that weddings among them are such a rarity. In addition, an Icelandic woman values ​​her family too much to break up because of the smallest conflict. 

Due to their temperament, Icelanders rarely quarrel, and they try to resolve misunderstandings peacefully. If both partners understand that nothing holds them together, then, they just break up calmly.

Is it true that Icelandic women are weird?

Women in Iceland are generally the same as everyone else. Due to the Scandinavian mentality, at first glance, they seem a little aloof, but this impression disappears when you start talking. Icelanders are friendly and welcoming. They are quite creative, but this is what gives them a special charm, and is more of an advantage than an oddity.

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