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North Macedonia is an unexplored country, and the birthplace of stunning women – definitely, those whom you would want to protect. They captivate not only with the beauty but also with some inner radiance, purity, and lightness of character.

These are precisely the girls whom you dream of falling asleep and waking up with. Having fallen in love with a Macedonian woman once, you will not have a desire to let her go.

What Are Macedonian Women Like?

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Macedonian women have many qualities that men highly value. Let us look at it in more detail.

Their facial features are regular and peculiar 

Macedonian girls impress with their bright appearance. They are Slavs with pronounced southern traits: plump lips, dark expressive eyes, and brilliant long hair. Macedonian girls usually have a seductive figure that men like: for instance, a large bust and hips, a thin waist, long slender legs.

They are modest and unobtrusive

Macedonian girls combine southern sexuality and Slavic modesty. They do not flaunt their dignity; they dress simply, but with taste. In their behavior, there is more restraint than frankness. At the same time, Macedonian girls know how to attract attention and win over.

They are friendly and socially oriented

As elsewhere in the Balkans, in Macedonia women consider it their duty to maintain social ties with friends, neighbors, relatives, and colleagues. Moreover, they are not averse to making new acquaintances. The friendliness and benevolence of Macedonian women endear them to strangers; often women themselves are the first to start a conversation.

They are well-mannered

Macedonian women are those who know how to behave with dignity. They carry themselves proudly, confidently, and calmly, without losing face even in the most extreme situations. They are friendly with people, but know and feel what personal boundaries are – their own and others. Macedonian ladies are polite and can keep up the conversation beautifully.

They do not gossip

Even though Macedonian women spend quite a lot of time talking to other people on all sorts of topics, gossips are alien to them. They will not judge and spread rumors, as well as humiliate people to assert themselves. A sense of dignity will not allow them to do this.

Do Macedonian Women Make Good Wives?

Macedonian culture is very family-oriented. Women, as a rule, take the issue of marriage and their role as a wife seriously. They can work, but the main responsibility is considered the care of the house and children, as they grow up in a rather patriarchal society.

Macedonian women are wonderful housewives because since childhood they have learned all the tricks of life: cleaning, washing, cooking. They do everything quickly and carefully. 

Most often they are modest and unpretentious wives. They rarely express claims and dissatisfaction with their husbands. Macedonian women believe that a man needs to feel comfortable at home, after a hard-working day.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

International marriages are not uncommon for Macedonian women. They may seek their fortune abroad for various reasons, but the most important is the opportunity to break out of the cycle of poverty and patriarchal gender stereotypes.

You have many chances to win the heart of a Macedonian girl if you can provide her with equality in relationships and all the conditions for her self-realization in the career. 

In addition, Macedonian girls appreciate kind, attentive, and caring men who can protect them physically and morally from the cruelty of the modern world.

Where to meet Macedonian Women in the Country?

Young girls in Macedonia love to spend time in noisy places, meeting people and making new friends. Catch the most popular locations where Macedonian beauties usually hang out.

In cafés and restaurants

As in many Balkan countries, Macedonian women love coffee. To drink it, they gather in a café, and there, any day and at any time of the day, the incredible number of beautiful girls can impress you. The good news is that almost all of them make contact easily.

The most popular cafés in Skopje: Slatkarnica Ohrid, Café Bar Vinyl, Home Brews, The Gallery Café, Espresso Bar La Strega

In nightclubs

You can also meet young Macedonian hotties in nightclubs. Many girls are seeking love in clubs not for the night, but for life. The relaxed atmosphere and dancing cheer up and set in a romantic mood. It remains to choose a good nightclub.

The most popular nightclubs in Skopje: Iridium77, Night Club Saloon, Club Epicentar.

In parks and lakeside

The pictorality of Macedonia impresses everyone who has visited this country. In addition to the nature, tourists frequently admire the local women who love to spend time in parks, on the shores of lakes, and other cute outdoor locations. They can read a book alone or have fun chatting with friends – in any case, they will not mind the attention of a handsome man. 

Where to Meet Macedonian Women Online?

Not everyone can make acquaintances on the street. Some introverts find it difficult to strike up a conversation with a pretty girl. For such people, online dating is ideal. Special services represent a wide range of options that you can use. For example, to choose a girl that you liked, and to chat with her. 

Then you would understand if you are interested in each other, and if there is a vibe between you. This will allow you to save time, and understand what you want.

How to Date a Macedonian Girl: 4 Tips

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If you are caring and sincere, then your darling will surely be able to give a lot in return. However, each nation has its characteristics. Knowing them, you will become the best for a Macedonian girl much faster.

Take her to a fancy restaurant

Macedonian girl knows how to behave in high society. Another issue is that her financial situation usually does not allow her to go to expensive restaurants. You can correct this situation and pamper her with gourmet dishes and splendid interiors that she will appreciate. 

Admire her country and people

Macedonian women, like all the inhabitants of this country, are deeply patriotic. They treat the history, culture, and nature of their homeland with incredible reverence. If you admire how beautiful it is here and what wonderful people live in Macedonia, you will surely get your girlfriend’s love and affection. There is also an occasion to ask about some moments of history – just avoiding the topic of war, still painful for many Macedonians.

Listen to her, but do not be silent

Macedonian women dislike men who endlessly talk about themselves, which sometimes turns into narcissism. Remember that a conversation between two is not a monologue. Learn to listen and understand her point of view. Nevertheless, do not overreact with listening. Girls from Macedonia are also wary of excessive silence.

Create your romance

You can come on a date with flowers, but you should not be carried away with this and make such gestures often and for no reason. However, you can find romance in things that are non-trivial. For example, take her on a vantage point to enjoy the night city from a bird’s-eye view.


How deeply religious are Macedonians?

Macedonians used to be religious, with obligatory rituals, holidays, and going to church. The dominant religion in Macedonia is Orthodoxy. However, current generations of young Macedonian girls are moving away from religion and traditions. They prefer a more secular, independent lifestyle. Thus young people avoid going to church, dress boldly, and become more mobile and cosmopolitan.

Are there any special taboos in the behavior of a man for a Macedonian woman?

Like women all over the world, Macedonian do not tolerate rudeness, aggression, and below-the-belt jokes. Otherwise, they are quite calm about various topics. There are no special features characteristic of this particular nation. Macedonia is an ordinary European state with a mentality familiar to Westerners.

What compliment would a Macedonian woman be most pleased with?

Macedonian girls especially love it when a man admires her character. If you say that it is easy with her, and you have not met such a positive person, it will be really flattering. Do not overdo it – the Macedonians are still realists and are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

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