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Thousands of men worldwide are fond of Slavic beauty, but not all of them are ready to deal with Slavic character and mentality. Dating a Czech woman is a perfect way out! These girls are an ideal combination of fascinating Slavic appearance and independent European character.

If you want your girlfriend to be both a perfect future wife and a true friend at the same time, a Czech lady is an ideal match for you. Keep reading to get the details on what women of this nationality are like and how to date them.

What Are Czech Women Like?

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They are girlfriends of any men’s dreams as they combine both external and internal beauty. Czech women attract representatives of the opposite sex with their extremely appealing looks. And then keep their boyfriends around due to their nice characters. Here is a more detailed description of a typical Czech lady.

They are Beautiful and Well-groomed

Pretty Czech girls have got a typical Slavic appearance:

  • gorgeous fair hair;
  • appealing fit body;
  • attractive long legs;
  • cute face with dainty features.

Not only do inherent features make Czech women extremely attractive, but also thorough self-care does. Thanks to using different masks, creams, and visiting beauty salons, ladies of this nationality can boast of healthy shiny hair and smooth skin without blemishes or wrinkles.

They are Natural

Beautiful Czech women believe bright make-up, advanced hair-dos, and expressive clothes to be excesses. These are not attributes of their everyday looks. More often, you can see lovely Czech girls wearing basic jeans, T-shirts, jackets, and comfortable footwear like sneakers, boots, or low-heeled shoes. Some hot Czech women prefer casual looks even for parties.

They are Sporty

When Czech women have some free time, they prefer jogging, hiking or riding a bike to watching TV or reading. Such a passion for leading an active lifestyle makes them even more beautiful. You will hardly ever meet overweight Czech girls. All of them are slim and fit.

They are Polite

Not only does appearance make Czech ladies attractive but also manners do. Dating Czech women is a pleasure as they never behave incorrectly. Courtesy is a usual thing for them.

They are Hardworking

This is a national character trait of all people of this nationality. They cannot stand idleness. Czech women usually do their best to succeed in their careers and have several hobbies that bring them pleasure and sometimes even a good additional income.

They are Uninhibited but Hard to Get

Czech women always feel relaxed even in new places and with people they hardly know. And while communicating with such an uninhibited lady a man may think that she is easy to get.

But this is not so! Czech women never hurry when it comes to building a relationship. They may even seem cold as they never kiss on the first date and it takes them rather a lot of time to think whether to start a relationship with a particular person or not.

But do not be afraid of this coldness and do not take it as a bad attitude to you. Take it as a challenge! There is even something exciting and interesting in trying to conquer a cold and unapproachable lady.

But once she becomes your girlfriend you will see a striking change in her behavior. Czech women are very affectionate and passionate with men they love.

Do Czech Women Make Good Wives?

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Ladies of this nationality perfectly combine all the roles expected of wives.

They are Hot Lovers

Like all Slavic girls, Czech ones are good in bed. They like experiments and take into account their husbands’ preferences. Also, as girls of this nationality are sporty, they are rather durable and can give pleasure to their husbands all night long.

They are Thrifty

Czech wives never buy clothes made by expensive brands and costly fur coats or insist on organizing a luxury wedding ceremony if they cannot really afford it. They are against loans and debts. So, your family will always be financially comfortable as wives of this nationality manage the budget very rationally.

They are Excellent Housekeepers

Women of this nationality do not like a mess surrounding them. They try hard to keep perfect order at home.

They are Great Cooks

Czech women are fond of cooking. They buy semi-processed foods very rarely. They cook a variety of food, including baking, making pickles, cooking different meat dishes, and making barbecues.

They are Fond of Pets

Having a dog is the dream of any Czech woman. This is something like a part of the Czech mentality. And women of this nationality are very responsible when it comes to pet keeping. They understand that animals are not toys. Therefore, they spend much time training a dog and taking care of it.

They are Good Mothers

Women of this nationality are very conscious mothers. They give birth to children only when they are really ready for this. And they do their best to bring up children in the right way for them to be happy and successful.

So, if you have always dreamt of a big family with a few kids and a dog, finding a Czech wife is a great idea.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

If you think that you need to be perfect to win the heart of a beautiful Czech girl then you are mistaken. These women are very tolerant of other people’s peculiarities and weaknesses. Age and appearance do not matter much to most of them. Much more important criteria are personal qualities. To marry a lady of this nationality a man should be:

  • Polite, always showing good manners.
  • Responsible.
  • Ready to have kids and willing to participate in their upbringing.

Where to Meet Czech Women in the Czech Republic?

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If you have got interested in girls of this nationality and are eager to meet them in their homeland then go to one of the biggest cities. They are:

  • Prague;
  • Brno;
  • Ostrava.

These cities are homes for thousands of beautiful Czech women. So, you have extremely high chances of meeting your destiny while choosing out of such variety.

Prague: the Capital of the Czech Republic with Plenty of Sightseeings and Gorgeous Women

If you are eager to meet hot Czech girls who like to party, go to one of the popular local nightclubs. There, a relaxed and fun atmosphere is waiting for you. Moreover, this is almost the only chance to see Czech women in dresses and with makeup. Here are some cool places you will definitely like:

  • Cross Club;
  • Duplex;
  • One Club;
  • M1 Lounge Bar & Club;
  • Golden Tree Prague;
  • AAA Exclusive Club;
  • Storm Club;
  • Ace Club;
  • Night Club Velvet;
  • Queens Club.

For more quiet surroundings, visit parks where beautiful Czech girls jog in the morning. Here are some nice places where you can have a walk and see some pretty fit ladies:

  • Chotkovy Gardens;
  • The Lost Garden;
  • Natural Park Kosire-Motol;
  • Park na Scalve;
  • Karlovo Namesti;
  • Natural Park Sarka;
  • Petrin Gardens;
  • Riegrovy Gardens;
  • Vojanovy Gardens.

Brno: the Second Largest City with Numerous Places to Go and the Finest Ladies

There are a lot of places to go and many singles who will be glad to get acquainted with you as well.

The places with the maximum concentration of beautiful girls ready for new acquaintances are popular local nightclubs. The most well-known of them are:

  • Two Faces Music Club;
  • Exit;
  • Alibaba;
  • Night Club Piranha.

If you are not a fan of noisy parties and alcohol, try your luck at local parks where you will see the girls who prefer a healthy lifestyle. The most picturesque places are:

  • Park Luzhanki;
  • Denisovy Gardens;
  • Koliste Park;
  • Park Vankovo Namesti;
  • Park Anthropos;
  • Studanka Park;
  • Brno park;
  • Tyrsuv Garden;
  • Park za Olympii;
  • Hortus Botanicus.

If you want to see hot Czech girls at their best be sure to visit Siluette Strip Bar. Of course, you will not find a lady for a relationship there, but a great evening is guaranteed.

Ostrava: a Town with Rich History and Friendly Girls

This town is a bit smaller than the ones described above, but girls there are even more friendly than in big cities.

To see plenty of single Czech women in one place choose one of the most popular local nightclubs:

  • Sky Music Club;
  • Key-West-Club;
  • Nightclub Hollywood;
  • Sydney Club.

If you are not fond of meeting girls at parties then try to get acquainted with some ladies at local parks: Komenskeho Gardens or Trebovice Park.

Where to Meet Czech Women Online?

A very long journey is the thing that far from everyone can afford. Not all men are ready to leave their jobs or businesses for a long time and go abroad to look for future wives. But, fortunately, modern technologies make it possible to find a destiny without even going out of your home.

But dating sites or apps popular in the USA are not well-known for Czech girls. So, you will not find a lot of them there. But this is not a reason to disappoint and give up!

There are some specialized services that help Czech women to find foreign men for serious relationships. They provide a great choice of hot Czech girls each of whom is ready to consider you as a candidate for her hand. Do not miss your chance to try your luck and become happy with your family life!

How to Date a Czech Girl: 6 Tips

Is dating Czech women difficult? Not really if you know the rules of successful courtship:

  1. Show good manners. This is a basic thing for communicating with Czech women. They hate rude men and do not even give a single chance to them.
  2. Do not hurry. Girls of this nationality are very conscious about building a relationship. Therefore, they do not see any sense in rushing. First, a Czech woman wants to learn more about a man and his personality and only then think of romantic dates and intimacy.
  3. Do not give up if she seems cold to you. If a woman you like does not show reciprocal feelings to you immediately just keep on conquering her. She just needs some time to learn you better and get used to you.
  4. Find common interests. It is very important for Czech ladies to feel something in common with their men. So, learn more about her and find the things you both like.
  5. Care about her feelings. Women of this nationality need to be emotionally close to their men. If she notices that you do not care about her feelings she will decide that you do not love her.
  6. Discuss the details of future married life. Do not be shy to talk about important issues in advance. Not to have misunderstandings in future, discuss where you will live together, how many children and when you want to have, in what way you will manage the family budget, etc.


What Language Do Czech Women Speak?

A mother language is Czech. English is taught at schools and universities as a foreign language. So, if a woman is well-educated, she will be able to make conversation in this language. But still, do not expect a Czech girl to have perfect English. Be ready to use translation services from time to time to overcome some misunderstandings connected to a language barrier.

Are Czech Women Easy to Get?

Girls of this nationality break a stereotype about Slavic women to be easy to get. These ladies are for conscious and gradual relationship building. Therefore, a man needs to try hard to conquer a Czech girl. Get ready to show her feelings to her and court her for at least a few months.

Are Czech Women Golddiggers?

This is surely not about them. Czech women are very independent and often have good careers. Therefore, financial status is not the first thing they pay attention to when choosing a future husband. Therefore, if a lady of this nationality chooses you to be her boyfriend you can be sure that she loves you and your personality, but not your money.

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