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If Norwegian women have caught your attention, it’s completely unsurprising. Norwegian ladies don’t have a problem with finding a suitable partner in their own country, but they are also among the most popular foreign women among Western men. Here is a detailed guide to the appeal of Norwegian girls and how to meet them as a foreigner.

What Are Norwegian Women Like?

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It’s safe to say that if you’ve never met a Norwegian woman before, you should do it as soon as possible, especially if you’re actively looking for a woman that will make you happy. Here are the most amazing things about Norwegian girls.

They look even better than you think

You probably have some kind of idea about the appearance of Norwegian women, but the reality is even better than your imagination. Norwegian girls look like Scandinavian goddesses with pale skin, blonde hair, and beautiful blue or grey eyes. What’s even more important is that they are exceptionally proud of their genetic heritage and will never compromise it with too much makeup or plastic surgery. They flaunt their natural features and it makes them even more appealing.

They are clever and well-read

Norwegian women have a lot of opportunities for getting a good education and they surely don’t let them go to waste. Most of the women in Norway you meet have a university degree, and some even have two. On top of that, these women are fond of reading, learning new things, and getting to know the world around them. A Norwegian lady can effortlessly maintain a conversation on any topic even when she’s meeting someone for the first time.

They are resilient and ambitious

Norwegian women are some of the strongest, most confident and ambitious females you will ever meet. It’s a combined result of their upbringing, the general social climate in Norway that allows women to do whatever they want, and even the challenging climate and landscape of Norway that requires its citizens to be strong to survive. As a result, Norwegian women will instantly impress you with their level of ambitions and their ability to persevere.

They don’t take relationships or marriage lightly

When you look at the marriage statistics in Norway, you can clearly see that marriage is not a top priority for Norwegian women. Most of them don’t get married until their thirties, but it’s not because they don’t want to do it. It’s just because they want to be absolutely sure tha they’ve chosen the right partner. A Norwegian girl will need to date a man for over a year before she can agree to marry him, but on the other hand, those relationships are eventually the strongest ones.

Do Norwegian Women Make Good Wives?

If you enjoy dating a Norwegian woman, you will enjoy marriage to her even more. There aren’t as many Norwegian women who marry foreign men, but it only makes them more appealing. We can name numerous reasons why you should consider marrying a Norwegian lady, but here are the top 3:

  • They contribute to the family budget. With a Norwegian wife, you will never feel like you carry the financial burden on your own. With a few exceptions, Norwegian women work even after getting married and are actually very smart about finances.
  • They don’t doubt their choice of a partner. A Norwegian wife is not someone who will decide that you are not a good match for her after years of marriage. When a Norwegian woman decides to marry someone, it’s only because she is convinced that she can spend a lifetime with him.
  • They can’t wait for motherhood. On average, Norwegian wives have children later than many other foreign women, but it doesn’t change the fact that they make the most caring, fair, and affectionate mothers you’d ever want for your kids.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Norwegian girls are ambitious, have a high self-esteem, and know exactly what they want in life. This is also true for their relationships, let alone marriage prospects. A Norwegian woman will never date a random man just to avoid being alone. These women are in no rush to get married and they need a special kind of man by their side.

Most importantly, a potential partner for a Norwegian woman should be kind and respectful. He needs to be open about his past even if it’s not perfect, and he also needs to actively work for a better future. Norwegian women love men who are not afraid of change and actively facilitate it. Finally, if you want to date Norwegian women, you should view women as equals and show it with your treatment of them.

Where to Meet Norwegian Women in Norway?

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Norway is such a beautiful and unique country that visiting it should definitely be on your to-do list. It’s also a great place for meeting attractive and confident women. If you want to meet Norwegian singles while also experiencing the beauty of Norway, here are the top 3 destinations for you.


Oslo is the capital of Norway and the city where some of the most gorgeous and ambitious women in the country live. You can see a lot of them when simply walking the streets, shopping in the malls, or grabbing a bite at street food joints. To increase your chances of success with Norwegian singles, go to the Den Glade Gris, Lofoten Fiskerestaurant, and Arakataka restaurants or the Blå, Skaugum, and The Villa Oslo night clubs.


Bergen is a relatively small city, but it’s famous among tourists for several things, including its stunning views and its equally stunning women. You are unlikely to meet a lot of Norwegian singles when visiting Bergen’s landmarks as they have already seen them multiple times. This is why the Bryggeloftet & Stuene, Unicorn Fish, and Pingvinen restaurants, as well as the Vaskeriet, Library Bar, and Ostre night clubs are much better options.


Trondheim has a population of just a little over 180,000 people, but it also has a surprisingly high number of universities. Trondheim is the home to some of the most educated and ambitious Norwegian singles. If you don’t meet anyone special when wandering the streets of Trondheim, try the Credo, Taqueros, and Two Rooms And Kitchen restaurants or the Studio 26, Diskoteket, and Bermuda Solsiden night clubs.

Where to Meet Norwegian Women Online?

Norwegian women were among the first ones to get into online dating. Many of them use Tinder and similar apps, but only when they are looking for a potential partner within their own city or country. If you want to meet Norwegian girls who are looking for foreign men, you will need a special kind of dating services.

These services are known as international dating sites. They won’t be very useful when you are looking for a girlfriend or wife locally, but they are the perfect option for meeting women from other countries — in this case, Norway. On those sites, Norwegian singles run their own profiles and actively communicate with Western men, so you will possibly find yourself a Norwegian woman to date even sooner than you hoped.

How to Date a Norwegian Girl: 7 Tips

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There are two things you should know about dating a Norwegian woman. One, it’s going to be one of the best experiences in your life and you will love it even more if your relationship turns into a happy marriage. Two, it requires you to find the right approach and think about each move, especially at the early relationship stages. These 7 tips will help you out.

  • Research Norwegian dating culture. People in Norway and Scandinavian countries as a whole date differently than in other parts of the world. For example, they don’t really like the concept of dates and prefer to simply hang out, have fun, and see how it goes. You need to be prepared for those Norwegian dating peculiarities.
  • Spend time with her friends. When you are just getting to know each other, a Norwegian woman may be uncomfortable going on dates when there’s just the two of you. So if she brings her friends, just go with it and use this opportunity to find out more about Norwegian culture and even your lady.
  • The relationship stages can take a different order. When we say that Norwegian women don’t date like the rest of foreign women, we definitely mean it. For example, Norwegian girls have no problem with intimacy. They can kiss you on the first date and go home with you after the second, but it will take more dates for them to call you a boyfriend.
  • Find as many shared interests as possible. When dating a Norwegian woman, you will probably find that you have a lot of differences in your background and views. However, instead of focusing on them, you should focus on the things you have in common and try to find even more shared interests as you get closer.
  • Discuss your future life together. Once you two start a serious relationship and are not seeing anyone else romantically, it’s time to think about what’s in store for the two of you next. Marriage is the next obvious step, but you and your Norwegian girl need to make sure you are on the same page in terms of the future.
  • Don’t limit her freedom. Norwegian ladies are free spirits. They like making their own decisions and they need a lot of personal space to function successfully and remain happy. Your desire to spend 24/7 with your woman is completely understandable, but it’s also something that can be a big turn-off for a Norwegian woman.
  • Avoid seeming rude or bigoted. One of the most important things to know about Norwegian singles is that they want equality, respect, and a tolerant attitude for everyone, not just themselves. When you display rude or bigoted opinions about anything and anyone in the world, your Norwegian woman will not stand for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Norwegian women want to date and marry foreigners?

Considering how well Norway is doing and how safe and accomplished Norwegian women feel, you can’t help but be surprised to learn that Norwegian women are actually very interested in dating and even marrying Western guys. To them, it’s simply a way to be with their dream man and get more from life by moving to a different country, but they will only do it for true love.

How important is my financial situation to a Norwegian girl?

Not particularly! Norwegian women have their own jobs and incomes and they don’t expect the man to fully support them financially when they get married. However, a Norwegian woman definitely wants to see an ambitious and successful man by her side, and those qualities usually come along with a certain level of financial comfort.

Will I need to learn Norwegian if I want to date Norwegian ladies?

Learning the language of your foreign girlfriend or wife never hurts, but with Norwegian singles, it’s more of an optional thing than a necessity. Norwegian girls are fluent in English and you can effortlessly communicate with them in your native language from the first day. However, learning a few phrases in Norwegian is an easy way to delight your lady.

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