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💍 Average Age of Marriage 28 Y/O
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Serbia may not be the most famous European country in the world, but it has a lot to offer no matter what you are looking for. If your goal is to find a gorgeous, fun, and loyal woman to date or marry, we know several reasons why it should be a Serbian woman.

What Are Serbian Women Like?

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There is a good chance you’ve never met a Serbian woman in your life, but it’s never too late to correct that. Here are the most prominent features of Serbian women that will make you think about them all day long.

They embody European beauty

There are many foreign women who look very exotic, which is fun at first but can get boring after a while. This is not the case with Serbian singles. These girls have very familiar features but you will still be impressed by their beauty. Serbia is located in Central Europe and has a long and eventful history, which, in part, influenced the gorgeous look of Serbian girls. They have dark hair, tanned skin, and strong facial features. Women in Serbia are all and lean, but you can also find a lot of curvy beauties in Serbia.

They get along with everyone

One of the standout features of Serbian ladies is their ability to build a rapport with anyone they meet. When you first get to know a Serbian woman, you will undoubtedly be surprised by how quickly you start getting along even if you come from different countries and continents. Serbian women always know the right thing to say in any conversation and they are not intimidated by the possible differences in background, education, and even financial status. This makes Serbian women perfect for entertaining and intellectually stimulating conversations.

They truly care about their partners

A Serbian girl isn’t looking for a partner just to avoid being alone or to cross another item from her to-do list. She is looking for someone who will love and cherish her, but most importantly, she is ready to love and cherish her soulmate in return. Serbian women are not just waiting for you to impress them. If they like you, they will always let it show. Whether it’s with cute texts and phone calls, with surprises on your birthday, or with simply packing you a homemade lunch when you go to work, you can experience your Serbian woman’s caring nature in every aspect of life.

Do Serbian Women Make Good Wives?

You should feel lucky to date a Serbian girl, but getting a Serbian wife means achieving eternal happiness in life. There are many things that make Serbian women perfect for marriage, but today, we are going to focus on their three best qualities for marriage:

  • Loyalty. A Serbian wife will never make her partner worry about her fidelity. She doesn’t keep secrets and you always know that even when she’s not at home, she is thinking about you and your little happy family.
  • Cooking talents. Serbian wives consider cooking to be one of the woman’s main priorities. A Serbian wife will never leave her family to survive on takeout or frozen meals. Instead, she will make fresh and nutritious food that you will love.
  • Ability to have fun. Serbian women may work hard, but they also know how to unwind. They love spending time with their families and they don’t like to sit at home doing nothing. They can always find the perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Dating and marriage are some of the most serious things in the life of a Serbian woman. She wants to get married once and for all, and it’s only possible when she has the right partner by her side. Serbian ladies don’t approach men with some sort of checklist that you need to fit, but there are several qualities they want to see in a potential boyfriend or husband:

  • Maturity. Serbian women want men who know exactly what they want from life and how to get it. They want guys who are always calm and collected and behave like adults in arguments. This is why Serbian girls are totally fine with an age difference.
  • Tolerance for others. As a boyfriend or husband of a Serbian woman, you need to realize that things don’t always go as planned and people will sometimes fail to meet your expectations. But you need to accept it all without any disappointment or resentment.
  • Being invested in the family. If there is one type of men Serbian women absolutely cannot stand, it’s men who only consider their family home a place where they can eat and sleep. You need to be fully involved in your family life and actively want to spend time with your loved ones.

Where to Meet Serbian Women in Serbia?

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There are so many iconic travel destinations in Europe that Serbia is often overlooked. However, that is definitely not because Serbia doesn’t have a lot to offer. As a tourist in Serbia, you get a chance to see some beautiful architecture, find out more about the country’s rich history, try delicious and comforting local cuisine, and meet some of the most gorgeous women in Europe. Here are the top spots you need to put on your itinerary.


Belgrade is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the capital of Serbia. It has the highest percentage of English-speaking women among all Serbian cities. You can meet some Serbian singles when visiting the city’s landmarks or taking a stroll down its streets, but you will find the biggest number of local girls at popular hangout spots: the Lorenzo & Kakalamba, Manufaktura, and Little Bay restaurants and the Freestyler, Hype, and Bank night clubs.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a relatively small city in Serbia, but it’s considered by many to be the best Serbian city in terms of entertainment and nightlife. Serbian singles in Novi Sad like to have fun and they know all the best places to do it. They particularly like the Camelot, Veliki, and Juliet restaurants. The Passion, The End, and Verige night clubs are also very popular with local ladies.


Niš is a Serbian city that has everything you want to see in your next travel destination. It’s small and inexpensive, and often cheaper than other Serbian cities. On the other hand, it is an important economic and educational centre with thousands of ambitious, intelligent, and hard-working women. When they take a break from their daily activities, they like to go to the Kafana Meze, Mascaron, and Pleasure Center restaurants or the Sunset, Feedback, and Stanica night clubs.

Where to Meet Serbian Women Online?

Online dating is now as popular in Serbia as it is in other European countries. Women in Serbia use popular dating services for everything, from finding a casual partner to meeting someone they can potentially marry. There is also a significant part of Serbian women who want to date foreign men and they actively search for them, but they use special dating sites for that.

These dating sites are known as international dating services. They are designed for a single purpose: to bring together Serbian singles and Western men who want to meet each other. On these sites, you will find thousands of single Serbian women who specifically want to date and marry foreign guys, which gives you a better chance of finding your ideal partner.

How to Date a Serbian Girl: 7 Tips

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Serbian women are very easy to date. They don’t have a lot of requirements from men to become their partners and they want to connect with you emotionally first and foremost. However, with these 7 tips, you will avoid common mistakes and build a perfect relationship from the start.

  • Serbian women want men to be proactive. In some cases, Serbian girls don’t have a problem with reaching out to guys first, but they do it very rarely and only when they think the guy may get away. In all other cases, Serbian women expect the man to approach them first and assume the initiative.
  • Your look and language matter. Women in Serbia don’t pay a lot of attention to the appearance of a man and consider his personality features to be much more important. However, they prefer their men to look put-together and neat. Plus, you can’t swear when you’re with a Serbian woman or use rude language, since it’s a big turn-off for her.
  • A Serbian woman wants to know the real you. Serbian girls don’t care too much about your job or your accomplishments. They want to know what you think, how you feel about certain things, and most importantly, how you feel about them. That is why you need to be as open and unpretentious as possible.
  • Ask lots of questions to show your interest. To Serbian singles, the man’s sincere interest in them is one of the most essential things in a new relationship. You need to not only talk about yourself, but also constantly want to know more about your lady, her views, her experiences, and her plans.
  • Experience Serbian culture with her. Serbian culture is deep and complex. It can take you years to actually understand it, but having a Serbian girl as your guide will make it much easier. Plus, when you two explore local culture, cuisine, architecture, and nature, your bond will become even stronger.
  • Make promises and then deliver on them. Serbian women like to date men who are not afraid of commitment. They also can’t stand men who make empty promises. If you promise to meet her on a certain date, take her on vacation, or make a proposal in a year, you need to deliver on your promises or risk disappointing your woman.
  • Take her to meet your family. You can tell your Serbian girlfriend that you love her 100 times, but she will wait for action from you to know that things are truly serious. Meeting the family of a partner is a big step for Serbian women and she will be delighted when she actually gets an invitation to your home country.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my material situation important to a Serbian woman?

Serbian women definitely don’t want to date guys who are broke and have no ambitions or desire to live better in the future. However, this is not a materialistic decision. Serbian girls simply want to be with men who can take responsibility for their families and not make the woman the breadwinner in the family because this is not how things are done in Serbia.

How can I know a Serbian girl actually wants to be with me?

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with a Serbian lady to realize that these women always tell the truth and find it completely impossible to fake their feelings. If a Serbian woman is uninterested in a man, she will never lead him on. At the same time, when a Serbian girl truly wants to be with someone, she will make sure to give him all the attention and time she can.

What do Serbian girls like to get as gifts?

In Serbian dating culture, gifts are an integral part of a relationship. Gifts are the easiest way to demonstrate your affection or even cheer your woman up when she’s going through something. A foolproof gift is a bouquet of flowers or something for her sweet tooth. If you already know your Serbian lady well, you can give her a gift card that will allow her to experience new things.

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