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The Netherlands are a small but well-known European country known for its beautiful architecture, economic stability, cosy coffee shops, and lots of attractions for any taste and budget. It’s also a land of beautiful women, and many of them are open to dating foreign guys. Here is what you need to know before approaching Dutch ladies.

What Are Dutch Women Like?

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On one hand, the Netherlands is a country that shares a lot of cultural peculiarities with the Western world, so its women won’t feel too exotic for you. On the other hand, Dutch singles still have plenty of standout features, and here are just some of them.

They are confidently beautiful

It goes without saying that women of the Netherlands are beautiful, but it’s equally important that they are incredibly confident with their look. A Dutch lady will never spend an hour putting on makeup and creating the perfect outfit when she’s simply going to work or seeing her friends. Dutch women prefer comfort over style, and that is exactly what is so admirable about them. A Dutch girl is happy with the features nature gave her and she’s not in a rush to alter them.

They are ambitious and strong

A Dutch woman in her twenties or thirties is someone who has achieved a lot but is ready to achieve even more. These girls are well-educated and come from supportive family backgrounds, which is why they rightfully believe they can do anything they want. Dutch ladies have big career aspirations, but they don’t lose themselves in their careers and they have lots of other things to enjoy in their lives.

They care about the people they love

Dutch singles are very particular about the people they include in their social circle, which is why they don’t have a lot of close friends. However, the few friends and family members in a Dutch woman’s social group are the most important people in her life. She is ready to do anything for them with no questions asked. No matter how your Dutch lady is, she will always find a way to be there for you when you need her, and it doesn’t go anywhere with time.

They are ready for compromises

Dutch women always know what they want and how to get there, but they are also to make changes in their plans when it’s for the right cause. A Dutch girl won’t automatically accept your opinion as the only correct one and she will want you to consider her ideas as well. However, she is always ready for calm, respectful discussions. She will take your opinion into account, and if she finds it better than her own, she will have no problem with admitting it.

Do Dutch Women Make Good Wives?

While casual dating is fairly popular in the Netherlands, you are probably looking for something more stable and long term. The logical next step in a serious relationship is marriage, and there are many reasons why you’d want to see a Dutch wife as your life partner. These women are considerate and will always listen to your ideas, dreams, or complaints.

A typical Dutch wife can hardly imagine a happy family without children. While she may wait for a while before starting a family, you won’t find a better and more caring mother for your children. Dutch wives don’t want to be confined to their homes even in marriage and they always know the right activity for the whole family to do.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

There is no shortage of handsome, educated, ambitious, and kind men in the Netherlands, so it’s not like Dutch girls cannot find suitable partners in their home country. However, they often find that men in the Netherlands are too focused on work and don’t pay enough attention to family matters, which is why they are compelled to meet foreign guys.

In order to charm a Dutch woman, you need to be confident, well-rounded, and respectful to everyone. The Netherlands are one of the most equal countries in Europe and everyone gets treated fairly there, so you shouldn’t display any outdated beliefs. Dutch women also want to date and marry men who don’t consider housework to be purely a woman’s prerogative and are not afraid of cooking or cleaning once in a while.

Where To Meet Dutch Women In The Netherlands?

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The Netherlands are a very popular place for international tourism and you will enjoy your stay there even when you are not looking for a new relationship. However, if your goal is to meet a beautiful and smart European woman, the Netherlands should be your top destination. Here is where to find Dutch singles when visiting the Netherlands.


As the capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam attracts the most attention from the tourists. The women there are used to communicating with foreign men, so you won’t unexpectedly feel like the centre of everyone’s attention and will be able to meet women normally. Besides the streets and main sights of Amsterdam, try the White Room, Max, and Royal98 restaurants. For a fun night out, head over to the Escape, Air, and NYX night clubs.


Rotterdam is a fascinating city where you can learn a lot about its history and people just from taking a stroll down its streets. Rotterdam is also a marine city and you can often meet some lovely Dutch singles when you are by the sea. If you prefer meeting women in popular indoor spots, we suggest the Man Nam, Fred, and Gastrobar Hartig restaurants, as well as the Nora, NowWow8, and Transport nightclubs.


Utrecht is a fairly big Dutch city that combines a medieval centre that is irresistible for tourists and a thriving educational scene. The Dutch women you meet in Utrecht are young, ambitious, and highly educated. You can find plenty of them in the city’s busy streets, but you can also check out the Loetje, Sarban, and Humphrey’s restaurants and the Basis, Poema, and WAS night clubs, which are popular hangout spots for single Dutch ladies.

Where To Meet Dutch Women Online?

Online dating is as popular in the Netherlands as it is in other Western countries. There are some local services that are virtually unknown among foreigners, but Dutch girls are also no strangers to Tinder and similar apps. You can find plenty of Dutch singles on those apps when you are visiting the Netherlands, but if you are not planning to go anywhere for a while, there is still a way for you to meet lovely Dutch girls.

When a Dutch woman wants to meet foreign men, she signs up for international dating services. Those services, which have successfully functioned for over a decade, give you the highest probability of finding a Dutch woman for a serious relationship. They are safe, reliable, and popular with Dutch singles, which is exactly what you want from a dating site.

How to Date A Dutch Girl: 7 Tips

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Dating a Dutch woman is an exciting time and can be even more exciting when you want it to turn into a wonderful marriage. At the same time, you need to do your research prior to starting dating Dutch girls. Here are the 7 tips that will help you.

  • Be proactive from the start. A Dutch woman may indicate her interest in you, but she will rarely make the first step. If you want to make a great impression from the start, don’t allow her to think that you are hesitating or too shy to approach women.
  • The dates should be very casual. Your first instinct may be to go all-in and plan some of the most expensive and memorable dates in your dating history, but this is rarely the correct strategy with Dutch women. They prefer casual, simple dates where you can truly get to know each other.
  • Give her an opportunity to act. When dating a Dutch woman, it’s important not to suffocate her with attention. The woman should have plenty of opportunities to be proactive in the relationship, including asking you out and texting you first.
  • Let her see the real you. Dutch women can always see when you are pretending to be someone you are not, and it won’t do any good for your romance. Women in the Netherlands are accepting and forgiving, so don’t be afraid of letting them see your imperfections.
  • Going Dutch is named so for a reason. Unlike girls in Eastern Europe, who expect the man to pay for dinner 100% of the time, Dutch women have a different tradition. Splitting the check seems like the most natural way for them to pay for a date and you shouldn’t insist on paying.
  • Hang out with her friend group. Getting to know your Dutch girl’s friends is an important step in the relationship for two reasons. First, you will be able to find out more about her personality and lifestyle. Second, if they like you, they will put in a good word about you to your girlfriend.
  • Put extra thought into your gifts. Gift giving is as important in Dutch dating culture as it is elsewhere. However, you shouldn’t go with generic gifts such as flowers or chocolates. It’s better to get something that fits your woman’s needs and tastes: a book, headphones, or something for her home.


Are Dutch women ready to move abroad permanently?

As you can imagine, the Netherlands are a pretty great country to live in and the idea of moving abroad permanently isn’t as common among Dutch girls as it is among other foreign women. They will, however, gladly consider these drastic changes in their lives when they meet a man from a different country and fall in love with him.

At what age do Dutch women typically get married and have kids?

Like many women from that region of Europe, Dutch girls don’t take marriage and kids lightly. They prefer to find their footing in life and they don’t want to make any rash decisions. That is why a typical Dutch woman will only consider marriage and children when she’s around 30, but she’ll still have plenty of wonderful years to spend with you and the family.

Is my financial status important to a Dutch girl?

The absolute majority of Dutch women work hard and make their own money. They are financially comfortable by the time they consider getting married and starting the family, and they certainly don’t want their man to be poorer than them. You don’t need to be ultra-rich, but you also need to be comfortable financially and smart with money.

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