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Great Britain is close to the US politically and culturally. There are also many similarities between British women and American women. Still, for many US men, British girls are the epitome of female excellence. Find out what’s special about British women, where to find them, and how to date them like a pro.

What Are British Women Like?

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Chances are you’ve met your fair share of British girls before, but you may never considered them for a serious relationship or marriage. If you think about being with a British lady and want to know more about these women, here are a few facts to give you a headstart.

They are diverse and beautiful

When you are walking the streets of British cities or browse British women online, you can’t help but notice how beautiful they all look, but also how diverse they are. Great Britain is a melting pot of ethnicities and nationalities, so you can find virtually every appearance feature you can think of when meeting British girls. Different skin tones, body types, hairstyles, eye colors, and makeup and clothing habits are widely represented in Great Britain.

They lead fascinating lives

A British woman can study, work, or do anything in between, but her life never consists just of her primary engagements. Even when a British girl is busy 6 days out of 7 every week, she will always find something interesting to do on that 7th day. British ladies love traveling, even when it’s just to a nearby city. They love trying new recipes, meeting new people, trying new hobbies, and they enjoy doing it with someone they love.

They are surprisingly traditional

On one hand, British ladies are as modern as you imagine. They build impressive careers, fight for their rights, and consider themselves to be able to do anything. On the other hand, being raised in traditional families also made an impact on their worldview. For example, British girls are not particularly interested in one-night-stands or friends with benefits. They are not in a rush to be in a relationship, but they are definitely waiting for it to happen.

They can do anything on their own but prefer being with someone special

A British girl is a woman who rightfully believes she is talented, strong, and can achieve a lot. Many British women move out of their family homes in their early twenties and they are used to living independently. However, being in a romantic relationship changes British ladies. They become a better version of themselves. They showcase the best sides of personality, such as affection and ability to anticipate your needs, and you will enjoy the relationship very much.

Do British Women Make Good Wives?

Dating British women is a popular idea among Western men, but marrying them is even more popular. There are many things that make British wives so desirable, from their easy-going nature to the fact that they always cherish their partners. Here are three more qualities that will make you dream about a British wife:

  • Love for kids. British wives may not want as many children as Latin or Asian women, but they are determined to be the best mothers for their kids. Motherhood is not the only life goal of British women, but it’s very important to them.
  • Supportiveness. A British woman does not see a point in being in a relationship or married unless both partners can support each other. British wives deeply care about their husbands and will do anything to make them happy in marriage.
  • Desire to work on the relationship. Like any long-term relationship, marriage can often encounter problems. These problems often stem from the partners not understanding each other. This is not something you should fear with a British wife, as these women are prepared to put in a lot of effort into the marriage.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

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British women are very confident, ambitious, and know their self-worth. That is why they won’t just be with anybody who approaches them and they want to see a specific list of qualities in their potential partner. Those qualities include:

  • Reliability. British women are extremely dependable. When they promise something, you can always expect them to deliver. They also expect the same from you. A British girl needs to know she can trust you in any situation.
  • Equal treatment of everyone. As a partner to a British lady, you need to genuinely believe that all people are equal and treat everyone accordingly. British women hate it when their love interests display outdated views.
  • Desire to settle down. British women are not looking for someone to spend a couple of nights a week and then go back home. They want a partner for life and a father to their future children. That is why you need to firmly decide that you want a family and stick to that decision.

Where To Meet British Women In Great Britain?

Great Britain is one of the most popular travel destinations for people around the planet and even if you have never visited it before, you’ve likely had it on your to-do list. Now you have one more reason to go to Great Britain, as it’s home to some of the world’s prettiest and most charming. Here are the places where you can meet them.


London welcomes millions of tourists every year, which means two things for you. One, you are not going to attract too much attention because women in London have plenty of experience with foreigners. Two, it can be hard to meet British singles in the streets because you women you encounter will often turn out to be fellow tourists. The Otto’s French, SO, and Balthazar restaurants, as well as the Dolce, Cuckoo, and Club49Soho night clubs are popular hangout spots among locals.


Glasgow is the biggest Scottish city. It has beautiful architecture and a lot to offer to its visitors. Glasgow has an active nightlife, lots of universities, and a thriving business centre, and everywhere you go, you can meet numerous gorgeous British singles. Try the Stravaigin, Chaophraya, and Amarone restaurants and the Tropicana, Popworld, and The Savoy night clubs for the highest chance of meeting British women.


What Glasgow is to Scotland, Cardiff is to Wales. It’s a city of gorgeous streets, prestigious universities, and a lot of office buildings, where you can meet all kinds of women. However, if you are looking for British singles and also want to explore some of Cardiff’s most popular places, check out the Giovanni’s, The Clink Cymru, and Wahaca restaurants and the Tiger Tiger, Metros, and Retro night clubs.

Where To Meet British Women Online?

British ladies are as enthusiastic about online dating as you are. They will use popular dating sites and apps to look for partners in their home city or country. However, if you’re a foreigner looking for British singles, you won’t see a lot of them on your usual dating sites — you will need to join a different kind of dating services instead.

British singles who want to meet foreign men for serious relationships and marriage will go to international dating sites. These sites are used for one purpose only: to help people from other countries meet and develop a connection. The women you see there are not just good-looking, clever, and romantic, but they are also determined to find a partner from a foreign country.

How to Date A British Girl: 7 Tips

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Dating a British woman is one of the easiest tasks in the world simply because these girls have a lot in common with you. There is no language barrier to worry about and your expectations from dating are very similar. However, these 7 tips will help you make the relationship with a British lady even more perfect.

  • Use a social situation to approach them. A British girl can be often weirded out when you approach her in the middle of the street or in a store when she’s on her own. Luckily, social situations are a different story. British singles visit restaurants and clubs to meet new people and they won’t reject your advances.
  • Don’t be overly romantic and serious. A typical British woman can be very romantic, but not when the relationship is only beginning. At this stage, she would much rather prefer to simply hang out as two people who are interested in each other, but you can add the romantic aspect later if things go well.
  • Let her suggest some date ideas. British women like it when the man can take a lead, but they also want the man to take their opinion into account. You may be the one thinking of the first few dates, but after that, you will need to give your lady some space for action.
  • Get closer to her culture and tastes. Even though you are speaking the same language, the cultural background of a British lady can be very different from yours. She will be excited to learn more about you and where you come from, and you should demonstrate the same excitement about her roots.
  • Assure her that you are not interested in anyone else. British girls may not have the reputation of the most jealous ladies on the planet, but they certainly don’t want their man’s attention to be divided between several women. You shouldn’t even mention any women other than your family members or co-workers.
  • Spend quality time together. You and your British girlfriend are probably two busy individuals, and things can be made even more complicated because of long distance. That is why every minute you spend together needs to count. If you go out once a week or even once a month, you should use that time to get truly close.
  • Don’t suggest marriage too early. Even when a British lady is in her thirties, she needs to date someone for a minimum of one year even to consider marrying him. It’s understandable if you get the idea of marrying a British girl shortly after you meet her, but for them, it’s important to get to know each other from every angle before taking the big step.


Do British women want to move to the US?

Obviously, not all of them do, but immigration to the United States has been a growing trend among them lately, mainly for political and economical reasons. They are ready to do it on their own, but the thought of moving to the US to be with their beloved partner is even more attractive to them. So you won’t need to spend a lot of time convincing your British lady to move with you.

How common is it for British women to be stay-at-home wives?

It’s fairly common but not as common as it used to be. Now more and more British girls have big career ambitions and they are not prepared to leave them behind even for the most wonderful marriage. Most British wives successfully combine their family duties with family life, but there are still many women who prefer to stay at home.

Do British girls prefer to get married later than other women?

The marriage statistics in Great Britain are not that different from other European countries. Yes, British ladies prefer to get married later than, say, women in Eastern Europe, Asia, or Latin America. The average age of marriage for British women is now over 35, but it only means that women in Great Britain take marriage seriously and want to get married once and for all.

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