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Estonia is a small country in Northern Europe. It’s not particularly known in the Western part of the world and it’s often overlooked due to having some very famous neighbors. However, Estonia definitely deserves your attention, both as a travel destination and as a place to meet great women. Here is everything you need to know about dating Estonian women.

What Are Estonian Women Like?

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It goes without saying that you cannot really claim you know Estonian women until you meet and date at least one of them. Still, if it’s your first time thinking about Estonian singles and you want to know what makes them so attractive, here are some facts to know.

They embody Northern European beauty

When you are imagining a beautiful Northern European woman, chances are you are actually imagining an Estonian girl. The beauty of these women has remained largely unchanged with time, and modern Estonian singles look as gorgeous as their predecessors. They have an athletic build and can often be rather tall. Their hair comes in every shade of blonde you can imagine, and their fair skin creates a flawless combination with their blushing cheeks and their blue or grey eyes.

They have the right values

Estonian girls are every bit as modern as the women you meet in the Western part of the world. They get a good education and work hard to build a good career. They also have a thriving social life and a range of things they love to do. However, none of those things is important to them as a family. A small but happy family is the ultimate goal in life for an Estonian woman and she is prepared to work for that goal.

They are kind and respectful to everybody

One of the signature personality traits of Estonian ladies is their kind attitude to the people around them. It’s not just reserved for their family members and friends. Estonian girls are kind even to the people they meet for the first time. They take the time to understand everyone’s needs and desires. They don’t judge people by their cover and have lots of respect for other people, whether they have known them for years or don’t know at all yet.

They will put your needs first

As soon as you spend even a few hours with an Estonian lady, you will realize that she’s one of the most selfless people you’ve ever met. When an Estonian woman loves someone, making that person happy becomes her ultimate priority. An Estonian girl does not just actively try to meet your needs — she anticipates them. When dating an Estonian woman or being married to one, you can always feel like someone cares about you 24/7.

Do Estonian Women Make Good Wives?

Estonian girls have a more traditional view of marriage than many of their European counterparts. They are typically ready to get married earlier and they want their first marriage to be their only one. They are prepared to put in a lot of work into making the marriage successful, and that is one of the reasons why you should consider getting an Estonian wife.

Another reason why Estonian wives are so popular right now is that they have adequate expectations from marriage. They know that marriage isn’t always as fun or as passionate as it is in the beginning, but they value other things, such as mutual respect and trust, more. Plus, Estonian women make natural mothers and you’ll hardly ever find a better co-parent for your future kids.

What Kind Of Men Do They Like?

Estonian women are highly intuitive and trust their feelings more than they rely on certain expectations. Still, there are a couple of qualities Estonian singles consider to be important in their potential partners. For example, an Estonian woman will only seriously consider a man who is ready for commitment and is more than willing to settle down.

Estonian girls want men who are appreciative and don’t take their women for granted. Another desirable male quality for Estonian ladies is the man’s ability to share the housework. Estonian women don’t want to spend hours a day working around the house — they would much rather prefer everyone contributing to the tasks and finishing them faster.

Where To Meet Estonian Women In Estonia?

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Estonia is far from being the hottest travel destination in Europe. It’s a fairly small country and its attractions are not exactly known internationally. Still, there is a lot to see and to do in Estonia when you are a foreign man, and meeting Estonian singles is definitely on that list. Here are the places to check out if that’s your goal.


Tallinn is the capital of Estonia. It has a fabulous old city center, lots of cozy coffee shops, and overlooks the sea, which can give you an opportunity to meet local girls who also love the sea. As for the popular hangouts spots in Tallinn, you should try the Chaikovsky, Tai Boh, and Argentina restaurants, as well as the Ibiza, Studio, and Hollywood nightclubs.


Tartu is a very old Estonian city. It doesn’t have a big population, but the women there are both good-looking and incredibly intelligent. Tartu has several famous universities and you should definitely visit their campuses if you want to meet young and educated Estonian singles. In addition to that, visit the Polpo, Vassilissa, and Truffle restaurants and the Illusion, Level, and NAIIV nightclubs.


Narva is a tiny Estonian city located just near the Russian border. The women there don’t have a lot of experience with foreign men, but they are definitely intrigued by them, so you can approach them with confidence. If you don’t find anyone you like when walking the streets of Narva, try the Salvador, Rondeel, and Chinahouse restaurants. As for the nightlife in Narva, Geneva nightclub and Joker Karaoke are the two most popular spots.

Where To Meet Estonian Women Online?

Estonian singles are perfectly comfortable with online dating. In fact, in this day and age, this is exactly how they prefer to find partners for serious relationships and marriage. Online dating allows them to quickly get to know multiple people and choose a potential partner who fits their needs.

Meeting Estonian women online is not difficult at all. You can certainly try social media or your favorite dating sites. But if you want instant access to Estonian singles who want to meet foreign men, your best option is an international dating service. These services offer a wide range of features and a huge audience of single Estonian girls who want to date Western men.

How to Date A Estonian Girl: 7 Tips

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Dating Estonian women is not something you should prepare for in advance, as these women are very easy to date and it will all come to you naturally. However, whenever you consider dating a foreign woman, it’s definitely a good idea to get some knowledge about the country’s dating culture. Here are a few tips to help you successfully date an Estonian woman.

  • Be self-assured but attentive. When you are first approaching an Estonian girl, you should not have any doubts, as they can instantly sense your lack of confidence. However, you should also prove that you are interested in her and are not just pursuing a romantic conquest.
  • Show utmost respect to her culture. Like most nations in the world, Estonians are proud of their culture. Nothing will make your woman happier than seeing you have genuine respect for her background. You should also try and get to know more about it.
  • Invest some effort into your look. Estonians are not the kind of people who will dress up in designer garments for a date, so you shouldn’t spend a fortune on your outfit. At the same time, modern-looking clothes, a neat haircut, and a splash of perfume can work wonders for your image.
  • Remember what she says to you. When you are having a conversation with an Estonian woman and bring up something she said to you earlier, it’s going to prove to her that you actually care about her and pay attention to the things she says. You can rest assured she will do the same for you.
  • Show interest in her family and background. Estonian women can seem very independent, but they love thinking about themselves as part of their family and community. They can talk about their loved ones for hours and you should be visibly interested in everything they have to say.
  • Make plans and stick to them. An Estonian girl can be carefree and spontaneous, but she likes planning everything in advance more than anything. Creating plans with your Estonian woman can be a very exciting experience, but it’s also important to stick to the plans you make.
  • The dates should be diverse and fun. An Estonian lady will love any opportunity to spend time with you, but at the end of the day, the ambiance of the dates matters as much as your conversations. Try different date ideas to see what works best, but always keep them fun and lighthearted.


How well do Estonian girls speak English?

Estonians are generally highly educated as a nation, and Estonian girls are no exception. In addition to their mother tongue and often some knowledge of Russian, they also know English on a decent level. It allows them to successfully communicate with foreign men both online and in person, so you should not expect any language barrier when meeting them.

Is my financial status important to them?

Estonian women are very independent and self-reliant in the material sense — they are hard workers who prefer making their own money. Moreover, Estonian girls are very relaxed about money in general — they want to be financially comfortable but are not pursuing luxury. So it’s important for you to have a stable job, but you don’t have to be rich in order to win over an Estonian woman.

Do Estonian women have a lot in common with Russian women?

Estonia and Russia share a lot of their past, so it’s natural for people to draw comparisons between Russian and Estonian ladies. There are obviously some similarities, but in general, Estonian girls are much closer in mindset and values to European women. Moreover, many Estonian women do not want to be associated with their Soviet past, so it’s best not to mention the connection at all.

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