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Denmark may not be currently known as the top destination for international dating, but it’s only a matter of time before more Western men find out about the appeal of Danish women. Here is what it’s like to date Danish women and what are the most important tips for dating Danish girls.

What Are Danish Women Like?

Danish ladies can captivate you from first sight and you will instantly notice their best features, but if you want to know what to expect from Danish women, here are the must-know facts about them.

They look absolutely striking

If you’ve ever seen any Scandinavian women, you know what we’re talking about. It may be a stereotype, but Danish women are actually the tall, blond goddesses they are described by men. A typical Danish girl has blue or grey eyes, subtle facial features, and a fit, attractive body. Women in Denmark take excellent care of themselves and have a healthy diet with plenty of veggies and seafood. As a result, they look as young and lean at an older age as they do at 20 and 30.

They know everything about anything

A conversation with a Danish girl is one of the most exciting and fulfilling experiences in life. Danish women are highly educated and well-read. They have a great sense of humor, speak English fluently, and are not shy even when they see a person for the first time. All these qualities allow them to be some of the best conversation partners you’ve ever met. You can easily talk to a Danish woman for hours and still feel like you have an endless number of topics to talk about.

They are ambitious and successful

Danish women dream about a happy marriage and having kids, but those are not the only things on their to-do list. Danish singles are also among the most ambitious women in Europe. They believe they deserve a great career and they work hard to achieve it. And they are definitely successful at everything they do. Denmark is a land of equal opportunities for everyone, and Danish girls don’t hesitate to use every opportunity they can to achieve their personal and career goals.

They don’t take their partners for granted

As an adult man, you have probably dated a fair share of women who only want to get attention from you and cannot actually offer anything in return. This is not something you will experience with Danish girls. These women are as invested in a relationship as you are and they are not afraid to show it. Danish ladies don’t see a problem with calling the man first, asking him out on a date, or even proposing marriage, and they do it all while taking good care of their partners.

Do Danish Women Make Good Wives?

We have no doubts that you will highly enjoy dating a Danish woman, but you will definitely enjoy marriage to her even more. Danish wives are some of the coveted women in Europe, and here are the top 3 reasons why you can find happiness with a Danish wife:

  • Sincerity. Danish wifes openly talk about anything, and it will save your marriage from a lot of potential conflicts and disagreements. Whenever there is a problem, a Danish wife will try to quickly resolve it.
  • Smart approach to homemaking. A Danish wife is not someone who will spend hours cooking or cleaning while sacrificing her time spent with the family. Danish wives prefer to fairly distribute the housework among family members, which allows things to be finished quicker.
  • Work/life balance. Women in Denmark work as much as men and they only take a short break when they have kids. However, Danish wives maintain a strict balance between work and life and will never deprive their families of time spent together.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Danish men are known for their excellent treatment of women. They treat Danish girls with respect and care. That is why any foreign man who wants to date or marry Danish women has a tough gig to follow. Danish women don’t expect anything less and they won’t settle for a relationship that doesn’t make them happy and fulfilled.

Besides the obvious traits like respect for everyone and kindness, there are a few other features Danish singles want to see in a potential partner. These features include an ambitious nature, an ability to take care of himself and his loved ones, and a desire to share everything, both the good and the bad, with his woman.

Where to Meet Danish Women in Denmark?

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Danish is regularly featured on top lists of European countries to visit. If you’ve never been there, a trip to Denmark will become one of your favorite memories in life, and not just because it’s a beautiful country with a unique culture and history, but also because it’s home to gorgeous and smart women who can’t wait to meet you. These are the top places in Denmark for meeting Danish singles.


Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and the most visited city in the country for foreigners. Girls in Copenhagen have some experience with foreign tourists and they are open to meeting guys from other countries. Danish girls don’t visit the Copenhagen landmarks too often, but you can always find them at the Barr, Geranium, and Tight restaurants or the Bakken, Hive, and Culture Box night clubs.


Odense is a Danish city that does not get a lot of foreign visitors, so you are going to be more of a novelty for Danish singles. You will attract attention everywhere you go in Odense, especially if your look is unusual for Denmark. If you want to meet a high number of beautiful Danish women at once, try the Burger Anarchy, Aro, and Mash restaurants or the Boogie, Aya, and Dance Odense night clubs.


Aarhus is a relatively small Danish city, but it’s the country’s most important educational centre. Aarhus has lots of young and smart Danish singles who know English well and are excited to meet men from foreign countries, both for casual hangouts and serious relationships. Aarhus is also known as the hottest nightlife destination in Denmark. You should try the Gastrome, ET, and Prezzemolo restaurants and the Bernhardt, Der Kuhstall, and Crystal night clubs first.

Where to Meet Danish Women Online?

Danish ladies are some of the most modern women in the world, so it shouldn’t surprise you that they now actively look for men on the internet and many of them actually prefer this way of meeting new people. However, while Danish women are present on Tinder, Badoo, and other similar services, they don’t use those sites and apps to meet men from other countries.

If you want to meet Danish singles and you live in a foreign country, your best option is an international dating site. These sites are easy to use, cost-effective, and, most importantly, allow you to meet thousands of beautiful Danish women who want to date Western men. You’ll be able to look for the most desirable female features and talk to Danish singles from the comfort of your own home.

How to Date a Danish Girl: 7 Tips

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If you’ve only ever dated women from your own country and have never been with Scandinavian ladies before, dating a Danish girl can transform your whole idea about relationships. If you want to be successful in dating Danish women, these 7 tips will help you.

  • Spend time as friends at first. A Danish lady will never agree to seriously date someone she doesn’t click with on a personal level. Physical attraction is important, but intellectual and cultural connection is even more essential to Danish women. That is why you need to spend the first few dates simply talking about anything and enjoying yourself.
  • Follow the woman’s lead. When we say that Danish women are very different from the women you’ve known before, we absolutely mean it. For example, many Danish girls don’t view intimacy as a big deal and can sometimes invite you home after the second or third date. You shouldn’t be visibly surprised by it and need to simply go with the flow.
  • Talk about your family goals. Danish women may seem like the most career-oriented and focused girls in the world, but deep down, they are dreaming of a family. There is no need to propose right there and then, but your date needs to know that you two want the same things in life.
  • Splitting the bill is the best option. A Danish woman will probably not allow you to pay for you both on a date, and she also won’t pay for everything herself. The best idea is to split the bill equally, at least on the first few dates. After you two get more comfortable with each other, your Danish lady will likely let you pay on dates.
  • Know how to have fun. For Danish girls, dating is not as serious as for many other women in the world. A Danish woman doesn’t just want to sit across from each other on a date and talk only about romantic things. These women also want to have fun from time to time, and you need to be ready for it too.
  • Don’t make promises you can’t fulfil. If there is one type of men Danish women can’t stand, it’s men who are ready to make promises but are not ready to make them happen. If you are not sure whether you can do as promised, it’s best not to make any promises at all. That way, when it actually happens, it’s going to be a nice surprise for your lady.
  • Don’t emphasize your financial status. Money is certainly important for Danish women, but only in the sense that it provides a certain level of comfort. However, in Danish culture, talking about your wealth is considered to be distasteful, so don’t put too much emphasis on your house, car, or the state of your bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do Danish singles want to date and marry foreign men?

Denmark belongs to the most developed and peaceful countries in Europe. Danish women absolutely love their country and are not trying to escape from it like some Asian and Latin American brides. The only reason why they will ever consider leaving Denmark is to be with their dream man, who happens to be a foreigner. Danish girls are also fascinated by the life outside of Denmark and want to experience it in person.

Do Danish women hate makeup and fancy clothes?

When looking at Danish women in their everyday outfits, you can’t help but notice that they favor simple, comfy, understated clothes and little to no makeup. This is only because Danish girls value convenience over fashion. When they have to get dressed for a special occasion, you are going to be surprised by how good the makeup skills of Danish women are and how great they look in fancy clothes.

Why do Danish girls take so long to settle down?

The marriage and childbirth statistics in Denmark are clear: more and more women in Denmark don’t seriously consider marriage and children until they are thirty or even older. It’s not because marriage and family are not a priority for Danish singles. The main reason why they settle down later than many other foreign women is because they want to build a solid foundation for their future family, which involves both achieving a certain financial status and getting closer to their personal goals.

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