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Germany may not be the most famous country for international dating, but that’s only until more Western men discover the irresistible appeal of German women. Dating a German girl is an idea you’ll inevitably get after reading our complete guide to German singles.

What Are German Women Like?

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If you’ve never met German women in real life, your opinion about them is probably based on some stereotypes about their punctuality and coldness. However, it will take you just one date with a German lady to get a completely new opinion about these women, and here are some facts to change your mind.

They are good-looking

The beauty of German women is similar to the appearance of other European women, but it still effortlessly stands out. German girls are tall and lean. They don’t have the curviest figures in the world, but they have mastered the art of looking their best with the right clothes. The natural coloring of German women is light and not very contrasted, but their subtle use of makeup highlights their best traits. German ladies are known for maintaining their youthful look for years, so the face you fall in love with is the same face you’ll see after being together for ages.

They are confident and forthcoming

With German women, you never feel like you are doing all the work in the relationship. German girls have no problem with approaching a man they are interested in first and asking him out. And this kind of confidence stays with them forever. If you choose a German woman as your partner, you can rest assured she will always fend for herself and get everything she wants without making her man feel uncomfortable or humiliated.

They will challenge you intellectually

German girls are among the smartest women you’ll meet in Europe. Education and knowledge are two of the most valuable things you can have in Germany. And the best thing is that German women don’t stop at their school or university education. They are using every day as a chance to learn something new and are proficient in any sphere you can ever imagine. Conversations with German women are enlightening and even somewhat intellectually challenging.

They want to build a trusting and supportive relationship

German ladies are not interested in being in a relationship just to avoid being alone or to fully depend on their partner emotionally and financially. They want a respectful, supporting union of two equals, and they will never have a relationship on any other terms. At every stage of your relationship, you will feel two things. First, both of you are making an equal contribution into the development of the relationship. Second, you have the most supportive and loyal partner you could ever dream of.

They always tell it like it is

There are many women who would rather keep silent about the things they are unhappy about than openly talk about them. This is not something you can say about German women. They prefer to openly talk about any issues before they can grow into a major problem threatening the relationship. German women are big fans of open communication and if you spend some time with your German lady, you will turn into one as well!

Do German Women Make Good Wives?

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The decision to marry a man means a German woman has seen enough positive qualities to consider him as a life partner. Here is what German women can offer in return as wives.

They are ready for commitment

After a German girl has accepted your marriage proposal, you can rest assured she won’t get any second thoughts and that she understands that marriage is all about commitment. She is even willing to change certain aspects of her life to stay committed to her partner. For example, German wives can move to another country without hesitation if that’s what their husband needs.

They are the most natural mothers

German women are not too fast to have children and prefer to have a solid foundation in their lives before bringing a little one into the world. However, once that happens, a German wife will naturally turn into the most loving and caring mother. At the same time, German women don’t completely lose themselves in motherhood and manage to keep every sphere in life the way it used to be.

They will always make time for the family

In a German wife, you get a loyal partner first and foremost. German wives understand how important it is for a family to have some shared interests and spend time together. They will always invent new ways for the family to bond and to strengthen the connection between all the members — most importantly, the husband and the wife.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Finding a long-term partner or getting married isn’t the main life goal of a German woman, so they never specifically look for a potential husband. Instead, German girls look for a reliable partner who shares their worldview and meets certain criteria. For example, the man needs to be successful in what he does for a living, confident enough to approach a woman without any embarrassment, and ready for absolute commitment to the woman he loves. And since German women understand that many of those qualities are only present in men of older ages, they are absolutely fine with an age difference of up to 15 years.

Where to Meet German Women in Germany?

Germany is an attractive destination both for business travelers and for regular tourists. Whatever your reasons for visiting Germany are, even if you are only looking for your ideal partner, here is a guide to the most popular dating spots in the country.


As the capital of Germany, Berlin is understandably the go-to place for foreign men looking for a romantic experience. You can meet plenty of German girls from all walks of life if you simply take a stroll through the busy and beautiful streets of Berlin, but if you’re after a specific kind of entertainment, pay a visit to the Watergate, Matrix Club, and Sisyphos night clubs. You can also try the Facil, Hetz, or Neni restaurants to try delicious food and meet local girls at the same time.


Hamburg is a big German city that has something for everyone. It has a developed tourist infrastructure, so you can do anything from inspecting the local parks to renting a boat on a lake. After checking out those activities, head straight to the Apples, Haerlin, and Karo Fisch restaurants to experience local hospitality and get to know German girls, or visit the Halo and The Room nightclubs for a memorable experience.


Munich is a German city that is known for its history, culture, and architecture above everything else. We have no doubts that you will enjoy your time in Munich no matter where you go, especially thanks to the hospitable nature of local ladies. If that’s not enough visit the Neuraum, P1 Club, and Harry Klein night clubs in the evening, or the Izakaya and Vinothek restaurants at any time of the day for good food and a chance to get to know German women.

Where to Meet German Women Online?

When you live in another country, let alone another continent, going all the way to Germany to meet local women is not always the most sensible choice, especially when there is a much easier way to find yourself a German woman. By signing up to a popular international dating site, you get access to thousands of German girls who cannot wait to meet their foreign partner. These women are as beautiful and smart as the ones you’d meet in Germany, but there is a big difference between going to Germany as a tourist and looking for your ideal woman from the comfort of your own living room.

How to Date a German Girl: 7 Tips

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The idea of dating a German girl is an undeniably attractive one, but it also requires you to step up your dating game. German women may not be satisfied with the seduction methods you use with other girls, and here are 7 tips that will help you make your relationship with a German lady thrive.

  • Make plans beforehand. If there is one thing to know about German women, it’s that they are not spontaneous and your suggestion to meet in an hour will never be met with excitement. Ideally, you should plan a date at least a day before the event, so that your girlfriend could manage her time better.
  • Never be late for a date. Another essential thing to know about German girls is that they are some of the most punctual women in the world. A German woman will never be late for a date, which means you shouldn’t be as well. In fact, you need to be there around 5 minutes before the date.
  • Don’t count too much on compliments and big gestures. For a German woman, your views and your ability to keep your promises matter a lot more than your love for big romantic gestures and wordy compliments. Instead of waxing poetic about her beauty, talk about the things you both like.
  • Join her social circle. A German girl will be much more likely to view you as a potential partner if you immerse yourself in her circle of friends. That way, you will not only learn much more about her personality and way of living, but will be able to make a great impression on her friends.
  • Make your conversations meaningful. When you’re in love with a German lady, you are tempted to spend your time talking about sweet nothings. However, this strategy likely won’t get you anywhere. A German woman will only be with a man who has a lot in common with her and can be articulate about his views.
  • Experience new things together. Both you and your German girlfriend have probably had an active life before meeting each other, but there are lots of things you have never done together. Experiencing them can be a great way of not only getting great memories, but also strengthening your bond.
  • Don’t move too fast. When you begin an exclusive relationship with a German girl, you both probably have marriage on your mind. However, there is no need to talk about it right away. Simply enjoy each other’s company for some time and get to know each other better before moving on to more serious things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are German women completely devoid of romance?

There is a widespread myth about German girls that they are completely pragmatic and don’t understand romance or consider it to be an important part of their lives. However, this myth is completely untrue. German women actually love romance and can be very romantic, but only when the right man comes along.

Do German women prefer to work even after getting married?

Yes, in most German families that is exactly the case. A typical German woman spends around a decade building her career by the time she decides to get married and become a mother, and she is not going to throw it all under the bus. A German woman is deservedly proud of her accomplishments and marriage won’t change her mind.

Will I need to work hard to charm the parents of my German lady?

When you are dating foreign women, you usually need to invest a lot of effort into building a good relationship with their parents. However, that is not something you should worry about with German girls. Germans give their kids all the independence they need and consider them to be fully responsible for their decision, so while it’s definitely better to establish a friendly relationship with your future in-laws, it’s not the most important thing for your romance.

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