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Greece is a country that probably everyone in the world is familiar with even if they have never been there. Greece has a lot of historical and cultural significance, but it’s also a land of beautiful and lovely women. If you are fascinated by Greek girls but don’t know enough about them to begin dating them, our today’s guide will answer any questions you may have.

What Are Greek Women Like?

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Even if you’ve known a lot of European women, Greek girls will surprise you in every way and completely surpass your expectations. These are the most noteworthy features of Greek ladies.

They have goddess-like beauty

Greek women are often compared to Greek goddesses, and for a good reason. They are tall and perfectly built, with nice little curves and a fit body. Greek women usually have dark wavy hair, but sleek blonde locks are also common for them. The eyes of Greek women can be both light and dark, but they are always captivating. The climate in Greece allows Greek singles to dress in a slightly revealing manner, which allows you to see all of their best features at once.

They are kind and polite

A standout feature of Greek women is their outstanding upbringing. Greek girls believe they need to respect everyone around them and each person they meet deserves to be treated well. Greek women are genuinely interested in making their partners comfortable and they will never embarrass you by being loud or rude in public. A Greek lady is someone who will always show her caring side even when you are having an argument.

They have a fun lifestyle

A relationship with a Greek woman will not only show you every side of her personality, but will also unlock your own personality features you never knew were there. This is all thanks to the fun lifestyle of Greek girls. At any age and wherever they are, they know the exact right thing to do. A typical Greek woman loves hanging out with friends, attending parties, dancing, traveling, fine dining, and everything that makes life more interesting and memorable.

They will impress you with their intelligence

For Greek women, life is not just fun and games. They also see a huge value in education. The intelligence of Greek ladies is in part influenced by the historical significance of their home country, but it’s also the result of years of high-quality education they receive. Even small Greek cities have several universities, which helps Grek girls obtain prestigious degrees and learn more about the world than many of their European and international counterparts.

They will make you feel special

A relationship with a Greek woman never feels one-sided. These women know that a good partner is not that easy to find, so once that happens, they will do anything they can to make sure he doesn’t get anywhere. Surrounding a man with love and care is the most natural thing for Greek ladies and they do it without expecting anything in return. When you’re in a relationship with a Greek girl, you feel like a star.

Do Greek Women Make Good Wives

It’s safe to say that Greek women are as popular as girlfriends as they are as wives. Dating a Greek woman is one thing, but coming home every day to a Greek wife has got to be one of the most rewarding things in the world. Here are just three reasons why you’ll love being married to a Greek woman:

  • She is a skilled cook. Greek women firmly believe that cooking for the whole family is the woman’s priority. She will never make you cook and she will surprise you with her cooking talents again and again.
  • She doesn’t compete with her man. For Greek wives, the man is the undisputed leader of the family. A Greek wife can offer her insight from time to time, but she won’t insist on things going her way even when it’s not a good idea.
  • She is fantastic with kids. If you’ve wanted children for a while, a Greek wife is the perfect person to do it with. Greek women are caring, compassionate, and ready to create the best environment for raising kids.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

The important thing to know about Greek ladies is that they don’t have any specific qualities they want to see in a potential partner and an emotional and romantic connection is far more important to them than your job or your marital history. However, Greek women will only date a man who is nice to everyone around him and will always put family above everything else.

Western guys often wonder whether Greek women have an age limit for a potential husband. If you’re also worried about a possible age gap, we are happy to tell you that it’s actually not an issue for Greek girls. As long as you have an active outlook and are open to trying new things and getting new experiences, even a 10+ year age gap won’t have a negative effect on your relationship.

Where to Meet Greek Women in Greece?

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Greece is a popular destination for Western tourists, who love not only Greece’s historical landmarks and gorgeous beaches, but also the beautiful and sociable Greek singles. If you also want to experience Greek dating in person, here are the most popular destinations for meeting Greek women.


As the capital of Greece, Athens has some of the most attractive and educated women in all of Greece. Moreover, these women have met their share of foreigners and will make you feel at ease from the moment you see them. Greek singles in Athens don’t usually visit their city’s landmarks, but they are impartial to nice hangouts spots. The All That Jazz, Liondi, and Aleria restaurants and the Lohan Athens, Blast, and Clown Dogs night clubs are the must-visit locations for Western men.


Mykonos is a relatively small Greek island with only over 10,000 inhabitants, but in the summer, it becomes the go-to vacation spot for young and hip Greek singles. You can find them lounging on the lovely Mykonos beaches and sipping cocktails in the beach bars. Alternatively, you can try the M-Eating, Fato A Mano, and Raya restaurants and the Skandinavian Bar, Addiction, and Cavo Paradiso night clubs to meet as many Greek girls as possible at once.


Thessaloniki is a medium-sized Greek city that is not that popular with Western tourists. It gives you an obvious advantage and makes you the centre of attention whenever you go out in Thessaloniki. You can meet a lot of girls right in the city streets and parks, but if you are into a more cultural experience, try The Rouga, Sempriko, and 7 Thalasses restaurants or the Eightball, Fix, and Luvin’ night clubs.

Where to Meet Greek Women Online?

Greek girls are as modern and forward-thinking as any other women you have met, and they are no strangers to the internet. They also actively use it to find foreign guys to date or marry. But if you think you can open your favorite local dating app and find a variety of Greek singles who are open to dating a foreign man, you are definitely mistaken.

At the same time, finding a Greek woman to date online is actually pretty easy, but you will need a special site for that. These sites are known as international dating services and they are perfect for a long-distance relationship. Using these sites, you can find all kinds of Greek singles dreaming of dating Western men, and your perfect match won’t keep you waiting.

How to Date a Greek Girl: 7 Tips

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If dating a Greek woman is one of your goals but you don’t know what these women want from men or what their dating culture and expectations are like, here are 7 tips that will help you build a successful relationship with a Greek lady.

  • Demonstrate your confident side. Women in Greece don’t lack confidence, but they also prefer their men to be confident and strong. When approaching a Greek girl for the first time, never let her see your worries or doubts. Get straight to the action!
  • Relax and have fun on dates. In an ideal situation, dating does not need to be a constant test of your abilities and personal strengths, and that’s what your Greek lady wants as well. Just have the time of your life when dating a Greek woman and see how things go.
  • Don’t try to seem better than you are. Your desire to impress a Greek lady is understandable, but you don’t need to go out of your way to do it or try to exaggerate your positive sides. The truth will eventually come out and it won’t be great for your relationship.
  • Surprise her with your knowledge of Greek culture. Greek history and culture is one of the oldest and most fascinating ones on the planet. It’s definitely worth learning even when you are not dating a Greek girl, but it’s especially important for your new relationship with a Greek lady.
  • Charm her parents and grandparents. Greek women are incredibly close to their families and it’s not uncommon for several generations of Greek families to live under the same roof. You will meet your lady’s parents and grandparents very early in the relationship and you need to do your absolute best to get them to like you.
  • Find out more about her personality. When dating a Greek woman for the first time, it’s easy to base your opinion about her on your first impression and a few stereotypes you’ve heard about Greek people. However, you should be more open-minded than that and actually take the time to know your woman.
  • Prove you are serious about her. Greek girls don’t have a problem with just hanging out and having fun in the relationship, but in order to take you seriously, they need to know that the relationship is going somewhere. Talking about your views about the future is the fastest way to convince the woman that you have long-term plans with her.

Frequently Asked Questions

How good are the English skills of Greek women?

Greek is one of the most complex European languages and if you’ve never had any experience with it, getting the hang of Greek can be challenging for you. However, this is not going to be a problem with a Greek woman, who usually knows English well enough to successfully communicate with a foreign suitor.

What is the religious situation in Greece?

The population of Greece predominantly belongs to the Greek Orthodox church, but it doesn’t mean that Greek women are overly religious. If they grew up in religious families, they likely visit the church once a week and observe the main religious holidays. However, the number of religious Greek women continues decreasing and on the whole, Greek girls don’t have a problem with men who practice other religions.

Do Greek women only want to date rich guys?

Not at all! The financial aspect of a relationship is important for Greek ladies, but only when there is a prospect of marriage and childbirth. A Greek woman needs to know that you will be able to support your family financially. But when you are just beginning to date, your financial situation matters far less than your attitude to women and your personality.

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