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Being located in the north of the European Union, the country of Finland is very peculiar. Its citizens as well as girls are also unique. Scandinavian countries (Sweden, Norway and Finland) situate close to each other but differ greatly in their culture, traditions, and population. 

Apart from picturesque views, smooth life flow and confident highly developed economy, a country has one more precious attraction. These are Finnish women. A Finnish gird-friend, a partner or a wife is like winning a prize. Moreover, this has happened not once in your life, but is continuing from the very first moment of your meeting during your entire happy life. 

Generally accepted belief says that Finnish girls are “cold” and have a Nordic temperament. Is it true? 

What Are Finnish Women Like?

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Gorgeous appearance 

They have a very special and trendy look. It concerns not only Finnish girls living in municipalities. Rural beauties of this country are stunning as well. 

The first thing to be mentioned, that most Finnish women try to care for themselves, and being fit and healthy. They have pretty facial features resembling Slavic beauties, Scandinavian fair complexion, blue eyes, and blond hair. This makes them very tender and feminine. 

Strong character

Firm character, courage and strong will distinguish adorable Finnish women from ladies all over the world. One may think that they are so target-oriented due to severe conditions of the country’s nature. 

Women in Finland strive to achieve the same positions, professions and career goals as men. Besides, Finnish girls are keen on sharing household duties between family members. Men are able to perform the same jobs around the house as their wives: cooking, cleaning, kids caring. 

Intelligence and Independence     

Finnish women are highly educated. They try to get skills and knowledge, which is enough to be in the top positions in different companies, politics, or social jobs. Usually, they know at least one foreign language and are paid the same salary as men. That is why their earnings permit adorable Finnish ladies to be independent even after marriage and childbirth. 

Not puritans

Finnish girls create families rather late. They prefer building their careers by combining independent relations until mature ages. That is why they seldom lead puritan ways of life. They are hot and inventive in sex, paying much attention to their intimate sphere of life. 


This feature of the Finnish ladies definitely needs an explanation for foreign singles. At first sight, it may seem that they are silent and cold. This is because Scandinavian women are not accustomed to leading chitchat. 

Talking about weather or whereabouts when dating Finnish girls for the first time is not customary in this country. Although this is a general rule for people of many nations including Americans and Britains. 

However, this does not refer to Finnish people. Small talks are not customary for them. Finnish women are as matter of fact ladies, speaking only on subjects interesting to them. The first impression may be unusual and inconvenient, though it is easy to get accustomed to it.  

Do Finnish Women Make Good Wives? 

You will find an excellent and adorable wife in a Finnish woman, in case you value equality and sharing duties in a family.

Being well versed, Finnish wives are successful professionals. They perfectly manage to cope with their households, children and career development. Respecting her right to work and financial independence, you will make her happy.

Another thing worth mentioning about Finnish wives is that they are very diverse. Having much in common in respect of an appearance, their characters vary greatly. A silent introvert, a jolly Finnish woman tending to hilarious parties, or a matter-of-fact female politician, – a foreign single may find Finnish ladies up to their preference and character. 

In case, the description above attracts a potential groom from abroad, a man may find his real happiness and destiny for the whole life. A Finnish girl is sure to make him the center of her love, care and sexuality

Being successful in all things they are doing, Finnish women are also smart housewives and moms. They raise kids easily and bring them up to be independent.  

What Kind of Men Do Finnish Women Like?

Many women all over the world date foreigners for an opportunity to leave their native country and relocate to a more prosperous state. However, Finnish girls sometimes are wealthier and achieve higher positions as their grooms do. Thus, money is not the reason for them to date foreigners. 

Still, foreign men frequently get acquainted with Finnish women, and they are prone to international relations. The reason for this is their interest in other cultures. Finnish ladies, who are single, are eager to travel and investigate sunnier countries. 

Be interesting, tell thrilling stories about the journeys, and keep her excitement on a high level and this woman will be yours with all her heart.

Where to meet Finnish Women in Finland?

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Opt for the best place for your unforgettable date with a Finnish woman, as starting from the very first encounter you have to impress her and be the best experience in her life. 

Either during the daytime or at night, there is a chance to get to know a hot Finnish girl for your passionate rendezvous and happy family life. 


Helsinki is the capital of Finland. It houses all the political, business, social and cultural beau monde of the state. The best Finnish women live here and maybe easily met. If your dream is to be in a relationship with an independent and self-confident woman, then this city is for you. 

Opt for a wide variety of malls, stores and business centers, such as Kamppi Center or Stockmann store, for a rendezvous in the daytime. If you prefer night dates, there are lively and fun restaurants and nightclubs at your service: Heidi’s Bier Bar, El Patron, Apollo Live Club, and Ateljée Bar located at the top of the Hotel Torni


Almost 300,000 people live in Espoo, the second largest city of Finland, offering promising meetings and lovely nights with Finnish women. The city is situated close to the capital and is full of excellent places for dates, picturesque locations, historical places and entertaining establishments. 

Invite your Finnish girl for a meal in Haikaranpesä restaurant to enjoy both meals and the environment offering marvelous sights of the location. If you are just going to meet a nice and young Finnish girl, Bada Bing or Bella Ciao nightclubs will help you.


Tampere is also a perfect place to meet urbanized Finnish women for a strong family. It houses plenty of cute locations for relaxation and meeting a gorgeous Finnish lady. 

Rock and roll fans may be pleasantly surprised by the variety of artists and shows offered in Amadeus bar, making it a stylish place for the first date. In addition, the Entertainment World Ilona is another establishment for a couple in love: a restaurant, a bar, a dancing club, and karaoke.  

Where to Meet Finnish Women Online? 

Starting communication with Finnish girls at a distance of 1,000 miles is not a problem. Go virtual using special online platforms, dating sites or apps, and swipe Finnish girls sitting on your favorite couch. 

Being designed for international meetings, these applications have numerous advantages, like saving your time and money, offering a wide list of Scandinavian beauties, and precise search tools.  

The main tip for its usage is to choose a reliable tool, recommended by reputable sources and users’ reviews.   

How to Date a Finnish Girl: 7 Tips

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Follow this 7-paragraph guide to have success in your rendezvous with a Finnish woman. 

  1. Be polite and respectful. Finnish women are serious, well educated, and worthy to be dealt with respect. They are independent in their careers, social, private, and family life. 

Always think twice before speaking. Demonstrate your good upbringing and nice manners when going out, and staying at home. 

  1. Be frank and sincere. Never cheat, and try to seem better than you are. Do not use fake or strange accounts to impress her with false information about yourself. It will be impossible to convince a Finnish woman of your good intentions when meeting her in real life.
  2. Never resort to cheap ways of seduction with these adorable girls. If you are aware of special techniques for winning the heart of a woman, forget it. It doesn’t work with clever Finnish girls.
  3. When focusing on a serious relationship, never fuss with sex and intimate relationships. 
  4. Dating a Finnish woman means being monogamous. They consider love affairs, courtships to be the matter of full trust and understanding between the two of you. 
  5. Be inventive. To get a positive impression and attract the attention of your lovely Finnish girl, you must not be trivial. Try to think of a new trip, entertainment, food course, excursion for your Finnish woman that will have a “wow” effect.
  6. Pay sincere compliments; reveal your true interest in her intellect. Finnish girls are extremely clever and may share with you many interesting facts and information. Be attentive in conversations with them; ask about everything that is interesting for you. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of moms are Finnish women? 

The first thing in the upbringing of Finnish people is gender equality. Women and men maintain houses, cook, and raise children together in families. Maternity leaves for males are not rare, and are not exclusively a mom’s duty. 

Being engaged in their professional activity, Finnish women are still excellent wives and mothers, bringing up their children in the atmosphere of sincerity, honesty, hard work and love for knowledge. 

How many children do Finnish wives tend to have?

Due to spending young ages developing their careers, Finnish women have kids later. They put off family creation until mature years, being backed up with professional achievements. 

Thus, the quantity of kids born by a Finnish wife is also decreasing. Scandinavian women used to have at least two children in a family before 2010. In the recent decade, the decline in demographic activity has occurred. More and more families are going to have only one kid. 

However, this is the decision of two family members. Both a father and a mom may influence it.   

Are Finnish women “cold”? 

Due to their tender Nordic beauty, Finnish women are considered to be “cold” in “bed” affairs. However, these girls are never passive and are very inventive in their intimate relationships. 

They do not think virginity is something that must be obligatorily preserved for marriage. Being monogamous and faithful with their boyfriends, hot Finnish women are experienced and passionate lovers.

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