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Bulgarian women attract men worldwide by their brightness and exotic southern appearance. These lovely girls with appealing tan skin look really hot. But what else do you know about them? Learn more about their advantages and get some tips on how to date them.

What Are Bulgarian Women Like?

Girls of this nationality have both beautiful appearances and nice characters.

Bulgarian Women are Attractive

Their main strong point is hair. It looks really gorgeous. For Bulgarian women, long thick hair is the main attribute of femininity. Therefore, they try hard to groom it. They frequently visit beauty salons to keep their hair healthy and shiny. As for the color, usually, it is brunette. But some Bulgarian girls get their hair dyed blonde that makes it look even more fascinating.

One more feature making men be fond of Bulgarian women is their physique. Slim bodies are given to them by nature. Young beautiful Bulgarian girls do not even need to make an effort to keep fit. Despite a love for hearty food, they stay slender and elegant.

Bulgarian Girls are Cute

Not very tall height, gorgeous hair, and expressive face features make pretty Bulgarian girls look very cute. They win the hearts of men worldwide due to staying lovely at any age.

Bulgarian Women are Bright

They look in a really eye-catching way. They do bright make-up not only for a party but also for everyday looks. As for clothes, sexy Bulgarian girls like expressiveness too. They often wear mini skirts and bright dresses, high heels, and colorful accessories. Long bright nails are also a trend that seems never to become old-fashioned for women in Bulgaria.

So, it is hard to take your eyes off such bright women. Many men fall in love at first sight with Bulgarian ladies.

Bulgarian Girls are Kind, Friendly, and Tolerant

These character traits help them to get along with new people easily. Therefore, do not be afraid to meet Bulgarian women. Even if you are a bit shy and awkward while communicating with girls you barely know you will easily find a common language. Ladies of this country are kind-hearted, tolerant of other people’s weaknesses, and know how to make a new friend feel more comfortable while spending time together with them.

Bulgarian Women are Positive

Taking life easy is a typical feature of local mentality. Therefore, it is hardly possible to see a Bulgarian woman in low spirits and to hear her complaining about problems. So, communicating with such a cheerful person brings only joy. You will never feel upset after spending some time together with a girl of this nationality. On the contrary, she will definitely inspire you with a positive mood.

Bulgarian Girls Have Good Manners

Girls of this nationality do not have to make a great effort to show good manners. Being courteous and suave is typical for local culture. Therefore, it is always a pleasure to spend time together with a Bulgarian woman who knows how to handle herself in any situation.

Bulgarian Women are Sexy

Like all southern people, Bulgarian women have a very hot temper. And hot Bulgarian girls never neglect emphasizing their sexuality. They often wear mini dresses, or skirts, skinny jeans or leggings that help them show all the beauty of their bodies.

Do Bulgarian Women Make Good Wives?

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More and more foreign men struggle to get wives of this nationality. And here are the qualities that make them so attractive for bachelors from abroad.

Excellent Housekeeping Skills and Brilliant Cooking

Bulgarian wives are keen on keeping their family home cozy and clean. Therefore, you will never feel ashamed of your place. All neighbors and friends will be envious of your home being so tidy and comfortable.

When it comes to cooking, Bulgarian wives show divine skills. They cook like chefs of elite restaurants. And they are never lazy to please their husbands with delicious breakfasts and dinners. Also, they always care for their spouses to have lunches at work. The husbands of Bulgarian wives never have meals at cafes. Their women give them lunch boxes with tasty and hearty foods.

Developed Maternal Instinct

A child is the center of a Bulgarian woman’s world. Ladies of this nationality make excellent mothers. They surround their children with unlimited care and support. And they never stop being loving mothers for their darling kids. They help their children in everything even after they turn 20, 25, and even 30 years. Children always stay children from the point of view of Bulgarian mothers.

Ability to Combine Family with Career

Ladies of this nationality are rather ambitious. A Bulgarian woman often needs to realize herself as professional in order to feel a successful and happy personality. And due to their active nature and high durability, ladies of this nationality know how to find enough time both for family and career.

What Kind of Men Do They Like?

Just being a foreigner is a big advantage as a lot of Bulgarian girls dream of husbands from abroad. And you may be absolutely sure that you have high chances to get a wife of this nationality if, in addition, you have the following traits:

  • Well-groomed. It is not compulsory to be a king of beauty. But you definitely have to take care of being neat for becoming a suitable candidate for a Bulgarian lady’s hand.
  • Well-bred. Good manners are what Bulgarian women are used to seeing every day. It is not typical for the local culture to be rude. So, make sure to act like a gentleman.
  • Responsible and determined. Bulgarian girls believe their husbands to be a head of a family. They expect their spouses to make all vital decisions by themselves and solve the majority of problems on their own. So, these character traits are very useful for family life with a lady of this nationality.
  • Ambitious and successful. Bulgarian women believe men to be the main breadwinners for their families. Therefore, you have more chances of winning the heart of a girl of this nationality if you know how to earn money. But do not worry. It is not necessary to be a millionaire. Even a man with an average for a developed country salary seems to be rich for women that come from a country with a very poor economic situation (for comparison, an average salary in Bulgaria is only about $800). 

As for age, this is not a decisive factor for Bulgarian women while choosing life partners. On the contrary, the age gap is often preferred. In Bulgaria, there are a lot of infantile young men. Therefore, there is a stereotype that an older man is more mature and more ready for starting a family. So, do not be afraid to show interest to younger Bulgarian girls. They will not react negatively.

Where to Meet Bulgarian Women in Bulgaria?

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Sofia: the Capital of Bulgaria with Wonderful Architecture and Gorgeous Women

This is the best city for finding a future wife if you imagine her as a beautiful, chic, glamorous, and smart person. Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. Therefore, the best women of this country live here. And a lot of young girls from other towns go to this city to get a degree in one of the best universities.

If you like to hang out, Sofia has a lot of options to offer you. The nightlife of this city is very rich. There are dozens of clubs where you can enjoy great music and tasty drinks. And, of course, you will meet the most fashionable, cheerful, and self-assured Bulgarian women there. So, choose one of these nightclubs or visit all of them one by one:

  • Club Terminal 1;
  • Disco Sofia;
  • Yalta;
  • Imperia;
  • The Secret;
  • Gramophone Club;
  • Carrusel;
  • Wake Up Sofia Club;
  • Planet Club;
  • EXE Club;
  • PM Club;
  • Marionette Club;
  • Matryoshka Night Club.

If you prefer a more quiet way of having a rest, enjoy fabulous nature and fit girls in one of the lovely local parks:

  • South Park;
  • University Botanical Garden;
  • City Garden;
  • Borisova Gradina.

Burgas: a Picturesque City at the Seaside with Fascinating Nature and Charming Ladies

The atmosphere of a resort city predisposes to making new friends and starting a passionate affair. Therefore, Burgas is also a great option for those who are eager to date Bulgarian women. This city can offer great options both for the fans of nightlife and for adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the most popular local clubs:

  • Planeta;
  • Deja Vu;
  • Club Brass and Chrome;
  • Bar Bossa;
  • Party Club Iceberg;
  • Valhalla Dine & Party;
  • Candy Club Sunny Beach;
  • The Bounce Club.

The most beautiful parks are:

  • The Sea Garden;
  • Slaveikov;
  • Veleka.

Also, there is an interesting place for the lovers of intellectual free time spending — a Board Game Club Aurora.

Varna: a Beautiful Resort Town with Nice Parks and Cute Girls

This is a small, but very beautiful town at the seaside. As this is not a big city, girls are simpler there. If you are not fond of posh metropolitan chicks, this town is the best choice. Despite not being large, it has a wide range of attractions for any taste.

The most popular nightclubs are:

  • Horizont;
  • Bonkers;
  • Retro;
  • Opium;
  • Avenue;
  • Plaza;
  • Arrogance Music Factory;
  • Interclub Lily;
  • Rubik Art and Music.

The most picturesque parks are:

  • Ecopark Varna;
  • Eco Paradise;
  • Asparuhov;
  • Sea Garden.

The best places for admirers of art are the following galleries:

  • INHOM;
  • Graffit;
  • Le Papillon.

Where to Meet Bulgarian Women Online?

Far from all men are ready to go abroad especially to meet girls there. Some of them lack free time, others have no enough energy. But there is the way out. You can meet Bulgarian women online.

There are specialized websites and mobile apps for finding foreign husbands. They are extremely popular with Bulgarian women. Hundreds of new girls are joining such services every day. So, there are enough beautiful singles for everyone on the online platforms of this kind.

Specialized websites and apps offer a wide choice of women and a convenient environment for communication with them right on your smartphone or PC. So, it is possible to find a future wife not even going out of home!

How to Date a Bulgarian Girl: 8 Tips

To never lose a girlfriend of this nationality, keep in mind the following advice:

  1. Always be polite and suave. Bulgarian women like true gentlemen. According to local culture, politeness is the thing that goes without saying.
  2. Be relaxed. There is no need to be tense while communicating with a Bulgarian woman. Do not be afraid to do something in the wrong way or to show your weaknesses. Girls of this nationality are very tolerant of other people’s shortcomings.
  3. Be positive. Show your sense of humor and optimistic points of view. This will make your conversations more lively and will help to develop a more close relationship.
  4. Surprise her. Bulgarian women are fond of unexpected pleasant things! Use this for making her fall in love with you.
  5. Treat her like a queen. Bright Bulgarian women like to be the focus of attention. Therefore, do not forget to compliment her and show your fondness in any possible way.
  6. Do not be greedy when it comes to presents. Bulgarian women like surprises. And this can be not only going to an interesting place or having a romantic dinner together but also a beautiful and pleasant present.
  7. Always offer her something new. Monotony quickly makes Bulgarian women sick and tired of it. So, do not let your lady become bored. Always do your best to add something new to your relationships.
  8. Show a good attitude to her parents and friends. They mean a lot to a Bulgarian girl. So, always be friendly with her circle and family.


Should I Be Afraid of a Language Barrier?

The official language of Bulgaria is Bulgarian. One more widespread language is Russian. English is one of the most popular foreign languages in Bulgaria as well. But still, not all people speak it fluently.

If you are lucky to find a Bulgarian woman who had studied excellently, then you may not worry about a language barrier. Most likely, such a girl speaks English fluently. But even if your lady’s English is poor, true love can overcome any barriers, especially thanks to professional translation services that are provided by many online platforms for finding foreign spouses. 

Is It Compulsory to Get Along With a Future Mother-in-Law?

To succeed in dating a Bulgarian woman you have to be on good terms with her mother. There is a paradox about the character of the girls of this nationality. Despite being well-educated, ambitious, and successful at work, they stay a bit infantile and dependent on their parents even at a mature age. Therefore, if a future mother-in-law does not like you, she will do everything possible to destroy your relationship with a Bulgarian woman. So, we recommend getting along well with the mother of a girlfriend if you do not want to lose her.

What Do Bulgarian Women Think About Family Budget

The point of view on this subject varies from woman to woman. The majority of Bulgarian women do not mind making a career and contributing to a family budget. But still, they believe men to be a head of a family and the main breadwinner. So, the majority of Bulgarian women expect their husbands to earn more than they do. And, finally, some Bulgarian girls dream of becoming happy housewives and do not work after getting married at all. So, discuss the financial issue in advance with a woman you love.

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