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Differing vastly from females in neighboring countries, Austrian women are mesmerizing and fascinating. This beauty is supplemented by ancient history, impressive architecture, and the divine nature of their land, thus attracting single men and many tourists from other parts of the world. 

Intelligence, loyalty, and independence make amazing Austrian girls desirable brides and wives for foreign grooms. 

If you are looking forward to encountering and marrying a woman of your dream, think about an Austrian lady. We will have you covered to make up your mind with some recommendations.   

What are Austrian Women Like?

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They have versatile looks

Austrian women and girls for marriage will match even your most selective demand if you are a connoisseur of elegant and refined beauty. Charming females from an Alpine country may be tall, slim, petite, curvy, blonde-haired, dark-haired, tanned, or pale. 

Outfits of Austrian women prove their excellent taste and elegance. They are always smartly dressed, matching any occasion. Come to this lovely country to make sure that gorgeous girls are everywhere. 

You are unlikely to see a woman in an evening gown shopping at the local grocery store or a lady dressed in plain clothes attending the Vienna Opera or dancing the waltz in the Vienna Ball.

Their intelligence is indisputable 

Erudition and education are outstanding features of Austrian women. The ancient culture surrounds them; they are eager to enlarge their outlook and knowledge from early childhood. Apart from classical education, Austrian girls learn much about music, arts, architecture, natural sciences, making them excellent guides and interlocutors.  

Reserved, conservative and direct

These features of Austrian girls are ambiguous. On the one hand, such traits make local women a bit cold. A man doubtfully talks to a strange female in the street. 

On the other hand, Austrian women are very frank and direct. If you create an atmosphere of friendship and interest, you will get a passionate and open companion, making a good base for later romantic relations. 

What Kind of Wives are Austrian Women?

Traditional families are a great value for Austrian women. Although feminist movements are strong in Europe, local females are less emancipated and eager to tie the knot in the future. These facts make Austrian girls perfect for happy family life.  

  1. Devoted and reliable. European ladies are faithful. They do not seek for one-night-stands. Usually, Austrian girls are ready for family creation in their late twentieth, thoroughly choosing applicants for their hearts.  
  2. Independent partners. Having an excellent education and work background, Austrian women usually get good jobs and earn enough money for their living. Sharing home responsibilities with husbands, they work after marriage, thus being independent socially and financially. 
  3. Caring and attentive. Adorable Austrian women cope with all kinds of house routines. They are excellent lovers and surround their spouses with a warm attitude in any circumstances. Kids are an essential part of life for Austrian ladies. They are attentive and wise moms, conveying their children eternal values. 

Where to Meet Austrian Women in Austria?

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It is not easy to get acquainted with Austrian women and start new relationships here. Local people are reserved and may seem cold compared to some Latin Amirian or other European countries.  

In the country

Start practicing common hobbies by joining cultural or sports activities with Austrian girls to strengthen friendly relations. Later your companion may become your beloved girl. 

Pay attention to the following occupations: 

  • pub quizzes;
  • themed tour or group travels; 
  • different activity courses (exotic languages studying, local arts or history courses);
  • volunteering;  
  • sports and tournaments (e.g., Adidas Runners in Vienna).

In the capital 

Vienna is the largest city in Austria. About 2 million people live in the capital of the country. Other municipalities are less populated and have limited opportunities for new romantic encounters.

The fastest and easiest way to meet an Austrian girl in Vienna is to go to some cafe or club. Take your time and join the fun parties at:

  • Barfly’s Club;
  • Flex;
  • The Loft;
  • Beverly Hills Club;
  • Nightfly’s American;
  • Grelle Forelle.

More sophisticated places in Vienna to meet an Austrian girl are local attractions:   

  • Albertina;
  • Leopold Museum;
  • Museum of Fine Arts;
  • Belvedere Palace.

Then take a girl to some romantic restaurant or cocktail bar for a cup of coffee or dessert:

  • Wiener;
  • Lebenbauer;
  • Ofenloch.

Where to Meet Austrian Women Online?

Aiming at dating an Austrian woman, think about the most convenient and quick method for you. Try some specialized online matchmaking services or dating web resources before rushing to Vienna or other places in Austria looking for romantic relations. 

  • Reserved characters make Austrian girls reluctant to talk to and get acquainted with strange men in the streets. We bet you will appreciate the modern online technologies. The Internet makes people less restrained and more open in their thoughts and talks. 
  • If you encounter a woman to your liking, an online way is more helpful to learn more about your match before meeting in person.
  • Another advantage of online meetings is an opportunity to talk to several Austrian women and choose a sweetheart for you.
  • You do not need to waste your time and money and travel to Austria in person if the perspectives for new relations are obscure. 

How to Date an Austrian Girl: 5 Tips

  1. Politeness and chivalry. Austrian women appreciate good manners in men. Traditional upbringing and conventional gender relations make local girls sensitive to signs of attention from their male counterparts. Helping her with a coat or holding a door are generally accepted gestures of care. 
  2. Style and tidiness. Chic is a vital part of the image of the Austrian people. The classic look is the best variant for a man. However, local women do not have any style preferences. Just make sure to have an elegant haircut, in-fashion shoes, and a clean coat to meet the expectations of Austrian women. 
  3. Punctuality. As people with German roots, Austrian women are disciplined. Coming in time to a rendezvous, a restaurant, or a theatre is obligatory. Failing to cope with this simple demand may be a big mistake for a foreigner courting an Austrian girl. 
  4. Directness and no small talks. Honest and direct behavior may be shocking for a man from a different country from the side of his Austrian lady. They openly discuss all questions. If they feel that you are not their destiny, they will talk about this, expecting from men the same attitude. That is why it is unnecessary to talk about the weather or some minor things with an Austrian woman during your dating. 
  5. The quick evolution of relations. If a woman likes you and feels strong connections, she won’t be against sex with you. Do not be surprised when your Austrian girl will demonstrate her consent to intimacy quite quickly.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do all Austrian women keep working after marriage? 

Actually, yes. However, Austrian wives cope perfectly with house chores and keep their family nests tidy. Besides, they usually have other home-related hobbies, like preparing delicious cookies, knitting, or embroidering.    

Do Austrian women speak English?

Austrian variant of Greman is the official language in this country. However, Austrian girls usually know English perfectly as well. 

Proficiency in this language opens more career opportunities for local women, making it essential to be good in English compared to neighboring countries’ citizens.    

What kind of food do they eat in Austria?

Many Austrian farmers in rural areas practice cattle rising and cow breeding. Thus, milk foods are widely produced here. If you are not a connoisseur of dairy products, you will become one with your Austrian girl. Austrian people eat dairy in thousands of goodies: cheese, butter, cream, creamy sauces. They even consume Latella, leftover liquid, after cheese production. 

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